Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

With the progression of modern civilization, we have started to take it in our hands to protect ourselves and our family. As a result, storing guns inside our home is no surprise to most of us.

Research shows that around 7% of children reside in a home with a loaded unstored arm in the US, making them susceptible to injury. However, with such a dangerous weapon, it can become a challenge to find the best way to store guns without a safe. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Ways to Store Guns Without a Gun Safe

Having a firearm in your house for security can quickly turn the other way around if it’s not stored safely. And with only 46% of owners being responsible, it can easily get in the hands of an intruder or children. So consider one of the following methods to store them.

Storage Cabinet

An effective and convenient way to store your revolvers is to use a storage cabinet. You can find them in a glass cabinet type or a typical wood or steel cabinet. For a household, getting a general cabinet made of wood or steel is a better choice. It will ensure that they’re safe and hidden from possible intruders.

On the other hand, if you want to display them, go for the glass door cabinet. It’s a perfect choice if you own a weapon shop.

Storage Bag

Storing your firearms in a storage bag is a great solution to keep it safe and hidden. However, there’s always the possibility of rusting. If you’re worried about them getting rusts, get yourself a gun storage bag. They keep them from not only corrosion but also any other physical damage.

Make sure to choose one with a good firm padding. It will keep them protected and also comfortable to carry around.

False Wall or Hidden Chamber

If you have a few firearms or a collection, you may need to find a bigger place to store them. The average American owns at least three with a collector having least seventeen! In that case, building a false wall or a hidden chamber is an excellent solution.

However, this is an expensive method as you need to hire an expert. You can also do it yourself by making a large square hole in the wall and later cover it properly to make sure it’s not visible. Similarly, this method can be used for the floor as well.

It is a common way to store arms, but it comes with the inconvenience of them not being easily accessible. So unless you have a collection of weapons that you need to store, it’s not wise to go for this method.

Gun Case

Similar to a storage bag, you can use a gun case or simplex safe to store your small arms. It is also the cheapest, most affordable way to store or carry them. It has a hefty locking mechanism, which makes this simple case an excellent option. The ordinary case design also works as a disguise from other people who might think of it as just a simple case.

Likewise, if you want something more secure, the camouflage case is, without a doubt, the best choice. It comes with multiple cabinets for storing different things such as musical instruments like violins while keeping the pistol hidden and safe.

Lock Box

This is an excellent alternative if you don’t own a safe. However, it can’t store big arms, so if you have a handgun, it is a good way to store it. These lockboxes are much more affordable and lightweight than a safe. Not only that, depending on the size, you can also easily carry it with you.

Moreover, you can store your jewelry or any other expensive item in it as well. It also comes with a silica gen pack, so it prevents your shooters from rusting while keeping insects away.

Use Trigger-Locks

Trigger-locks are a good way to keep your firearms secure while locking the trigger in place. In 38% of houses owning more than one gun, at least one of them has a trigger-lock. It can work as a proxy before getting a more secure storage method.

If you just got one and want to keep it safe from children or any intruders, this may be an excellent preventive measure. They also don’t cost much.

However, it might not work on for very old or ancient pistols or rifles. So try going for another method in that case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to store weapons in a safe?

Yes, in most cases. However, a prepared thief or intruder might open the safe easily, so it is wise to store them in a place where they won’t consider looking first.

Q. Where is the best place to store your firearms?

You can store it in your bedroom, cabinet near the front door and the kitchen pantry, etc.

Q. What is a good place to hide them in the bedroom?

A good place is where it’s easily accessible or near your bed. It can be a cabinet or drawer next to the bed, a hidden compartment under the floor near your bed or even under the bed cushion.

Final Words

With 85% of civilians owning a small arm globally, it is your responsibility as an owner to keep it safe and away from harm’s reach.

Thus, keeping your priorities in mind, find the best way to store guns without a safe that works for you, so you can only focus on protecting yourself and your family.

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