How to Select the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Does the traditional key-lock or combination lock in the market seems too outdated for you? Want something with which you will not have to worry about losing the key and have to go through the intricate process of opening the safe without a key. Well, then biometric gun safes are the ones that you should shoot for.

However, with all of the options that are in the market, getting the very best one by factoring your needs can be a bit challenging.

Well, we are here to make that a bit easier by letting you know how to select the best biometric gun safe. Hopefully, after going through this article, choosing one will be just like taking a walk in the park for you.

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What Exactly is a Biometric Safe?

Different safes implement a different type of locking mechanism. Among them, the one that is the most technologically advanced are ones that feature a biometric lock. There are no dials, pin numbers, combinations, or keys in these. To gain access to them, you will have to provide biometric data.

The reader will read your data, which is usually fingerprint, and will match with the one that you have stored during the setup process. If the data that it reads matches the one that is stored inside, it will open up the door, or else you will not be able to gain access to the insides.

Is Biometric Gun Safe Worth It?

Because of all the cutting-edge features that these safes bring to the table, we would say that they are very much worth it. You will have quick access to the guns inside. This quick access feature will come in handy if you are trying to get a hold to one of the firearms that you have stored inside.

Apart from that, you will also not have to worry about burglars breaking in when you are not at home because most of them cannot be bypassed. As it does not require any sort of key or combination code, it does not need to be bypassed, to begin with.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Biometric Gun Safe

Not all of the units that you are going to stumble in the market will be worth the money that you are going to spend on it. Well, to make sure that you do spend your money wisely, we are going to provide you some factors. These points will allow you to scrutinize the safes efficiently. They are:

  • Types

The first thing that you have to consider is the types of biometric gun safes that are out there. There are mainly two of them in the market. One of them is the one that uses fingerprint, and the other one will implement a facial recognition system.

However, some advanced ones will have both of the locking mechanism. If you are in a budget, you should opt for the ones that only have a fingerprint lock.

  • Build Quality

Another thing that you should consider is the build quality. As it goes with safes, they should be of sturdy metal. In this case, the sturdier the overall construction is, the harder it will be to break in for the burglars. Keeping this in mind, we would recommend you to opt for the ones that come with thick walls. Those will be sturdier than the rest of the ones that are out there.

  • Seal

Apart from the build quality, you should also consider the seal of the unit. If the one that you are shooting for does not come with a proper seal, moisture will seep in and will make your guns rust.

In this regard, the ones that can make a proper seal might cost a bit more. Well, in that case, you can opt for one of the cheaper ones and follow one of the best ways to store guns to prevent rust.

  • Accuracy

You might think that why should you worry about the accuracy in the case of a biometric safe. Well, you will have to factor this in too because as it goes with technologies, everything evolves and gets better over time.

Accordingly, fingerprint scanners that are in these safes are the same. They get better over time., each generation will have a substantial leap in the case of reading speed and accuracy.

Now, if you opt for the ones that come with a first-generation fingerprint or facial recognition reader, you are not going to get that much of quick access when compared to the third and fourth-gen readers that are out now. They are faster because the readers can read match the data with higher accuracy.

  • Size

The size of the gun safes is another critical factor that you should consider before you decide to buy one. You should select the size depending on the amount of ammunition and firearm that you want to store in the safe. The biometric safes do come in different sizes. If you plan to store a large number of guns, we would suggest you to opt for the large ones.

  • Extra Features

Some of the pricey and high-quality ones will come with some extra features baked in. The additional features that most of the high-end safes have are:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Hard plates that cannot be drilled
  3. Larger memory capacity
  4. Fireproof
  5. Emp proofing

Among all of these, the ones that come with a large memory capacity will allow you to set the lock with multiple fingers. That means you will be able to store your finger and the fingerprints of your family members.

Those are probably the ones that you should shoot for if you plan to use the safe for storing all the personal defense weapons of your entire family.

Besides, the ones that come with hard plates and EMP proofing are the ones that took the security to the next level. That means nobody will be able to get inside using a drill or by malfunctioning the circuit inside by using an EMP shock.

Final Words

After going through the entire article, we hope that choosing one of the best biometric gun safes is much easier for you. With that, we would like to conclude our take on how to select the best biometric gun safe here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you can store and organize all your firearms appropriately.

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