Benefits of Different Types of Gun Safe

As you know by now that the best place to store guns is in a gun safe. Having one of them does not only mean that you are keeping it safe from the bulgers that might break into your house but also keep it safe from the environment debris. And you can also prevent rust by keeping them inside the safe.

However, you will have to keep some factors in mind for that. In this article, we will mainly focus on the size and the ones that are meant to be installed in different locations. By factoring that in, we are going to describe the benefits of different types of gun safe. You can also categorize them by looking at the type of locks,but that is a topic for another day.

Benefits of Each of the Types of Gun Safe

Depending on the size, we can categorize the gun safe into two types. And each of the two can be further branched out by keeping the installation location in mind. They are:

Small to Medium-Sized Safe

This category can be branched out into three types.

Hidden Gun Safe

This type of safes is mainly the go-to option for the people that do not want to boast that they have guns in their homes and offices. As the name suggests, they stay hidden. You will be able to hide a full-fledged gun safe in plain sight. Most of them will look like a piece of furniture or some equipment.

Some of them even look like a mirror or a picture frame. Only you will know what it actually is. Apart from that, moving these safes are also quite easy.


  • Stays hidden
  • Suitable for homes and offices
  • Easy to move around

Car Gun Safe

It is quite challenging to drive while you have a personal defense weapon holstered with you. And if you want to carry one with you while driving, you can opt for simplex gun safes that are meant to be installed in your car.

These usually come with cables that will allow you to connect directly to your vehicle. However, there are some that you hide under the seat of your car. But those are not that much secure as they usually do not have a locking mechanism.


  • Some of them stay hidden
  • Allows you to carry a weapon while driving

Nightstand Gun Safe

This type of gun safes is for the ones that like to always have a weapon within their reach. Just like the name implies, you will be able to install them right into the nightstand that you have near your bed.

That means when a burglar decides to break into your home, you will be able to bring out the gun quickly and can protect yourself.

So, if you are opting for this one, you should make sure that you install it in solid furniture. The flimsy ones will lose their stability after you get this safe attached to them.


  • Offers quick access
  • Stays pretty hidden and out of sight

Under-Bed Gun Safe

Most of the nightstand gun safes will be able to accommodate small to medium-sized firearms, but what if you want to keep the large rifles near you.

Well, in this case, you can opt for the safes that can be installed under the bed. These can usually accommodate one or two large rifles and multiple handguns.

Likewise, many of them will also come with wheels on the bottom. With those, you will be able to move them around easily. Thus, the wheels will also allow you to get quick access to your firearm.


  • Can accommodate full-sized weapons
  • Stays hidden under the bed
  • Some of them are easy to move around

Medium to Large-Sized Safes

Even though you will be able to hide most of the small to medium-sized safes in plain sight, the case is a little bit different for the large ones. With that said, let us have a look at them:

Long Gun Safes

In some states, it is not legal to have a hidden gun safe in your home. And if you want to have one in one of your rooms, you will have to opt for the ones that are large and are clearly visible. Even if you are not in one of those states and want to store multiple guns in a safe, you will have to opt for the long gun safes.

Accordingly, these can accommodate a large number of firearms at once. Alongside that, some will also have cabinets where you can store all the ammunition. You will also have no issues at all in the case of organizing the stuff inside it.

They come featured with a secure locking mechanism that can be quite hard to get access to without any key or code. So you should make some backup keys beforehand if you do not want to go through the intricate processes of opening the safe without a key.


  • Can accommodate a large number of firearms
  • Some come with multiple cabinets
  • Features a secure locking mechanism

In-Wall Safe

You are probably well-familiar with these. These safes are installed directly inside a wall. You will also be able to install it on the floor. Because of such an installation process, you can hide them with a carpet or a painting. These are the only large-sized safes in the market that can be hidden.

Talking about the size, these can come in a medium or a large option. With the medium ones, you will be able to store one or two handguns and some ammunition. The large ones, on the other hand, will let you store large rifles and few pistols inside them. These also come with a secure locking mechanism, just the long safes.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Features a secure locking mechanism
  • Hideable

Final Words

We hope that by knowing the benefits of different types of gun safe, the choosing process will get much easier for you. With that, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you can store and organize your guns efficiently.

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