RTIC SoftPak 30 Review

As a hiking or camping enthusiast, you definitely will need a cooler on your bucket list. Why? It is essential to the part of keeping your beverages and food pleasantly cold while on your trips.

Well, the moment you step out there to get a cooler for your trips, you may get bewildered for a choice because of the varieties in the market.

After doing a thorough research of the brands available in the market, we came up with the Rtic softpak 30 review, which is one amongst the top soft cooler brands. This is attributable to its durable make and high tech design it comes in.

In this article, I will give a thorough analysis of its features, buyers guide, and frequently asked questions about Rtic softpak 30. From this, you will be able to make an informed decision while purchasing the Rtic softpak 30 for your outdoor fun moments.

Let’s start full review of testing my new Rtic Softpak 30 soft cooler. Includes testing it’s capacity, ability to keep ice, ability to float, waterproofing, etc.

Rtic softpak 30 Quick Review

Besides it being moderately priced, there are other several reasons you are going to like this cooler once you come across it. To begin with, the flexibility makes it easy to fit even into tight spaces in your bag. Moreover, with its renovation in 2017, this cooler is one amongst the technologically advanced soft coolers in the market right now. Talk of durability, the capacity of up to 30 cans plus ice and portability, and this cooler is definitely the way to go. Another reason why the Rtic softpak cooler should be your ultimate choice is that it is quite easy to use. All you can do is open it, add some ice, put in your food or drink and you are good to go. Probably, the only thing you will be required to do is adding a bit of lubrication to the cooler’s zipper. Note that the manufacturer provides the lubrication gel on purchase. We also recommend this cooler because you won’t experience any instances of mildew formation thanks to the antimicrobial feature. More to this is that the softpak cooler tends to be sturdier than other soft cooler brands because of its strong vinyl shell construction. One more exciting feature of this soft cooler is that it is capable of holding in the cold for up to five days. Such is made possible by the thick two-inch closed-cell foam insulation on the inside of the cooler.

You should, however, note that this insulation takes up some reasonable amount of storage space thus a factor to put into consideration while purchasing it. The Rtic softpak 30 also comes with an exterior pocket in which you can be able to store your dry items that don’t require cooling.

Top Features

Rtic Softpak 30 Capacity

Capacity is an important aspect to consider while purchasing a cooler because you really want to know how many of your favorite beverages the cooler can contain. With that said, the Rtic softpak 30 cooler comes with an impressive capacity of 30lbs ice or cans.

Also, with the interior measurements of 13 x 9 inches and 9.5 inches depth, you have the large bottles of your favorite drinks arranged inside while also leaving plenty of space for food storage.

Rtic Softpak 30 Waterproof zipper

Having some water leaking from your cooler will definitely compromise its cooling capability. For this reason, this softpak cooler comes with a sturdy waterproof zipper to ensure that it doesn’t allow any water leakages when the ice begins to melt.

With this feature, we recommend that you should perform regular lubrication on the zip to ensure that you won’t experience much difficulty while opening or closing it. On this, you should be careful not to ruin the cooler’s fabric by applying too much lubrication. This waterproof zipper also keeps the exterior part of the cooler dry with zero sweating.

Rtic Softpak 30 Flexibility

With the soft exterior design of this cooler, it becomes easy for it to contract and to fit into a limited space. Also on flexibility are the flexible handles, and removable straps that allow you to carry around the cooler conveniently. Additionally, this cooler has two extra handles. One is at the front and the other at the back of the cooler. There are other two on the two ends.

Rtic Softpak 30 Durability

Though soft, this cooler is quite durable and provides a long term service with the heavy-duty vinyl shell construction it is made of. On top of making the cooler durable, the construction materials are also resistant to tear and UV, which ensures that the cooler’s color does not fade away quickly.

Rtic Softpak 30 Tough Insulation

Are you a regular traveler? You require you a reliable cooler. Thankfully, the Rtic softpak 30 cooler will be ideal for you. Its tough insulation makes it up for the job. With the walls being an inch thick and the lid being two inches thick, this cooler provides an excellent cooling effect to your drinks and food.

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  • It provides ice retention of up to five days thanks to the tight insulation. 
  • With the waterproof zip, you won’t experience any water leakages while on your outdoor activities. You wouldn’t want your bag and contents wet, would you?
  • It provides a large capacity of up to 30 lbs of ice and also has enough space for beverage and food storage. You have enough space for all your necessities.
  • Though lightweight, this cooler is remarkably durable and never disappoint while you are out there.


  • When you open up the box, you will realize that it has an unpleasant plastic smell. You can, however, get rid of this by sprinkling baking soda on it several times. 
  • Before purchase, you need to note that this cooler may be too large for you if you are a solo hiker because it has plenty of space.

What’s in the Box?

I’m sure you will be curious to know what’s in the box to determine the value of what you are paying for. Let’s now dive what awaits you once the package is dropped on your doorstep. Well, pretty much of what you will get in the strong cardboard-made box is what is described online, and it includes;

  • Softpak 30 cooler – inside the box will be your major purchase safely placed inside the box free from any scratches. On this, it goes without saying that you will be really impressed by the thick insulation once you open the cooler.
  • Zipper Lubrication– as you already know now, the waterproof zipper that comes with this cooler can be quite troublesome when it comes to opening or closing it because it is very tight. To save you the trouble, rtic provides you with a lubrication gel to ensure that the zip flows smoothly any moment you need to open it.
  • Shoulder Strap – this is provided to support the cooler with your shoulder if the need arises.

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Buyers Guide on Rtic softpak 30

Though this cooler doesn’t come with a complicated assembly procedure, there are several factors we will highlight for you here below to ensure that you enjoy an excellent user-experience with the cooler. We first begin by looking at who is fit for this soft cooler. Precisely, the cooler is for any individual with an active outdoor lifestyle in need of an average-sized cooler to take care of their eating or drinking needs sufficiently. Precisely, if you like engaging in summer camping, this cooler is all you need. Furthermore, the cooler requires lubrication on the zipper because of the way it’s tightly fixed to prevent leakages. Why we highly recommend this is because there are some instances where individuals ignore to use the gel and end up destroying the zipper at the end of the day.

Tips to Use and Care for your Rtic softpak Cooler

To get the best out of your cooler, you should use it properly as well as take good care. If you decide to buy the Rtic cooler, here are easy tips on how to use and take care of it;

  • To have the best cooling, it is advisable to pre-chill your drinks and foods.
  • Did you know that cold air is heavier and travel downwards? Yes, it is. That is why you should put first your beverages and food then the ice on the top. You will get the perfect chilling.
  • Avoid hot surfaces. You are trying to achieve cooling, so it is pointless to keep the cooler on or near hot surfaces.
  • Do not be in a hurry to drain the cold water. It increases the cooling rate. It is better to have it than air.
  • Go with a block or cube ice. Block ice keeps the content cool for a long time. The cubes cool your stuff fast.
  • The zipper should always be clean and lubricated.
  • Once you open the lid, close it as soon as you are done. This prevents dry air from entering.
  • Your cooler will likely have an odor after some time. That is normal. To remove it, use water and chlorine bleach. If that does not work, pour vanilla extract on a cloth and wipe the inside of the cooler. Dry it for an entire night.
  • When you dry your cooler, keep it open to prevent mold and mildew formation.
  • You may be tempted to wash it in a dishwasher. Do not try this.
  • You should not leave the cooler in water for more than 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: How is the soft Rtic 30 cooler better than the hard one? Answer:The difference that stands out between the two is that the hard rtic cooler is heavier than the soft one. Therefore, hard rtic is not a convenient option for someone looking for an easily portable cooler.

Question: I would help to know where the manufacture is locatedAnswer:The Rtic softpak 30 is made in China, but its design and circulation occur inTexas.

Question: Will I damage the cooler if I use dry ice with it, or is it dry ice compatible?Answer:It is dry ice compatible.

Question: How many cans are this Rtic softpak cooler able to hold?Answer:It can hold 30 cans at full capacity. That’s a lot of drinks unless you areplanning on spending weeks in the wilderness. It serves a group of 5 individuals staying out for a couple of days.


With this extensive review on the Rtic softpak 30 cooler, you now know the way to go the moment you need a simple but sturdy cooler that performs its job efficiently.

Whether it’s a cold beer you need or some snacks for your hiking activities, this will be an ideal choice for you. Not only will it keep your beverages cool, but you will also enjoy hassle-free portability thanks to its lightweight design. Place your order now and begin to make the best of moments while on your outdoor trips.

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