Best Place to Put a Safe at Home and Offices

Just like it is crucial to keep guns in a gun safe, it is quite essential to store important paperwork and other materials safely as well. And no storage solutions will be able to offer as many benefits as a safe can provide.

Accordingly, there are many reasons to own a safe. One of them is that the things that you are going to store in them will be quite challenging for anyone to get access to apart from you.

With that said, you might be wondering which is the best place to put a safe at home and offices. Well, as you have found us, you will not have to wonder anymore. We are going to let you know about the places in your home and offices that are ideal for keeping a safe.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Spot

Before you pick a spot in your office or your home, you will have to keep some factors in mind.

Type of Safe

There are many different kinds of safes in the market. The types that we are referring to are the ones that are meant to go in a designated location.

In the market, you will find safes that are meant to go into the wall. Alongside that, you will stumble upon many that will go under your bed and are intended to be hidden.

If you have one like that, as in the ones that are for one designated spot, you should get them installed in those exact locations. However, if you have a traditional small or medium to large-sized safe, you will have to find a perfect place to put that.


As we mentioned above, the safes for which you should find an adequate place in your office and your homes are the regular small or medium to large-sized ones.

Keeping that in mind, not all the locations in your home or your office will be able to accommodate both the small and the medium to large-sized ones. That is why you should consider the size of the safe before you pick a location.

The Door of the Safe

Apart from the safe, you will also have to keep the mechanism of the hinge into consideration. Usually, most of the safes come with a hinge that will go about 90 degrees. Those will mostly have an internal hinge.

Likewise, you will also be able to find safes in the market that will have an external hinge. Those will go about 180 degrees.

So if you get one that comes with an external hinge, you will have to keep some space for the door. Otherwise, you will not be able to open and close the door properly if you do not leave enough space for it.

The Best Spots to Put a Safe in the Home and Offices

Now that you know all the things that you should consider before picking a spot for putting a safe, you are now ready to pick one.

So, considering different scenarios, these are the places that we think that you should put your safe in your apartment/home and offices:

Corners, Where Two Walls Meet

This location is one of the best spots to put a safe in. Now, you might ask why you would put a best corner gun safe in the corners where the walls are meeting?

First of all, this spot is usually the most stable. If you are planning to place the safe on a second floor or any floor higher, the floors will be able to carry the weight of the heavy safe.

Alongside that, heavy safes are quite challenging to move as well. So you would not want to put in a location in which you might have to move it around frequently just because the stability of the area is relatively low.

Above Ground Level

If the area that you are living in has gone through several floods or if it is a flood-prone area, you might want to put the safe at somewhere that is above ground level. With that, if the floodwater breaks into your home, it will not be able to get in contact with the safe.

That means you will not have to worry about the important materials that you kept inside getting damaged by the water. Besides that, keeping it on the second floor or above is also a good idea if you are living in a flood-prone area because usually the ground floors get affected the most if any flood water does get inside.

Low Traffic Area

Most of the safes will be able to offer adequate protection from theft for the locking mechanism that they come featured with. However, keeping them in a place where the burglar would not think that there would be something like a safe might be placed will offer you extra protection against theft.

Some of the examples low-traffic area would be the closet where you put your coats in or the closet that you have placed on the guestroom. Make sure that the safe blends in properly with the surrounding. If it sticks out, you can get that much of benefit by keeping it in a low-traffic area.

A Place with Less Flammable Objects Around

Fire incidents are quite common nowadays. Even though there are many of the safes out there that are fireproof, not all of them affordable. Moreover, most of the fireproof gun safes are just resistant to the fire instead of being actually fireproof.

That is why you should make sure that you know about all the things about a fireproof safe before you buy one.

Enough about fireproof safes. Let us talk about a place that gets damaged the less if any fire accidents do occur in your home or office.

With that being said, you should place the safes at a place where there are less flammable objects around. That will ensure that if the area will not burn for that long if any fire accident does occur.

Final Words

After going through the entire article, we hope that you were able to find the best place to put a safe at home and offices. Thus, we would like to wrap it up here by wishing you good luck and hoping that the items that you store in your safe remain free from fire and water damages and mostly away from the hands of a burglar.

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