Best Turret Reloading Press: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Turret Press

If you love hunting, the best turret reloading press will make it easier to create your cartridges instead of wasting time searching for them.

One thing that all gun owners have in common is their cartridges and the specific brands they choose. While there are tons of brands out there, you might want to save a few bucks and invest in your turret reloading press.

Turret press is designed to speed up the reloading process and enhance the quality of cartridges.

Before we had the turret reloading press, we had to make do with the single stage reloading press. While these presses were effective, they can only hold a single die at a time, which slows down the reloading process.

Nowadays, we have the turret reloading press, which is capable of holding multiple dies and speed up reloading.

The available options for these presses might not be plentiful, but it is recommended that you find one that works the best for you. With so many different styles and brands, we have taken the responsibility to review a couple of the top options on the market today.

Now, you can find the ideal turret reloading press for your needs.

Best Pick

The LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit is considered as one of the best due to the special features and the durable construction.

It features a simple setup and it holds up to 4 dies simultaneously.

Additionally, the turret press has an auto-indexing capacity to find the right reloading capacity for each cartridge.

Budget Pick

Once again, we stick with Lee and the Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press is another durable option specifically designed for those who cannot afford the most expensive options.

It can hold 4 different dies as well, but it might be a bit smaller than the previous option. Regardless of the size, it is effective and affordable for beginners.

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Quick Comparison

Best Turret Reloading Press Review

If the top two do not appeal to you yet, we have selected a couple more to widen your selection capabilities. The following reviews will enable you to see exactly what you need to about each of these top turret-reloading presses.

We have carefully selected them with the help of experts to ensure you have a variety of quality options:

1. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Takes 4 dies at a time
  • Durable steel construction
  • Accommodates most rifle casings

The Lee brand is widely regarded as one of the top brands when it comes to reloading turrets. We have selected the LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit as one of there best options available on the market today.

It is constructed using solid steel for the components and the joints that hold these components together.

The unit can accommodate up to 4 different dies, which, which means you don’t need to stick to reloading a single cartridge.

The auto-indexing feature is excellent to indicate the capacity, as you will need to load the perfect capacities when it comes to your cartridges.

Additionally, it features a high clearing to accommodate longer casings.

The technical aspects of this reloading press are designed specifically for beginners. Instead of having to find all the instructions online, you can see them in the manual.

The manual is accurate and should enable beginners to grasp the methods of reloading. We did not find any downsides to the turret press that could let you down.

While it might be one of the best options currently available, it is not as expensive as some people might think.

The LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit will give you a complete kit that can be used for reloading and you have all the accessories. The long-stroke rotation is also effective for perfect loading weights.

2. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-disk powder measure
  • Large clearance
  • Holds 4 dies simultaneously

You will notice that Lee is one of the top brands when it comes to reloading presses, which is also why we have stuck to the brand throughout the article.

The LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press brings more of an old-school feel to your reloading process and makes it look simple with basic accessories that are easy to understand.

The unit also holds 4 different dies at the same time and while it might not be the largest of reloading turrets, it has wide clearance for a variety of cartridges.

An auto-disk powder measure is an effective tool for measuring the right capacity and ensuring that your rifle rounds come out with the right weight for the shot you intend to fire.

The LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press is somewhat of a cheaper alternative to the previous option. It can still be considered a kit, but you might need to invest in a few of the additional accessories one might need.

Additionally, it is one of the cheapest options you will find when you are looking to have excellent quality.

3. Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-indexing feature
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Holds 4 dies

Durability should be one of the first things that you look at when you buy any of these turrets. The Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press is one of the most durable options on the market today while being lightweight.

Instead of solid steel, the cast aluminum will bring down weight, while keeping the tensile strength at a premium.

Much like the other Lee options, the unit can hold up to 4 different dies. These dies do not have to be the same and will allow one to reload up to 4 cartridges at the same time.

Additionally, the unit is easy to navigate and with the basic rotation, it is smooth and simple for anyone to get started. The auto-indexing removes some of the thinking for you.

As for the clearance, the unit has a 4-inch clearance, which should be more than enough for you to put your hands under the press. Having additional hand space is great for precision rifle, especially when the turret includes all the basic accessories.

You should be able to reload the most common hunting cartridges with this turret press.

You might have noticed that it has similar features to many of the previous options. However, we think it stands out due to the budget price and the value it offers to beginners.

The setup is simple and you only need a wooden table or any stable surface. If you are strapped to a budget, this can be your reloading kit.

4. Lyman All American 8 Turret Press for Reloading

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use as a beginner
  • Cast iron frame
  • Holds 8 dies

If you have the funds and you want something bigger, you might want to consider the Lyman All American 8 Turret Press for Reloading.

It is one of the larger turret press options on our list and you will immediately see the quality in the cast iron construction. It might be heavier than some of the others, but the durability makes up for it.

The turret can hold up to 8 dies, but these are not held separately. You will need to split them up into two groups of four or four groups of two dies.

It might seem like you can only reload four different cartridges, but the reloading speed is significantly increased. The unit is also resistant to any potential damages in your store, including rust.

One of the downsides might be the price, but if you want quality, you might need to be willing to pay for it.

The Lyman All American 8 Turret Press for Reloading is one of the top options for us, but the lack of auto-indexing could be frustrating for some beginners.

However, these measurements can be found from any professional.

5. Lyman 7040781 Reloading T-Mag Turret Press

Highlighted Features

  • Complete beginner kit
  • Works for handgun users as well
  • Holds 6 dies

Much like Lee is one of the leading brands when it comes to quality. Lyman is another competing brand for users that want quality turret presses.

The Lyman 7040781 Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press is widely known for the versatility that the press provides. It is one of the easiest options to get around as a beginner.

The kit features all the accessories and a basic press that all beginners can set up in a couple of minutes. Additionally, it holds up to 6 dies for different reloading, which can be broken up into pairs of 3 if you need to.

The unit includes a digital scale to help with measurements and have the right capacity for your cartridges.

One of the main selling points is that the clearance space can be adjusted to make it accessible to those with handguns.

The handgun users might not need as much space, but to get your hands in the turret, you will need to have ample space. The additional powder coating offers another layer of protection for longevity.

Lyman might be one of the more expensive brands, but this turret will give you real value for your money. All the instructions are clear, which makes it effective for beginners to set it up.

Unfortunately, it does not have auto-indexing and you will need to save a couple of bucks to buy the turret reloading press.

6. Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag Expert Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Expert kit with accessories
  • Includes a digital scale
  • 6 dies capacity

The previous Lyman reloading press is one of the best options for beginners and features all the basics one would need.

However, the Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag Expert Kit is made for advanced reloading gunsmiths. It features a cast aluminum construction with a powder coating finish to ensure durability.

As for the operation motion, it is smooth, while offering additional clearance space for almost any type of hunting cartridge.

Your digital scale will be handy when measuring your powder, while the power feeder will be accurate in releasing the right amounts of powder. It is also ideal for cleaning older cartridges before use.

An instruction manual is included with the complete kit, which makes it much easier when you need to load specific cartridges and find the right capacity.

It can be a bit expensive for beginners, but if you are an expert, you will find all the tools you need to work efficiently. We would recommend it to those with reloading experience.

7. Redding Reloading T-7 Turret Press

Highlighted Features

  • Universal shell holders
  • Smart Primer arm included
  • 7 dies capacity

The Redding Reloading T-7 Turret Press is one of the unsung heroes of the reloading world and it is not often seen with the top options.

However, it is a useful reloading turret press to have if you have an interest in continuous reloading. The unit is durable with a solid cast iron construction, which offers years of durability.

The main selling point is the smart primer arm, which can be useful for changing dies and will accommodate universal shell holders.

Instead of focusing on a single rifle cartridge, the 7 die holding capacity makes it possible to add numerous different dies. It is a great option for reloading numerous hunting rifle cartridges.

Many people want to know how smooth the unit operates and with the unique compound linkage, you have a smooth operating motion.

Unfortunately, it has to be done manually, but having great value for your money is definitely, what you would want. Everything will be done without creating a mess when using this turret.

We have selected the Redding Reloading T-7 Turret Press for having some of the most unique features, which makes it stand out when compared to many of the other options.

All of these features will make it effective for experts in the field of reloading. However, it is also one of the most expensive options on the market today.

8. RCBS C-Frame Cast Iron 88901 Turret Press

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for avid hunters
  • 7/8″-14 Threaded Die
  • Precision crafted

Last but certainly not least, we have one of the best reloading turret presses for avid hunters. Much like the other top options, the RCBS C-Frame Cast Iron 88901 Turret Press features durable construction and reliable coating for years of durability.

It might be one of the largest options to set up, but it will be worth it.

Aside from the precision construction of the unit, it also features a precision mechanism. When you are using the turret, you will find that the measurements are precise when you add the powder into the hopper.

It might not have a digital scale or auto-indexing feature, but with the right information, you can retain the precision it offers.

Most of the features are designed for beginners on the RCBS C-Frame Cast Iron 88901 Turret Press, which means that almost anyone can choose to buy one of these turret presses.

It is one of our favorites for beginners and does not cost a fortune. If you are an avid hunter, this will be an effective turret to choose from.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before you make a purchase decision, you should check a couple of things. Those will let you scrutinize the units properly.

They will also help you make the right purchase and get the full worth of the money. So, without further ado, these are the points we are talking about:

The Frame

One of the most important things about the press is the frame. The first thing that should be in your consideration regarding this is the overall construction.

You need to check whether they are of high-quality materials or not. The quality of the materials will dictate how durable the units are.

On the other hand, you should ensure that the frame is stable. Whether the parts are properly attached or not.

Without a stable frame, it would be pretty hard for you to operate the machine properly. And if you can not operate the machine properly, loading the dies will become harder than it has to be.


Checking the construction and the stability of the frame will not be enough if you want to pick something that is long-lasting and highly durable.

You need to check the other parts as well. Ensure that those are constructed of sturdy materials, or else you would not be able to get extended use out of the machine.


Apart from the durability of the system, you also need to check the exterior finish. Make sure that the finish is durable as well. Without the finish being durable, the machine will wear out exceptionally fast. And you would not want something that will look extensively used quickly, would you?

In addition, the durable finishes offer a higher resistance to rust and corrosion. Eventually, those will be capable of increasing the overall lifespan of the device. So, we would highly recommend getting a product with a durable finish on the exterior.


Other than the finish, you need to consider the handle. For this, ensure it is large in size. If you happen to get a press that has a small-sized handle, the operational mechanism will seem pretty hard to you. Additionally, users would not be able to get a proper grip over the handle to apply enough force.

Aside from the size, people need to check the design as well. If the handle is not comfortable to hold onto, operating the machine for a prolonged amount of time will feel like doing a tedious task. Considering that, we would recommend you to pick the systems having an ergonomically shaped handle.


One of the important things that you need to factor in when buying one of these is the capacity. Usually, most of these hold the ability to accommodate up to four dies. However, there are some that can hold up to six or eight dies.

Our recommendation would be to get the ones that can hold more dies. With those, handling a large batch will become an easy task.

Mounting Procedure

People should also look out for the mounting procedure. Ensure that the item you are getting is easy to mount and can be mounted on the place you are planning to.

If you happen to get something that is harder to mount, the installation process will be both time-consuming and will require a lot of effort.

On the other hand, the products which are easy to mount will have an easy installation procedure, and you would not have to invest too much time or effort into them.

On that note, do make sure the package comes with all of the mounting hardware. If the package comes with missing parts, you would have to get them separately, which would not be much of a cost-effective decision.

Primer Feeding Mechanism

The last thing that you need to consider for these is the primer feeding mechanisms. Check whether the machine has options regarding the primer tubes or not.

Those options will offer you the flexibility to hand different-sized dies with the same machine.

Additionally, the primer feeding mechanism that has a smooth operational process is generally easy to handle. Operating them will be like taking a walk in the park.


The best turret reloading press is a great way to speed up your reloading of cartridges.

Instead of having to deal with all the hassles of buying cartridges and struggling to find the right options, you can create the right options in your spare time.

We would love to see some of your thoughts on the best turret press and any features we might have missed.

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