Different Kind of Gun Safes on the Market

When it comes to storing guns safely, no storage solutions can be compared to the things that a gun safe can offer. They will not only let you securely store your firearms but if you follow adequate measures, you will also be able to prevent rust from accumulating on them. Aside from these, there are many other reasons for getting one of them.

With all of that said, you will find a different kind of gun safes on the market. However, not all of them will be compatible with the requirement that you might have in the case of storing guns in your homes and offices. By knowing about them can make the choosing process much easier for you. And, that is where we come in.

The Kinds of Safe That are in the Market

You will stumble upon loads of types of gun safes in the market. They can be categorized into two sections. Each one of them has some sub-branches. The two main categories of gun safes are:

Locking Mechanism

Different gun safes implement a different type of locking mechanism. As more and more manufacturers are integrating modern technology into their safes, you will find many safes with advanced locks in the market. Nevertheless, the kinds of safe that fall with just keeping the locking mechanism in mind are:

Key Lock

This type of locking mechanism is the most conventional one. You might have already stumbled upon one of these in an old jewelry shop. They are simple and can get the job done. These have a keyhole in the middle, and you will have to unlock the door using the key.

However, you will have to be extra careful in the case of the key of this type-safe. If you somehow lose it, you might have to go through some intricate process of unlocking the safe without a key.

Mechanical Combination Lock

Apart from the key lock, this locking mechanism is also quite back-dated. These have mechanical wheels inside the mechanism, and you will have to get the door unlocked by rotating them. Even though they are a bit old, they do get the job done.

You will not be able to gain access to the insides if you can not match the combination correctly though the number of combinations that you can set the locking mechanism with is relatively minimal. The highest that these can go is four digits.

Digital Combination Lock

This locking mechanism is the pumped-up version of the mechanical combination lock. By that, we mean that this one is the modern version of the lock.

These come with a dial pad on the front, and you will be able to input numbers on it. The number of combinations that you can put on these is relatively higher than the mechanical ones.

Most of these will also let you set up the locking mechanism with your desired combination code. However, if you happen to forget the code, you will have to go through some intricate process of opening the safe without a combination.

Biometric Lock

These types of locking mechanism is the most technologically advanced ones that are out there. The one that is quite common in most of the high-end handgun safes is the fingerprint locking mechanism.

That lock will take your fingerprint and store the data in the internal memory. Thus, for each of the unlocking attempts, it will try to match that data. If it matches, it will unlock.

The other ones are the facial recognition one, which works like the fingerprint locks. But for these, the facial data is stored instead of a fingerprint. There is an image sensor on the exterior that will collect all the facial data for the locking and unlocking mechanism.


Other than the locking mechanism, there is another category of safes, which are safes that goes in different locations. They are:

In-Wall Safe

This one is probably the go-to option for the people that are looking for a safe storage solution for storing guns and important documents at home. Just like the name implies, you will have to get it installed inside the wall, and you will be able to hide it using a painting.

Aside from that, they can also be installed on the floor and can be hidden using a carpet. These are mostly small or medium-sized.

Under-Bed Safe

These are the safes that are meant to go under the bed. You will be able to keep your guns close to you and can have quick access to them even when you are on the bed.

These can generally hold a few handguns and one or two rifles. Some of them will come with wheels on the bottom that will allow you to slide them from the bed easily.

Nightstand Gun Safe

As you might have guessed reading the label, you will be able to install this safe into your nightstand. These will allow you to have the fastest access to your guns when you are on your bed.

That means you will be able to quickly grab a gun and protect yourself if an intruder breaks into your house in the middle of the night.

However, the size of these is usually small, which means you can store two handguns at best.

Car Gun Safe

Most of the people do not like to drive while holstering a gun with them. It is quite uncomfortable to sit with a gun with you too.

If you are one of them, you can opt for car gun safes. With one of these installed, you can keep a gun securely stored in your car. You will also be able to keep important documents in them.

However, the size of these will be small, and you can store only one handgun and some documents in these.

Final Words

We hope that by getting to know about the different kinds of gun safes on the market, the choosing procedure got much easier for you. With that said, we would like to wrap it up here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you can store and organize all your firearms and ammunitions efficiently.

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