Best Reloading Press for Precision Rifle – Load, Aim & Fire

The precision reloading press is the heart of the reloading process for precision rifle series. This one piece of equipment brings together all the components- the casing, primer, powder, bullet- to give you a shot that is ready to be fired.

With all its importance, it is no wonder that this usually is one of the more expensive pieces of equipment on your workbench.

To have the best experience with reloading, take the time to find the best reloading press for precision rifles for you.

Below we have rounded up five of our favorites to help you find the right one to complete your equipment lineup.

Following the list, we highlight some of the primary considerations when choosing which precision reloading press is best for you.

Best Pick

Our overall best pick for reloading press is the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Deluxe Kit.

This kit is your one-stop purchase to getting started with reloading equipment. The large number of features and accessories in this kit from one of the top names in ammunition and reloading makes this a natural top choice.

Budget Pick

Similarly, to the best pick, our budget pick is the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press.

Buying just the press gives you the same high quality without being as rough on your wallet.

Quick Comparison

Top 5 Best Reloading Press for Precision Rifles

Below we highlight the key features and benefits of the five best reloading presses for precision rifles.

This time we will be highlighting the budget pick before the best pick and then the remaining top options.

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press

Key Features:

  • Primer catcher
  • Three lock-N-load die bushings
  • Single-stage press
  • High-strength alloy and steel materials

There is a reason that Hornady is one of the most recognizable names in ammunition, and that is because they produce high-quality products.

This presser is no exception; it is made with high-quality and strength steel alloys both in the mainframe and additional components.

The rigid design and construction ensure reliable loading time after time. The angled frame allows for easier access and visibility of the cartridge being worked on in the press.

The all-in-one stage press is prefect for ultimate control over the loading with the bonus of being able to load everything at once.

This control is great for a beginner trying to learn or the experienced reloader wanting the most precision in their load.

The reloader features a positive priming system that works easier than ram prime units or older style primer aims. When the primer ejects at the top of the stroke, you can add a new primer, and it self-aligns to the feed.

The self-aligning primer arm allows for easy manual insertion at the bottom of the stroke without having to raise the handle.

Not only are the primer easy to change, but the dies are designed to be quick and straightforward to change.

2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Presser Kits

Key Features:

  • All the benefits of the classic reloader
  • Tons of additional accessories

Do you want to expand beyond the entry-level press featured above? You can get the Deluxe kit, which not only has the Lock-N-Load classic reloading press but also comes packed with additional accessories.

The reloader features all of the benefits outlined above, including a positive priming system, easy to change dies, and durable construction.

This kit will work for you when you are just learning, but will also work once you have mastered reloading. The accessories of the package can make you feel like a pro even as a beginner.

The additional accessories include a digital scale for precise weighing of material to ensure the perfect load each time.

There is also a chamfer and deburr tool to make any adjustments needed to the casings before loading.

You also get three additional die bushings for a total of six. These features are all available in the classic kit and the deluxe kit.

The deluxe kit is the only kit to offer five shell holders, a kinetic bullet puller, a pistol rotor, and metering assembly and a decorative tin sign.

These additional features in the kit take the classic reloader from the budget pick to the best pick.

3. Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger

Key Features:

  • All-steel linkage with adjustable length lever
  • One breech lock quick change bushing
  • Durable O-frame design

This press is a single round reloader which allows you ultimate control over the loading process and quality control over each round.

This level of control is perfect for a newbie wanting to be able to double-check each step or a pro aiming for the ideal, precise shot each time.

The O style frame is one of the more popular presser designs because it is one of the strongest and allows easy access to and loading of the casing and materials.

This presser also features a larger than average opening to allow for maximum hand clearance and rugged design for increased durability.

This system is made for ease of use. Priming is quick and simple, and the spent primer catcher allows you to route used primers directly into a trash can.

The Breech Lock Quick Change system allows you never to have to re-adjust your die, as the die can be changed with the twist of a wrist.

The shell holders are easy to slide in and only fit in one way, so you do not have to spend time worrying if it is attached properly.

The length of this reloader press is adjustable to fit a range of lengths and calibers. The presser can also be used with a wide range of die sets allowing further customization.

This precision reloader press is prefect for just setting out, and the available accessories that can be purchased can support you throughout a lifetime of reloading.

4. Redding Reloading T-& Turret Press with Primer Arm

Key Features:

  • Seven station turret head
  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame
  • Accepts all standard 7/8”-14 threaded dies and shell holders

This presser is the first rotating head press featured on the list. This press has seven-station on the turret head so you can have seven rounds being loaded at once.

The ability to load more than one shot at a time allows you to speed up the time you spend loading. With the heavy-duty cast iron frame, it has the strength to keep up with all that reloading without wearing out.

This press is made for adaptability and ease of use. It can be used with any standard 7/8”-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders.

Not only does this allow you to choose your favorite set, but it also enables you to adjust to different calibers for all of your guns.

The shell holders can then be rotated to your desired comfortable position. Additional turret heads are also available so that you can switch between calibers without having to adjust depth. The press also comes with the smart primer arm for seating small and large primers.

If you are ready to up for reloading game by stepping up your speed, this is a great choice. This reloader will allow you to save time on the reloading, so you have more time to finetune your aim at the range.

5. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press

Key Features:

  • Auto-disk powder measure
  • Solid steel linkage
  • Four-head rotating turret

This presser is the second turret on the list and the second entry by Lee Precision. Lee Precision is known for their high-quality precision reloading equipment.

This press features heavy-duty construction, including solid steel linkage, to ensure that it can keep up with all of your reloadings. The rigid cast iron frame fully supports the ram and provides over twelve square inches of area.

This press is designed for simplicity and speed. The four-turret head allows you to have four rounds on the go at once.

The Auto-Disk Powder Measure will enable you to easily measure the powder without having to have an additional piece of equipment.

The ram is the industry largest and is drilled entirely through to dispense primers in an attached clear PVC tube.

The long stroke of the loading arm allows the press to be able to work for rifle cases that are over three inches long.

The versatility of the reloader press provides for it to work for a wide range of caliber guns. This press will work for the beginner to the pro.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Precision Reloading Press

Each of these options is an excellent choice for a reloader, which can make it hard to know what one to choose. To help you make your decision, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Single vs. Multi

When considering what to purchase, you want to think about whether an individual or multi-head turret press is best for you. While the multi-head allows you higher speed, the single round style allows for greater control.

Accessories Included

When weighing the benefits and costs with purchasing a press, you want to think about what attachments you need and what is included.

If you are going to have to buy additional accessories or equipment, you want to consider the total benefit. Otherwise, you may want to go for a more inclusive kit like our best choice.


The precision reloading press is one of the most expensive and crucial pieces of reloading equipment that you will buy. When making this investment, you want a tool that is built to last and handle all the reloading you need.

Ease of Use

Regardless of whether you are new or old to reloading, you want something easy to use. Take the time to consider the features that each offer and what sounds the easiest to use for you. When you get something easy to use, it will save time and frustrations.


A reloading press is needed for every reloaders workbench. To help you find the perfect one, we have outlined five of our picks for the best reloading press for precision rifles.

Each of the options is a great choice, whether you are purchasing your first press or upgrading. We know that you will be able to find the perfect choice for you that will have you quickly and efficiently loading round after round.

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