Best Reloading Dies in 2021 – Tested & Reviewed

Do you find cartridge reloading to be a tedious task?

If yes, then you should try using the correct reloading dies as they can make this tedious job quicker and fun. Reloading dies are one of the most crucial supplies you need for cartridge reloading.

We have reviewed the best reloading dies below to save you the trouble of trying out different brands to find the perfect one.

Read on to see our top choices and to see what factors you should consider when deciding on the perfect choice for you.

Best Pick

Our best pick, the Lee Deluxe, is sought after by shooters because it comes with carbide. It ensures the firm placement of cases. Thus, using the dies of this set is simple yet very professional.

The bullet visibility offered by the mouth expander sets this dies set apart from the others.

It also inhibits lead shaving, and all the dies are rust-resistant. It might be on the expensive side, but the features make it worth the price.

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Nitride Die Set from Hornady. It sets itself apart with the steel- dies, the zip-spindle design, and unique features like sure-loc, all at an affordable price.

The dies of this set work quickly yet efficiently while requiring no lubrication. The Titanium nitride coating makes these dies corrosion-resistant and hard.

There are also no chances of friction as the dies have a smooth surface. The dies set is a steal for users when you consider its functionality and ease of use.   

Quick Comparison

Best Reloading Dies Review

Below we have included products from different price ranges. We recommend you go through them thoroughly to pick the one that fits your reloading style.

1. Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with four dies, powder dipper, a shell holder, and instruction sheet
  • The crimping die comes with carbide insert
  • Ensures firm placement of users’ cases
  • Offers accurate precision
  • Mouth expander provides bullet visibility

Even if you’re an amateur shooter, you’ve probably heard about the company, Lee Precision. The company is popular for manufacturing high quality die sets, and this one is one of their star products.

The set comes with four dies, a powder dipper, a shell holder, and an instruction sheet. We liked how detailed the instructions are.

Even if you haven’t used a carbide die before, you’ll be able to follow through the task with the help of these instructions.

Reloading handgun rounds is a simple task with these dies; their precision is so accurate that every job involving them becomes comfortable.

Also, ensuring firm placement of users’ cases when used correctly, the dies are very handy for any gun user.

You can depend on this factory crimp-dies binding as they come in perfectly accurate structures that ensure that ’they’ll chamber the cartridges appropriately.

All four dies are of different types, there’s one of sizer, seater, mouth expander, and crimp dies. The expanded case mouth of powder through expanding die uses the funnel’s natural physics for filling it with powder.

In this case, sometimes, users try the auto-disk powder measure for better uniformity.

The other dies are great, but the crimping die of this set has significantly made it more popular.

This die comes with a carbide insert, which protects its surface from chemical contact and provides a sturdy, robust, rust-resistant body.

Likewise, the sizer-die works instantly even if it’s hit because it comes with a spindle that decaps. Users get better visibility of their bullets with the help of mouth expander die, which also inhibits lead shaving.

2. Hornady Custom-Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set

Highlighted Features

  • Steel construction
  • Sure-loc locking rings for keeping dies in place
  • Zip-spindle design prevents cases from slipping
  • None of the dies require lubrication
  • Smooth surface to prevent friction

Our second pick is a set of 3 dies, all entirely made of steel. So, if you’re looking for durability, this is the set for you.

The innovative design, along with its low price, make this custom-grade die set popular among the users.

A unique characteristic of this nitride die set is that none of the dies require any lubrication, which typically requires significant time.

The dies surface is corrosion-resistant and hard due to its Titanium nitride coating. As their surfaces are durable, you can accurately resize pistol brass with no issues.

The titanium coating also reduces the chances of these dies wearing out.

Similarly, the smooth surface of the dies prevents friction and eliminates any hindrance for excellent precision. Plus, the elliptical ball expander provides even surfaced neck sizing with its smooth finish, and thus reduces friction.

Therefore, users don’t require an additional expander die for this unique design of the elliptical ball expander. The sharp cut rotator embellished zip-spindle design eliminates the chances of cases slipping.

This spindle moves upward instantly after taking a hit and doesn’t halt due to friction. As a result, users get more flexibility with this design as they can manually adjust the spindle movement.

You don’t have to worry about messing the adjustments as you can lock the dies in place with their sure-loc rings.

These rings are constructed sturdily, you can tighten them using a significant level of pressure, and they ’won’t get damaged.

3. Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set

Highlighted Features

  • Zip-spindle design prevents slippage
  • Comes with a sure-loc lock
  • Seating die comes with stem and floating alignment
  • Eliminates the need for a crimping die
  • Automatically pre-aligns bullets

Our next pick is also from Hornady. The custom grade new dimension set comes with two beautifully designed dies. They are famous for offering precise reloading and smooth functionality.

Both dies in this set are innovatively designed. The seating die comes with stem and floating alignment.

So, as soon as you place the bullet inside this dies, it’s automatically pre-aligned. The set also eliminates the need to carry extra accessories when you go hunting.

Additionally, you don’t need a crimping die if you’re using this set. The seating die comes with a built-in crimper, which cramps bullets perfectly and ensures that they can endure excessive pressure.

The elliptical expander ball helps determine the perfect neck size, further eliminating the need for additional accessories like an expander die.

Accordingly, the zip-spindle design of the die prevents slippage and helps users finish their tasks quickly.

The spindle collet and the spindle itself are very smooth, which results in lesser friction. Even after it’s hit, the rod moves upward and gets down with no damage.

The product comes with a sure-loc lock for preventing any accidental adjustment.

The locks keep the dies in place so that they ’don’t move even an inch. It is locked in without even touching the thread, so the locks ’don’t damage anything.

The caliber of the dies is .224 Valkyrie. The whole set weighs only 2 pounds and is constructed using good quality materials for longevity.

4. RCBS .45 ACP Carbide Die Set

Highlighted Features

  • Requires no lubrication
  • Seater die comes with a built-in crimper
  • Frictionless surface
  • Case hardened steel dies
  • Comes with corrosion-resistant surface

This hard-polished die set is perfect for serious hunters. There are three dies in this set, and all made of high-quality materials. Lubrication isn’t required for these carbide made dies, so you’re saving money on lubrication products.

Besides, the surfaces of the dies are frictionless, which is a bonus for better productivity. We liked carbide die sets because they’re resilient and durable.

Their strength and sharpness aren’t compromised even when they’re fired at high pressure.

The corrosion-resistant surface of these dies prevents chemicals from causing dysfunction. The smooth and precise finishing of the dies reflects on their quality and standard.

Like the previous die set, this one also eliminates the need for a crimping die. The three dies of this set are: seater die, carbide sizer die, and bullet seater plug.

Seater die comes with a built-in crimper, which crimps bullets in an accurate position. Even if you’re using a bullet with no cannelure, you’ll be able to shoot it with precision.

Furthermore, a decapping unit is integrated into the carbide sizer die. The inner surface of the decapping rod is polished smooth to allow repeated up-down movement of this rod.

Thus, the dies are made of case hardened steel, which gives them the sturdiness needed for shooting.

Overall, RCBS has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing reloading dies. If you want something ’that’ll last longer than any other product, we recommend the 45 ACP carbide die set for you.

5. Hornady Match Grade New Dimension Bushing 2-Die Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with neck sizing bushing
  • Has a floating bullet alignment system
  • Sure-loc rings lock dies in place
  • Roll crimp ensures greater consistency
  • Full-length dies

Are you a hunter who’s fond of aesthetics? If yes, you’ll love this set of 2 dies from Hornady. It comes in a beautiful red box. The set contains a sizer die, and a seater die.

Precision is very important for passionate shooters. Keeping that in mind, this set comes with a neck sizing bushing for perfecting every measurement.

The bushing part and decapping rod of the seater die works on decreasing tension on the neck

What the reduction of neck tension does is, it reduces pressure on bullet cartridges according to the user’s wishes. Besides, the full length dies to ensure accurate alignment of bullets and perfectly reloads them.

The set also contains a polished and smooth-surfaced elliptical expander, which reduces friction that can cause irreparable damages.

The seater die comes with a built-in crimper that crimps bullets to a desired size and shape. Any reloader loves cartridges with a perfect crimper, and you can achieve that with this built-in crimper.

Similarly, the floating bullet alignment system and set of the seating also pre-aligns bullets.

As users can adjust multiple settings of these dies, both of them come with sure-loc rings for preventing accidental adjustment or slipping. The locks apply constant pressure on the dies for keeping them in place.

Also, the roll crimp of the dies ensures greater consistency, and thus you get the perfect shot every time. With all its fantastic features, the set is a handy accessory set for any shooter.

How to Find the Best Reloading Die

Now that you’ve gone through the reviews, it’s time to know how to find the perfect reloading dies. Look for the following features to determine the best reloading dies for you:

Reloading Die Material

Dies can be made of carbide, steel, and other materials. We recommend opting for carbide dies as they’re faster and are efficient in reducing downtime. The carbide dies also saves money by reducing the cost of replacement tools.

At the same time, steel dies are also a good option if you’re looking for longer-lasting tools. These dies tend to be more durable and don’t get damaged easily.

Number of Dies in a Set

We have listed sets of 2-4 dies in this article, and you might not need so many for your tasks. If you’re using bottleneck cartridges, you can get with two dies set. We recommend the three dies set for working on straight cases.

Caliber Compatibility

If you often use only one type of gun, you should opt for a die set that caters to that specific type of ammunition. For example, if you use competition handguns, you should choose a competition reloading dies set.

On the other hand, if you use multiple guns, you can work with a set of 4 versatile dies that will work with any rifle or pistol.

Brand Image

If you’re a professional hunter you already know that brand image plays an important role in die sets quality.

Hence, Lee Precision is one of the most popular brands selling die sets, but you can opt for any other brand. Look for companies who’ve been manufacturing dies for a long time, like RCBS, who has been in the industry for 75 years.

Since dies are a crucial part of shooting which is a dangerous activity, you ’wouldn’t want to risk trying out products from new companies.

Additional Features

Different people prefer different features in their dies sets. You can sift through some of the most common features offered by brands, and decide what you need:

  • Sure-lock rings

Sure-loc rings lock the dies in place and ensure that users ’don’t move them by accident. ’You’ll find this feature in dies, which have more flexibility and offer many adjustment options.

  • Built-in crimper

This is a huge money-saving feature. In some sets, the seater die comes with a built-in crimper. So, you don’t need to invest in a crimper to carry around. ‘It’s both space and cost-saving.

  • Floating bullet alignment system

This system pre-aligns the bullets, so you ’don’t have to do it. The system is excellent for beginners as they might have a problem with this activity, and it takes care of the full alignment for them.

  • No-Lubrication Required

Many dies sets, especially the carbide ones, offer this feature. As they don’t require lubrication, you’ll be saving money on lubricates.

  • Smooth Surface

Any avid hunter knows how friction can harm both bullets and cartridges. The smooth surface of dies plays an essential role in damage prevention as it eliminates chances of resistance. Most products we have listed here are frictionless.

  • Zip-spindle design

If ’you’re a clumsy person and cases often slip from your grip, you should opt for dies set that come with this design. It prevents slippage of cases and also assists users in reloading quickly.

  • Mouth expander

This is an important feature if you want clear visibility of your bullets. The mouth expander is excellent for amateur hunters as they’ll be able to see what they’re doing while reloading the bullets.

  • Affordability

The price of dies sets varies greatly, but most of them are on the expensive side. Yes, you need to keep the budget in mind before purchasing a die set, but you also need to consider the benefit of whatever product you choose to buy.

Hence, we recommend researching a little about dies sets so that you know what the average price is.


We hope that our review of the best reloading dies has been helpful for you, and you’ve found the prefect product for you. Take a little time to examine your gun and to research the reloading dies set it needs.

Don’t rush through the process as these small dies play a huge role in reloading. Good luck!

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