Best Way to Bolt Gun Safe to a Concrete Floor

As you know by now, the only way to keep your precious guns safe is to store them inside a gun safe. The firearms will not only be out of sight and away from the reach of the burglars, but you can also protect them from catching rust over time by storing them inside appropriately.

However, do you know how to properly put a large-sized gun safe in your room? Yes, by bolting them to your concrete floor. Now, you might ask that what is the best way to bolt gun safe to a concrete floor. Well, we are here to answer that.

We are not only going to let you know how but also will make the process feel effortless to carry out.

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The Best Way to Bolt a Safe on a Concrete Floor

You will stumble upon a plethora of processes on the internet that will claim to be the best way for bolting the different types of safes. But not all of them will be that much easy to follow.

Keeping that in mind, we are here to offer you the best and the easiest way to bolt your safe on a concrete floor. The things that you have to do are:

Phase 1: Preparation

Before you get yourself a drill machine and start drilling holes on your floor, you will have to do some preparations. They are:

Step 1: Pick a Spot

The first thing that you have to do is to pick a suitable spot for bolting down the safe. In this case, you should pick somewhere where the burglars will not expect to find valuable stuff such as your guns. Hence, you should avoid bedrooms. Instead, you can opt for a place in the kitchens or guest rooms.

Yes, you will not be able to have quick access to your firearms if you pick a spot like that such as the ones mentioned above, but different safes have different benefits that they can offer. And we are mainly focusing on large-sized safes, which are only good for having a large capacity and a substantial amount of security.

Step 2: Measure the Chosen Location

Once you have chosen the location you want to bolt down your safe, you will have to measure it. By doing so, you can make sure whether the spot can accommodate the safe or not and it will sit flush to the corners or not.

Step 3: Mark the Mounting Holes

After you made sure that the spot is capable of accommodating your safe, you will have to mark the mounting holes. For this, you will have to move it to the location. Then open the door and mark the holes on the floor with a pencil. The holes are usually at the bottom of the corners and could be covered with plastic, which you can easily pop off.

Phase 2: Drilling

After you have marked the mounting holes, you will have to start the drilling process. If you think that it will be difficult for you, you should move the safe away from the location, which we would recommend you to do. Once you have made yourself enough room to handle the drill machine, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove Flooring Elements

If the spot that you picked has carpets on it or around it, we would recommend you to move it aside for the drilling process. As drilling will make the debris fly in the air, you will have to wash your carpets if you keep them around the location during the process. We would also recommend you to move the furniture away from the vicinity if possible.

Step 2: Start Drilling

Now that you have moved flooring materials and furniture from the drilling space, you will have to start the drilling procedure. We would recommend you to pick a powerful corded drill for this.

Install the largest drill bit that you can fit inside the mounting holes. However, you should make sure that you have the same diameter bolts with you. If you do not have them around, you will have to get them first, or else you will not be able to carry out the next steps.

Step 3: Clean the Area

As we said, drilling will make the debris and the dust fly in the air. And you will have to clean them. In addition to that, we would also recommend you to vacuum clean the holes. By vacuuming them, you will make sure that the bolts go inside swiftly.

Phase 3: Bolting

Now that you have finished the preparatory tasks and the drilling task, you will have to move to the final phase, which is bolting. The steps that you will have to follow for this phase are:

Step 1: Reposition the Safe

The first step for this phase is to move the safe back to the original spot that you measured from. In this case, you have to make sure that whether the mounting holes are lining up with the drilled holes or not. The exact the lining will be, the easier it will be to insert the bolt.

Step 2: Insert the Bolts

Once you have properly lined up the mounting holes with the drilled holes, you will have to insert the bolts through the mounting holes. Place the washers before you insert the bolts. If you are using Mansory bolts, it would be better if you insert the nut on the top of the threads.

Likewise, if you are using toggle bots, you might have to tilt the safe a bit to make the toggles attach to the bolts.

Step 3: Tighten the Bolts

After you have inserted the bolts properly, you will have to carry out the final step, which is to tighten them. Use a wrench and tightly screw the head into the mount.

Once you have securely screwed the bolts inside, try to move the safe by pushing and pulling it. If you can not make it move, you have successfully bolted it down the concrete floor.

Final Words

Installing the safe on the floor by bolting it down will ensure that it stays securely in place without moving from one place to another. And with our take on the best way to bolt gun safe to a concrete floor, we hope that we were able to make the process simple for you. So, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck.

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