Different Types of Safes Locks

Whether you are in the market for a gun safe or you are looking to store important documents and paperwork in your home safely, you will notice that not all of them will come with a similar type of locking mechanism. Each of them will have some advantages that the other ones cannot offer.

Now, if you are trying to get a safe for your home and is somewhat confused, you are probably looking for a source that has a proper description of the different types of safes locks.

Well, you just stumbled upon the right one. We are going to review each one of them and give you a general idea about them. Hopefully, by the end of this article, the choosing process will be much easier for you.

Different Types of Safes Locks

By factoring in the type of locks that different kinds of safes have in the market , there are exactly five.

Key Lock

Let us start with the basics first. The key lock is the most common type of locks that most of the safes implements. It is simple and can get the job done. To gain access to the insides of the safe, you will have to insert the designated key to the keyhole and rotate it.

These are quite reliable and will offer you somewhat quick access to the insides of your gun safe.

However, there are some caveats for the key locks. You will have to keep the key somewhere secure. If you lose it, you need to go through some of the intricate processes of opening the safe without a key. And for that reason, we would recommend you to make a few backup keys and keep them somewhere safe.

Besides, as the safe will unlock with a key, anyone can make a clone of it and get access. For this reason, you will have to be extra careful with the keys of the lock.

Mechanical Combination Lock

The other type of locking mechanism that quite popular in the safes that are in the market is the mechanical combination lock. It is basically a dial that you will be able to rotate to unlock the hinge of the door. Due to this simple working mechanism, you will find these simplex gun safes that have this type of locks in most of the stores and offices.

At the same time, the number of combinations that you can set this up is quite minimal. That means bypassing the locking mechanism will not be that big of a deal. As most of them will come with an override key lock as a backup, you will not have to worry about losing access to the safe if you somehow forget the combination.

Other than that, as they are mechanical, they will get stiffer over time. So after a prolonged locking and unlocking sessions, you might find that getting access to the inside will take a bit lengthy. But there are ways to lube up the mechanical parts inside, which will eliminate the problem.

Digital Combination Lock

This type of locking mechanism is the modern version of the mechanical combination lock. These feature a built-in memory that will store in the number combination when you will input during the setup process. After that, each time you try to unlock the door, it will try to match with that combination.

If the input and the stored combination matches, the door will get unlocked. As there is nothing to rotate, you will be able to get relatively fast access to the insides when compared to the mechanical ones. Aside from that, these can also have a large number combination, which the mechanical ones cannot work with.

Likewise, as it is electronic, it will require a power source. You either will have to use external batteries, or there will be a built-in rechargeable battery inside the dial pad. After a while, you will have to get those batteries replaced or recharged.

Biometric Locks

The most technologically advanced locking mechanism that some of the safes in the market have is the biometric ones. Those safes usually will have a biometric scanner. Some will come with a fingerprint scanner, while some will come with a facial or iris recognition scanner.

Accordingly, these can usually store more than one recognition data, which means multiple people can get access to the safe after setting up the biometric data into the system. Apart from that, these are also powered up with a built-in battery or uses external batter for receiving power. Many of the ones can be directly plugged into a power outlet as well.

Other than that, the ones that do come with the latest scanning technology integrated into them will be able to offer you quick access to the safe. In fact, those might be faster than all the other types of locking mechanisms that are out in the market. Thus, as it is extremely difficult to clone a fingerprint or facial structure, you are going to get top-notch security with these.

Multiple Locks

Just like the label suggests, these are the ones that come with not only one of the locks but combine them with some of the other ones also. Yes, we are talking about digital ones. The high-ends safes usually feature more than one locks for the locking mechanism.

Those will come with a fingerprint sensor, a facial recognition system, a dial pad for combination passcodes, and lastly, a key lock for overriding all the locks. These are the most versatile locking mechanism available on the market features. You will be able to use the one that you prefer.

As there is a key lock mechanism with all the other locking mechanism, you will not have to worry about being locked out if the battery dies. These will also be challenging to bypass, which is quite common with the locks that most of the high-end safes implement nowadays.

Final Words

We hope that the choosing process for you got a tad easier by getting to know about the different types of safes locks. With that, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you can efficiently store and organize all your important stuff in a safe.

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