Best Universal Sight Pusher in 2021 – Reviews & Comparison

Having a properly sighted in gun is key to success at the range and enjoying shooting your handgun.

It is essential to keep your sights in good shape and in line. However, a lot of force is needed to install, remove, or adjust the sights, which makes it essential to have the right tool.

To help you keep your gun hitting the bullseye, we are breaking down the best universal sight pushers, so you can make all the sight adjustments you need.

Best Pick

When we considered all factors, our pick for the best universal sight pusher is the Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool.

This tool is all you need to be able to adjust and replace the sights on a wide range of handguns efficiently and safely.

Budget Pick

If you are looking for a sight pusher that will do the job while being easy on your wallet, look no further then the ATG Patch and NcSTAR Heavy Duty Universal Pistol Dovetailed Rear Sight Pusher.

This sight pusher has many exciting features that you would not expect for something so reasonably priced.

Quick Comparison

7 Best Universal Sight Pushers

A universal sight pusher is a handy tool to have in your gun kit. Whether you use it regularly or only occasionally, you will be happy to have any of the following in your bag.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key features of our 7 best universal sight pushers.

1. Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool

Key Features:

  • Grips all four sides of the slide
  • Suitable for both front and back sights
  • Made from a solid block of durable high-grade 6061 aluminum

This option is the best Glock sight pusher. This sight can fit all Glock models, all Springfields, all sigs, and just about every other possible type of handgun if it has dovetail sights.

Capable of handling both front and rear sights, this versatile tool allows you to have just one tool to take care of all your handgun sight-related needs.

This universal pusher is unique in that it grips all four sides of the slide to prevent movement, even when force is exerted on the sight.

Since the pusher is gripping all four sides, you do not need to add or use blocks or any other tool to grip the slide to try and prevent movement.

This all-in-one tool makes it easier to adjust or remove any style of sight – in fact, some have even described it as too easy. Also, since you only need the one tool, it is easy to pack in your bag to bring with you to the range.

The product is made to last from a solid block of 6061 high-grade aluminum. 6061-grade aluminum means that the product is strong, corrosion-resistant, and light.

The fact it is made from one block means that you do not have to worry about weakening in a join. This pusher is sure to be a gun sight removal tool that you will have in your bag for a long time.

2. ATG Patch and NcSTAR Heavy Duty Universal Pistol Dovetailed Rear Sight Pusher Tool

Key Features:

  • Height Adjustable Base
  • Will work with 90 degree and 30-degree rear sight profiles
  • The tool can be bolted or clamped down to work surface

This sight pusher is one of the cheap universal sight pusher options in the sense that it is affordable. But just because it is affordable does not mean it lacks features.

This tool can be fully adjusted to fit almost any handgun rear sights. The base height can be changed to suit the handgun, and the multitude of clamps holds the gun in place.

The pusher can be clamped or bolted down to your workspace for further stability. When you are between jobs, the tool has a foam carrying case to be stored inside. The pusher is made from aluminum and painted an eye-catching blue.

3. Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Tool

Key Features:

  • A large sight adjustment wheel
  • A top clamp as well as side clamps
  • Reversible sight prong

This sight pusher offers lots of adjustment options such as a top clamp as well as side clamps to allow it to fit any size handgun.

The sight prong is reversible, which enables it to work for any semiauto option or be changed to work for Glock slides. This pusher is also designed for both front and rear dovetail sights.

They designed this tool with gunsmiths in mind; not only is it able to accommodate a wide range of sights, but it also makes it easy to adjust.

The device features a sizeable 4-post drive knob with a frictionless surface, which allows you to grip and turn the knob comfortably, so even minor changes can be done with ease.

The pusher can adequately support the slides to prevent deformity caused by pressure and to hold the gun firmly in place, so no additional tools are needed. 

The tool is also made to endure all the sight changes and adjustments with an aluminum frame and steel components. These materials also help to prevent rust and keep it lightweight.

The fact you do not need any other tools, its light, and fine-tuning can be done with ease, make this pusher a great option to take with you to the range.

4. Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool

Key Features:

  • Works on 99% of handguns including “snake eye” type sights
  • Comes with a padded case and additional accessories
  • Made with a solid steel frame and 6061 aluminum blocks

When they say universal, they truly mean it with this pusher. The pusher comes with two pusher blocks, one for your standard dovetail sights and one for “snake eye sights”.

They are the only pusher on the market for ringer sights that is readily available and affordable.

This sight pusher also comes with a Glock disassembly tool and a Glock front sight removal tool – making it one of the best Glock sight pushers on the market.

You do not have to worry about losing the parts, though, as it comes with a padded case to keep everything safe and together.

With all the accessories and customizing available, it is perfect for anyone from novice to expert to safely and efficiently remove, install, or adjust handgun sights. With so many customizable options, it is also able to handle both front and rear sights.

This tool is made to last with 9310 steel frame and precision machined 6160 aluminum blocks. Using 9310-grade steel in the frame ensures that it has the strength to withstand the repeated force required to move the sights.

The 6160 aluminum blocks are corrosive resistant to prevent rusting. The two materials together help to create a strong but light tool.

5. Aecktech Handgun Sight Pusher Tool Universal

Key Features:

  • Grips all four sides of the slide
  • Works for front and rear sights
  • Fits pistols with slide mounted levers (with the lever removed)

This pusher is an impressive all-in-one versatile pistol sight pusher. The tool works for both front and rear sights. The rear sight pusher is to able to rotated to 90 or 30 degrees to customize your needs.

The pusher can be used for all dovetail slide sight handguns, including Glocks, Springfields, and even pistols with slide mounted levers once the lever has been removed.

The height capacity from the adjustable base platform allows the tool to also work on suppressor sights.

The sight removal tool grips all four sides of the slide, eliminating the need for extra blocks while still preventing damage from the force required to move the sight.

A fun feature of this tool is that two sides are left open, so you can see the tool in use and make easy adjustments.

The tool is made from steel and aluminum, so it is durable and rust-resistant. While the design allows for portability, this sight pusher is also able to clamp down to help stabilize.

6. Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master

Key Features:

  • Large central screw and bolt
  • Two-sided hardened steel pusher
  • Designed to be used with a wrench or socket set

The two-sided design of the pusher allows for one side to be for straight sights like sigs and one side for angled sights such as on Glocks.

The tool is also height adjustable, which, when paired with the two-sided design, allows the pusher to be used for almost any handgun with dovetail sights. The pusher is for both front and rear sights.

However, if you want even more options, additional block sets are able to be purchased from the manufacturer.

The pusher features a sizeable central screw and bolt to handle the pressure of repeated high force. It allows for a wrench or socket set to be used with the pusher for ease of use.

Using a wrench enables you to get leverage to be able to apply the force required to move the slide.

Even with a large amount of pressure being applied, the blocks can hold the handgun safely and firmly in place. The tool will last with durable steel materials that can handle the force.

7. Universal Sight Pusher Tool for Handguns

Key Features:

  • Able to be used with wrenched
  • Affordable
  • Able to control the force used

This pusher is not as universal as some of the other options but is an excellent choice for square style sights. It can be configured in different ways to accommodate various handguns.

The pusher can be used with a wrench to help apply the force required to move the sights. Using the wrench allows you to control the power level to reduce the potential of harm to the sights.

This pusher is an all-in-one style of sight pusher as it can grip and support all 4 sides of the slide without additional blocks.

The design of the pusher is meant for function and durability. The tool is made from high-grade steel and aluminum, so it will last but is still light enough to be functional.

Tips for Choosing the Best Universal Sight Pusher

While each of the 7 tools listed above has earned the right to be called the best universal sight pusher, it does not mean that they are all equally best for you.

Here are some key things to consider when choosing which of these universal handgun sight pushers will work best for you.

Your style of sights

Many pistol sight pushers can handle almost any handgun with dovetail sights. However, if you have “snake eye” or ringer style sights or want a tool that could work on them in the future, your options are more limited.

Rear or front sights

While most of the pushers highlighted above can be used on front and rear sights, some are not as versatile.

Consider whether you will be adjusting front sights as well in the future and if so, make sure that the pusher you get can handle both front and rear sights.

Your guns

Similarly to thinking about the style of sights you will be using, you must think about the models of guns that you have.

No pusher can be truly universal, so it never hurts to check that it will work for your model, especially if it is a less common model or style.


If you are planning on spending lots of days at the range fine-tuning your sights, or experimenting with different styles, then you want your handgun sight pusher to be easy to bring with you.

Ease of use

You want to make sure that the style will be easy for you to use. Consider whether you want an all-in-one tool or are okay with extra accessories. Also, consider whether you want to be able to bolt the tool in place.

Sight Pusher Durability

When purchasing a product to use with your guns, you want something that is going to last. Gunsight pushers handle a lot of pressure, so you want to make sure they can handle the force. The good news is any of the options highlighted above are going to be durable.

If you take the time to consider these factors and look through the options outlined above, you will find the right universal sight pusher to use for years to come.


Every shooter should have a perfect universal sight pusher in their shooting kit. Having a handgun sight pusher allows for you to be able to sight in your guns, as well as change the sights if needed.

Since, as every shooter knows, an adequately sighted in gun is key to hitting the targets and hitting more targets equals out to better days at the range.

Any of the best universal sight pushers highlighted above would be the perfect addition to your shooting kit.

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