Best Gun Safe Under 300 – Complete Security with Affordability

You might already know that a gun safe is an absolute must if you have firearms. It will enable you to comply with the rules of owning a gun.

Alongside that, it also provides an adequate amount of protection needed to keep your precious guns away from the hands of bulgers.

Now, you might think that getting one of the decent models in the market will surely cost you a fortune. But that is not really the case at all.

There is a plethora of best gun safe under 300 in the market. However, because of so many options, the choosing process can definitely get a bit tricky.

But today is your lucky day, as you have found this article. Yes, we will make the choosing process feel like having a walk in the park for you!

Best Pick

According to us, the VT20i model that Vaultek is offering is the best overall gun safe in this budget.

It boasts not only a highly secure locking mechanism but also has smart features integrated into it.

Budget Pick

However, if you are a little tight on the budget and do not want to spend that much on a handgun safe, the SentrySafe QAP1BE is a decent option.

You would not really be making that much of a sacrifice in the case of overall features with this one.

Quick Comparison

9 Best Gun Safes under $300 Review

As we mentioned, most of the decent gun safes in the market do not generally cost that much. However, if you do not have a general idea about them, you might not get the most out of the money.

To ensure that, we have gone through every popular option and picked the ones that we think we can recommend. Have a look at the list that we have put up for you.

1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

Because of the advancement of technologies, everything is getting smarter nowadays. Well, why should gun safes lag behind?

Vaultek acknowledged that, and that is why they integrated some smart features in this unit that we are going to talk about.

First of all, the overall footprint of the model is exceptionally compact. It can store one regular-sized handgun, a few magazines, and some important documents.

And because of the compact form factor, the portability factor of the unit is highly increased. You can easily store it inside your car, backpacks, drawers, and luggage.

Apart from that, the manufacturer utilized 16-gauge steel for the construction of the body. That material ensures an extended lifespan.

Also, it has a powder coating finish on the exterior that makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion. That means visual imperfections would not be something that you would have to worry about either.

The anti-theft protection that it offers is higher than the other units that are in the market. It boasts interior hinges that are bolstered, which makes them resistant to prying.

Also, the latches are highly resistant to impacts too. No matter how high of an impact that it goes through, it is going to stay locked.

Apart from that, the locking mechanism is a fingerprint sensor and a digital combination lock. It also sports a Bluetooth chip, enabling the user to unlock it using smartphones or any other smart device.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and highly portable
  • Has a rugged overall construction
  • The interior hinges are highly durable
  • Resistant to impacts
  • Two different smart locks and has Bluetooth functionalities

2. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

The manufacturer SentrySafe has been around in the market for a long time now. And in that time frame, they have been pushing out durable and reliable gun safes.

This model that they are offering can perfectly illustrate their overall lineup.

Unlike some of the other models, this one implements a unique design for the door. It has a gas strut that will let you instantly open up the door.

You would not even have to use two of your hands to access the insides because of that design. Also, the door opens up quite fast, which provides fast access.

Other than that, there are three different versions available. You can choose from the regular single-storage option, or the single-storage option with interior lights, or the double-storage option with internal lights.

No matter which model you choose, the durability and sturdiness you can expect will be the same. They are all of the same solid steel construction, which extends the overall lifespan significantly. You can expect these to last for quite a long time.

Apart from that, these also utilize the pry-resistant hinges that most of the manufacturer implements in their unit. For that reason, you can stay worry-free about the matter of wrong hands getting a hold of your precious guns.

Besides that, these implements a highly accurate fingerprint sensor. Also, there is a digital combination lock and backup key lock on the side.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable overall construction
  • Available in three different versions
  • Features a highly accurate fingerprint sensor
  • The door has a gas strut
  • Sports a manual combination lock and a backup key lock

3. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

The manufacturer SentrySafe has an extensive lineup of safes for people having different types of requirements. And they even got you covered if you are one of those people that were looking for a waterproof and fireproof safe.

Let us first talk about the factor that separates this unit from the rest. This one boasts UL classified fireproofing that will enable it to withstand a temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

That means you would not have to worry that much if an accidental fire breaks into your house.

Apart from that, the unit also has ETL verification for the waterproofing. It can keep the insides completely insulate from water for about a day.

Even if the water is eight inches deep, the interiors are going to remain completely dry. So if any flood water breaks into your home, you would not have that much to worry about.

The primary locking mechanism that it utilizes is a digital combination lock that is also fireproof. The four hinges that are used for the locking mechanism are all pry-proof.

That means the bulgers will surely have a hard time trying to get access to the insides.

Other than that, there is a secondary key lock for backup access too. And the material that is utilized for the overall construction is high-quality steel.

That material makes the unit exceptionally durable. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Fireproof for about one hour
  • Can keep the inside away from water for one whole day
  • The overall construction is highly durable
  • Features pry-proof hinges
  • Has a secondary key lock alongside the primary combination lock

4. Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet

Another safe manufacturer that is widely known for offering reliable gun safes at an affordable price point is Stack-On. And this one can accommodate multiple large-sized firearms!

Unlike most of the other units that are out there, this one can accommodate seven different shotguns or rifles on each side.

And as there are two different sides, the total amount of rifles that you can store is fourteen. Also, the storage section has a fully adjustable barrel rest.

Apart from that, there is an adequate amount of depth in the storage section to let you easily store tactical rifles. Alongside that, the shelvings can be converted to store ammunitions, pistols, and other attachments.

There are three removable half shelves and one full-width shelf included in the package. You are going to get a large amount of space.

Besides that, the coating that it utilizes makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosions. For that reason, you can expect it to last for ages without showing any signs of visual imperfections.

The locking mechanism that it sports is a highly secure three-point lock. It has a key coded cylindrical lock that enhances the overall security substantially.

As a result, it would get pretty difficult for anyone to get inside the unit without unlocking it.

Lastly, the body is made of high-quality steel, which makes it extremely sturdy. For that reason, it achieves a high resistance to impacts.

Highlighted Features

  • Can store up to 14 large-sized rifles
  • Has convertible shelves for ammunition and handguns
  • Comes with three removable half shelves
  • Has a durable coating on the exterior
  • Made of high-quality steel

5. Homegear Large 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

Vertical gun safes are a must for large-sized rifles and shotguns because the short and medium ones can not offer an adequate amount of storage area.

And if you own those types of firearms, you should definitely check out what Homegear is offering here.

To begin with, it is exceptionally durable. It boasts a construction of heavy-duty steel. The doors are four millimeters thick, and the walls are about two millimeters thick.

Because of such a durable construction, breaking into it will be an extremely tedious task for thieves.

Other than that, the unit features two different locking mechanisms. It has a digital keypad lock that relies on four AA batteries.

A good set of the battery can make the digital lock operate for about one whole year. It can be set up with three to eight digits pin.

The secondary locking mechanism that it has is the manual key lock. That will provide backup access in case the battery runs out or if you happen to forget the combination.

Apart from that, the total amount of storage space that it offers is quite higher than most of the other safes. It will allow you to store five large-sized rifles.

Also, there is a separate section on the top that can act as a lockbox. You can store other valuable items there.

Besides that, it has a powder-coated finish on the exterior. That coating makes it resistant to excess moisture that might also form rust.

Highlighted Features

  • Can store five large-sized rifles
  • Has a lockbox on the top
  • Comes with powder coating on the exterior
  • The durability of the unit is exceptionally high
  • Has two different locking mechanism

6. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

While there are a plethora of safes in the market, not all of them are strictly designed to accommodate multiple numbers of handguns at a ready-to-use position.

Well, if you were on the lookout for one, you should not look any further because this might be the one you were looking for.

Let us talk about storage space first. There is an adequate amount of space on the front to hold three handguns at a ready-to-use position.

And the bottom can accommodate two more pistols. That means the total number of firearms that you can store in this is five.

Apart from that, the door design that it implements is designed to offer you quick access to the insides. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that will allow you to quickly open up the door and get yourself one of the handguns in critical situations.

Alongside that, there is interior lighting inside that will enable you to efficiently get a hold of your gun in a dimly lit environment.

And as the unit’s form factor is pretty light and compact, you can easily carry it around from one place to another.

There are foams on the inside, which provides additional protection to the guns. As a result, you would not have to worry about your handguns getting damaged during transportation.

The overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. It is of high-quality steel. There are anti-pry tabs on the sides as well, and that offers high protection from thieves. The lock that it features is also resistant to picking.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a capacity of holding five handguns
  • Comes with interior foams
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Utilizes high-quality steel for the body
  • Has anti-pry tabs and a pick-resistant lock

7. AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe

While looking for a gun safe under 300 in the market, you might want to get something that is travel-friendly. Well, in that case, you must check out this safe that is from AdirOffice.

To start with, it is tiny and highly portable. The footprint is compact, and the overall weight of the unit is relatively minimal.

For that reason, storing it in tight spaces will not be that much of an issue. Also, carrying it will be much more manageable too.

Even though the overall size of the unit is compact, the storage space is relatively higher. It can hold a standard-sized handgun along with an extra magazine.

You can also store some essential documents inside alongside your firearms and ammunition.

Also, it has four layers of foam inside that will offer an adequate amount of protection to prevent any sort of damages that might occur during transportation.

Apart from that, the unit is exceptionally sturdy too. It is made of heavy-duty steel, which makes it extremely durable. You can expect it to last for a reasonably long amount of time. It is highly resistant to impacts too.

Other than that, the locking mechanisms that it features are pretty sturdy too. It has a combination lock alongside a key lock. You can use the key lock as a backup access option.

The door also opens up pretty fast, offering you quick access to the inside. You can easily tackle tricky situations because of that.

Highlighted Features

  • Small, lightweight, and compact
  • Highly portable
  • Has a comparatively higher storage space
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Features secure locking mechanisms

8. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Having quick access to the inside during critical scenarios is a crucial factor. And this one that is from Barska is going to offer you exactly that.

First of all, the fingerprint module it sports is the latest iteration of the fingerprint scanner. That scanner is a silent operational mode, allowing you to access the insides without making a pin-drop of sound.

Also, the scanner can read data exceptionally fast, enabling you to get access to your guns in just a matter of seconds.

Apart from just offering you quick access, the unit also provides a substantial amount of storage space. It can accommodate up to four full-sized rifles or shotguns.

There are removable shelves, which will allow you to store additional accessories and attachments. You are going to get plenty of space for organizing your firearms.

Other than that, it has thick walls that are of solid steel. The edges are tamper-resistant, which enhances the overall durability. Also, the deadbolts that it has are all pry-resistant.

Besides that, there are pre-drilled mounting holes on the body. All the mounting hardware is included in the box. You will not have to go through that much of hassle in the case of mounting it in your home and offices.

Lastly, there is a secondary key lock that acts as a backup unlocking mechanism.

Highlighted Features

  • Has adequate space to hold four rifles and additional accessories
  • Comes with removable shelves
  • Offers insanely fast access to the inside
  • Utilizes heavy-duty steel for the overall construction
  • The edges are temper-resistant

9. Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Safe for Firearms

Only spacious interiors make a unit the best rifle safe under 300. It should also have a cushioned interior and a secure locking mechanism. And a perfect example of such a safe would be this one that is from Best Choice Products.

First of all, the amount of space you will get is comparatively higher than most of the other safes. It has rifle racks built right into the interior, enabling you to store up to five large-sized rifles or shotguns.

There is an upper storage section as well. That section will allow you to store ammunitions and other important items.

Even though the interior is quite spacious, the overall footprint of the unit is relatively compact. It has a slim and low-profile design that will let you easily hide it in tight spaces.

As a result, intruders are going to have a hard time trying to find the safe to begin with.

And even if the bulgers do find the safe, the possibilities of them breaking into it will be low because of the durable construction. It utilizes tough and heavy-duty steel.

The sturdy sleeve anchors on the body will also let you secure it properly to walls and floors.

Apart from that, there are internal cushioning. That will ensure that your firearms do not have any cosmetic damage. You will not have to worry about any scratches. Also, the locking mechanism that it boasts offers maximum security.

There is a digital keypad, and alongside that, there is a manual key lock that will act as a backup locking mechanism.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a comparatively high amount of internal space
  • Has internal cushioning
  • Features a compact and low-profile design
  • Has a digital and a manual locking mechanism
  • Exceptionally durable

Things To Consider Before Buying An Affordable Gun Safe

Going through the reviews will not be enough to get your hands on something well worth the money.

So, you would have to keep a few of the important considerations in mind. But what factors are we actually talking about here? To find out, continue reading!


The safes in this budget segment come in various sizes. From personal-sized to small to medium, and even large, all of the sizes are available for such products.

To choose the right one, you need to first consider the type and the number of guns you would like to store in them.

If all you want to store is a pistol, getting the personal-sized units should be more than enough.

However, if the number of firearms is more than one and users want to store rifles, they should get the small, medium, or large ones. Those would offer more than enough space to store all of the firearms.

On that note, our recommendation would be to get the personal-sized ones if you want to store only one pistol. Those will be small and compact, which will make it easier for you to keep them hidden.

Locking Mechanism

Another thing that will vary a lot from one unit to another is the locking mechanism.

Some will have biometric locks, others will have a combination lock, while most of them will have key locks only. There will be a few that will combine two locking mechanisms as well!

Nevertheless, when it comes to security, our pick would be the biometric ones. Those utilize state-of-the-art technologies to offer the highest level of security.

Your firearm will be well safe in those. However, the combination locks are not  far off either. They are hard to bypass as well.

Furthermore, the digital safes will require a battery. So, you need to make sure that the unit’s cell is higher in capacity. Those will require less frequent charging or battery replacement, which is always convenient.

Besides the primary locking mechanism, you should also consider if there is a backup locking mechanism or not. Without that, it will be hard for you if the primary key is lost or you forget the combination number.

Quick Access

One thing that is quite important for these is being able to offer quick access. You never know what situation you might stumble upon.

And getting quick access to the gun inside can be a life-and-death situation. In this case, items having a hinge and the gas strut will be more convenient and time-saving.

The better the hinge or, the better the gas strut, the easier it will be to open the door. And the easier it is to open the door, the quicker you would be able to get access to the inside.


The durability is something users should not cheap out on.

Even if the locking mechanism is top-notch, if the durability of the unit is not that high, it will be pretty easy for someone to get access by using brute force. And when it comes to durability, the quality of the material has a huge role to play.

Usually, most of the units available will be of steel. Some might even use aluminum.

No matter what the material is, the durability should be considerably high if they are sturdy enough. Keeping those in mind, our recommendation would be to get the ones that feature the construction of sturdy materials.

The Door

Another thing that will make these units theft-proof is the design of the door. Some of the brands will pack pry-resistant doors in their offerings.

Those will be pretty hard to open using brute force. Also, do consider the thickness of the door because it has a part to play in making the whole thing theft-proof.


Last but not definitely least, you need to make sure that the unit can resist water from getting inside. And an official rating would be great.

However, any waterproofing is good than having no waterproofing at all because you might never know when the floodwater is going to get inside your home.

And users would not want the guns to be in contact with water because that will cause rust, which will eventually lower the firearms’ overall lifespan.


Hopefully, we were able to offer you a sweet and short-list, and it is now easier for you to get the best gun safe under 300.

To conclude, we wish you good luck, and we hope that no matter which one you choose to buy, you get the most out of the money you are going to spend.

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