Best Simplex Gun Safe to Keep Your Handgun Safe but Accessible

Traditional locks make it tricky to get your handgun out in a hurry, but safes with Simplex locks make it easy as no key is needed, and there is no chance of a dead battery.

Read on to find out about the best Simplex lock gun safes. 

Best Pick

Our top pick is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe. This Simplex gun safe is built to last and to protect.

The safe has a 4.8-star rating and lifetime warranty. Many amazing features of this safe earn a high rating and its place as our best pick. 

Budget Pick

If you want a safe that protects your gun and wallet, we recommend the awesafe Gun Safe.

The safe has many features that you would not expect at its price point. The safe is small and light to fit wherever you need a safe or to bring with you as needed.  

Quick Comparison

The 6 Best Simplex Gun Safes

Here is a quick breakdown of the key features that make each of the following gun safes worth buying. If you are thinking about a Simplex lock safe, you will find the right one for you in the following list. 

1. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Key Features:

  • 10-gauge steel body with a tamper-resistant wraparound door
  • Heavy-weighted lid with gas strut assistance
  • A fast opening Simplex locking device
  • Foam-interior 
  • 5-1/4” H x 12-1/2” W x 10-3/8” D

The case’s 10-gauge steel body with the tamper-resistant heavy lid and the foam-lined interior keep the contents inside safe. The gas-strut-assisted cover and Simplex lock ensure that you can quickly get into the safe when needed.

These safes feature a single unlocking mechanism- a Simplex lock. This lock means no fingerprint scanner that might be mistakenly triggered or back up keys that might be stolen. There is also no battery needed for any part of the safe that will eventually die on you. 

Depending on the handgun’s size, 1-2 guns can safely fit inside with additional mags and ammo. The size of the safe itself allows it to fit almost anywhere, and the case features drilled holes in the bottom to allow it to be bolted down for extra protection.

However, the weight of the safe is meant to deter quick take-aways of unmounted safes, so it is a bit on the heavy side and not as portable as others on the list.

The Fort Knox PB1 Gun Safe has a 5-star sturdiness review, which tells you that not only is its high-quality steel, but it is made to last. In fact, the company is so confident in its product that it offers a lifetime warranty on the safe. 

2. Awesafe Gun Safe

Key Features:

  • Solid steel construction with pry resistance door
  • Gas-strut-assisted door 
  • Portable design
  • Biometric (fingerprint scanner), Simplex password lock, and a key
  • 3.2” H x 12.1” W x 9.9” D

This safe has many features that allow it to stand out on the list and make it an excellent choice for quick access to your handgun.

The gun safe also features a gas-strut-assisted door for quiet and smooth access to your handguns. You will be able to find your gun and mags easily with the led lighting in the interior.

Then you have three choices you to unlock your safe, including single-handed options. These features are designed to allow quick and easy access to your handgun or other vital documents in case of an emergency

The three unlocking options giving you peace of mind that you will always be able to get into your safe.

The fingerprint scanner is good for up to 30 fingerprints, and once set to those select fingerprints will not open to others. Then you have a Simplex mechanical password lock that can be programmed with up to 5 codes.

Lastly, you are provided with back up keys in the case either other option does not work. 

This gun safe is one of the lighter and smaller options on the list, making it more portable than other options.

However, it does come with bolts if you wish to mount it in a single location. This safe is suitable for a single pistol with some mags and ammo.

3. V-line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

Key Features:

  • 10-gauge steel and anti-pry clamshell design
  • Heavy-duty laser cut handle
  • Quick access Simplex lock
  • Foam interior
  • 3.6” H x 12.5” W x 9.5” D

There is a reason that this case is called the V-line Brute Heavy Duty Safe, and that is because it is heavy-duty.

The gun safe is made with 10-gauge steel and features an overlapping lid design that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to pry open.

With this case, they really thought about potential weak points and feature heavy-duty hinges that are welded into place.

The lock is laser cut with extra-large steel reinforcement and a welded handle that makes prying it tricky but still allows easy access to unlock.

The safe features a handle, which suggests that it can be portable. If you choose to move it, the foam interior will protect whatever valuables you have tucked away.

On the other hand, if you decide to mount the safe, it does come with four pre-drilled holes making installing a breeze. 

These safes feature a single unlocking mechanism- a Simplex lock. This lock means no fingerprint scanner that might be mistakenly triggered or back up keys that might be stolen.

This safe can easily fit 1-2 handguns plus ammo and mags inside. The deeper interior allows these guns to fit even with additional accessories such as laser sights. 

4. Fort Know PB4 Personal Pistol Safe

Key Features

  • 10-gauge steel
  • 3/16” front plate door
  • Carpet lined interior
  • 5” H x 9.5” W x 12.5” D

This safe is the only front door style case on the list. The front door design is perfect for smaller spaces, under the bed, or any place where you would be unable to open a top style wide door.

The case can also be opened vertically, making it perfect for between the bed and the nightstand. The safe has pre-drilled holes to allow for mounting. 

The safe can fit 2-3 handguns as well as extra mags and ammo. This size makes it one of the larger cases on the list. The interior is lined with carpet to prevent scratches and offer some protection for the contents.

Due to the fact the contents have more space to move around, it is not a great choice for portability, but as a home Simplex gun safe, it is an excellent choice. 

The Fort Knox PB4 Gun Safe shares meaning features with the other Fort Knox gun safe on the list including, 10-gauge steel, Simplex lock, and a 5-star sturdiness review, which tells you that not only is it high-quality steel but it is made to last.

In fact, the company is so confident in its product that it offers a lifetime warranty on the safe. 

5. V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case

Key Features

  • Steel body
  • Pry resistant clamshell design
  • Simplex lock
  • Available Quick-Release mounting bracket
  • 2.5” H x 12” W x 9” D

While the other V-line on the list is meant to be heavy-duty, this one is intended to protect your valuables even on the go.

The safe is made with 16-gauge steel but is still only 10lbs in weight. The safe has available Quick-Release mounting bracket for locking it in place.

With how easy it is to release and mount to another location with the mounting bracket, this case is perfect for keeping your gun safe.

You go from home to work to even your RV. Even with all that moving around, the foam interior will keep everything safe and from moving around and getting scratched. 

As with the V-line Heavy Duty, this safe features an overlapping lid design that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to pry open.

They also feature a single unlocking mechanism- a Simplex lock. This lock means no fingerprint scanner that might be mistakenly triggered or back up keys that might be stolen. This safe can fit 1-2 handguns plus ammo and mags inside.

6. American Security Amsec PS1210HD 

Key Features

  • 10-gauge steel body 
  • Massive 3/16 steel door
  • Foam-lined interior
  • Simplex push-button mechanical lock
  • 4.2” H x 12.5” W x 10.2” D

No Simplex gun safe list is complete without including an American Security safe. The PS1210HD is their heavy-duty gun safe for home or travel.

The safe features a heavy-duty handle that allows for quick and easy carrying. The foam-lined interior keeps your valuables secure even while being carried around.

If you choose to mount the safe in one location, it has four pre-drilled holes to facilitate easy mounting, whether in a drawer, to the floor, or in a vehicle.

The case has the popular 10-gauge steel body, continuous welded concealed heavy-duty hinges, and a 3/16 steel door with two solid steel dead bars. Every inch of the case is built to protect.

The mechanical Simplex lock allows easy fuss-free unlocking of the safe. The lock features a pry-resistant bolt lock that is protected by steel casings.

The Simplex lock features an easy to use push-button for changing the combination, making it to change from factory settings. 

With all those features, even security professionals have deemed it a good safe. The safe can easily fit two pistols with some extra mags and ammo.  

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before you make a purchase decision, there are a few things to look out for. By keeping these in your mind, the chances of getting a product that is well worth your money will be exceptionally high.

So, without wasting any more time, let us have a look at the factors you should consider.

Build Quality

The build quality generally dictates how powerfully anti-theft these are. Usually, most of these items will have a construction of steel.

Some will use alloy, while some will use other types of steel. No matter what the material is, you would want to make sure it is high in quality.

If you happen to get something that is made of average to low-quality steel, it will not only last that long but also will be prone to get broken in. Instead, get the high-quality ones.

Those will be better in terms of being ant-theft. Also, they will last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

Locking Mechanism

Most of the brands are going to pack their safe with combination locking mechanisms. Even though they offer a good amount of security, they are not really that comparable to the biometric locking mechanisms.

Biometric systems integrate the latest and greatest security technology to offer a higher level of security.

Additionally, there will be no need to worry about forgetting combinations of numbers with the biometric locks.

In other words, they are pretty convenient as well. However, the combination locks are worth getting as well if users are on a tight budget.

Other than that, you would also want to check how easy and quick it is to unlock the safe. The easier and faster you can unlock the locking mechanism, the better because having quick access can change the tides in critical situations.

The Door

One crucial thing about one of these is the door. Firstly, you should check the overall thickness of the door. The thicker the door, the harder it will be to break into. In other words, they will be theft-resistant.

Some of the brands will also utilize pry-resistant and tamper-resistant doors. We would highly recommend picking those because they offer a higher level of protection against theft.

Secondly, you need to check the opening mechanism. For this, the primary concern would be the hinges. Make sure that they are smooth, or else it will take you quite a lot of time to get access to the inside. And as we have mentioned earlier, having quick access is quite important when it comes to safes.

Interior Lighting

Not all of the brands are going to include interior lighting. However, this will come in handy when you are trying to access the inside while the lights are turned off.

In addition to that, they will pack lighting on the buttons. Those will make it easier for you to input the combination, even in the dark!


When picking the safes that come with a digital locking mechanism, you would have to keep the battery in your consideration.

Make sure that they utilize a high-capacity battery, or else you would need to recharge or replace the battery too frequently. Additionally, those can operate for a long time with a single fully charged battery.


Usually, the simplex safes are best for carrying pistols. Some of them can hold more than one pistol.

However, if you plan to store only one handgun, getting the large ones would not be worthy because those are not very compact in size. And storing the compact ones is easier than the larger ones.

However, if you want to store a pistol and some magazines in the safe, it would be wise to get the ones that can accommodate two handguns. Even though they will be a bit less compact, the extra space will be well worth it.

Foam Lining

The last thing that you should consider is the foam lining. Ensure that the one you are picking has this feature, or else the handgun might get damaged when you are moving the safe. Additionally, the foam lining can keep the inside dry, which will go a long way when it comes to resisting rust and corrosion.


Simplex gun safes are the best option for gun owners looking to keep their handguns safe, but accessible always. Above we have highlighted 6 of the best simplex gun safes; purchase any of those, and you are sure to be happy. 

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