RTIC SoftPak 40 review

If you frequently go hunting, fishing, or hiking outdoors, then you probably know that these are activities aren’t for the normal person. Basically, you need to carry adequate supplies to help you stay energized until the end of your adventure.

However, for you to enjoy your drinks or meals at the right temperature, you need to have a high-quality cooler. The choice of the cooler typically depends on the number of people involved and the nature of the activity.

For instance, if you’re in a group of ten, then you need a cooler that can carry not less than ten refreshment bottles.

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As an avid outdoor person, you should thus seek for a big cooler with great features. Rtic softpak lives up to these expectations, and it provides some of the top-notch soft coolers that make the brand exceptional in quality.

The company’s Rtic Softpak 40 cooler is one of the largest, toughest, durable, and easy-to-use coolers. The cooler conveniently works for all your outdoor needs, by safely storing your food and drinks at the right temperature.

In this Rtic softpak 40 review we highlight the key advantages of the cooler, important features and what you will need to look out for when buying one.

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In 2017, the Rtic Softpak company adopted a series of changes that aimed at boosting the products’ carrying capacity, portability, and insulation capacity.

The Rtic softpak 40 cooler is part of Rtic softpak’s product advancement targets in terms of providing large-sized soft coolers, as it can carry up to 40 cans of your favorite beer or soft drinks.

Therefore, if you have an event with a large number of people, one of these coolers can suffice in carrying all the drinks that you will need!

Moreover, it can contract and expand to fit into tight storage spaces. It’s also portable and light-weight ( the empty cooler weighs 5.5 pounds) hence you can haul it with ease wherever you go.

The cooler has reliable and tough carrying straps, which allow you to carry the cooler like a backpack. The straps are conveniently designed for adjustment, which makes hauling of the cooler simple.

The cooler’s approximately two-inch-thick insulation cushions your content against any hard drops or knocks, which may lead to the damage of your cooler’s contents. As passionate outdoor thrill-seekers, we agree that the cooler is worth its price as it has great capacity, durability, and ice retention.

The zipper completely seals the cooler, So, you can safely carry it without worrying about wetting your back. The cooler is delivered in a conveniently packed box, and once you unwrap it, there is no need for assembly.

All you have to do is latch its straps on and put some ice into it and you are good to go. So, what are some of the features that make this soft cooler great?

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Key Features

  • The Rtic softpak 40 has a large size and capacity that allows it to hold up to 40 cans of drinks plus ice. It’s thus ideal for outdoor events with a big number of people, as you won’t have to find or use many small to medium-sized coolers. 
  • The cooler has a non-leaking zipper that prevents any melted ice or fluids from leaking out of the cooler. As such, you can carry the cooler without worrying about wetting your back. 
  • The exterior of the cooler does not sweat because it’s made of high-quality linings and insulation that prevent sweating that can wet your back when hauling the cooler.
  • The Rtic Softpak 40 has closed-cell foam insulation that keeps the cooler cool while also resisting water that can lead to the growth of mold. The insulation can keep your drinks cold for about five days.
  • The cooler is also made from durable and light-weight material composed of tough welded seams and laminated fabric. This heavy-duty nylon material is tear and puncture-resistant
  • The material used to make the cooler is also flexible, making it easy to store and handle the cooler even in confined places with limited space.
  • The cooler has adjustable straps that can be hooked on to it and propped on to your back for easy and comfortable carrying. 
  • The inner lining of the cooler is also made from food-grade material with antimicrobial properties and mildew resistance - both of which guarantees the safety of your stored foods.

What we liked about the Rtic Softpak 40

  • It is relatively light-weight 
  • The cooler comes packed with a zipper lubricant that makes zipping and unzipping easy.
  • The softpak 40 has a side-pocket where you can store other accessories such as phones and openers.
  • It can carry up to 40 cans of drinks plus ice.
  • The cooler comes with shoulder straps that permit easy hauling.

What we didn’t like about the Rtic Softpak 40

  • The cooler lacks varied designs and colors.
  • The cooler is meant for outdoor events with many people, but can’t serve well one person or a couple.

Buyers’ Guide - What to look out for when purchasing the Rtic Softpak 40


Capacity is crucial when it comes to coolers, especially; when you plan to carry lots of food or drinks for a large number of participants in outdoor activities. When full the Rtic softpak 40 can hold a combination of 30 cans and 30lbs of ice.

In spite of holding this much content, the cooler does not take too much space because it only measures 13.5” x 15” x 11.25” and you can squeeze it into limited spaces in your car or kayak’s trunk or basement storage.

Material and durability

The exterior of the cooler is made from a nylon shell that is hard to tear or puncture. The material is soft to the feel but extremely durable. You can rub, dent, drop, bump, or compress the cooler without the exteriors getting perforated.

The inner insulation material is made from wet-suit like material that is water-resistant and tough enough to cushion contents from damage during drops or heavy knocking and bumping of the cooler.

Ice retention capacity

The Rtic softpak 40 can keep your drinks cold for a minimum of up to five days if it’s not exposed to environments with extreme changes in temperature. Moreover, the closed-cell insulation and watertight zipper keep the temperature in the cooler stable for long.


The Rtic softpak 40 weighs approximately 5.5 pounds when empty, and if you’re carrying any content below 40lbs, then this is the ideal cooler for you. The light nature of this cooler, coupled by its flexibility implies that you can easily stow it away once its use is over.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to assemble the cooler once delivered?

This cooler requires no assembly. You simply have to connect the carrying straps, lubricate the zipper, add some ice and it will be ready for use.

How many cans can the cooler hold?

The Rtic softpak 40 holds approximately 40 cans of drinks.

Can the Rtic softpak cooler hold hot or warm items?

Yes, the cooler can store both cold and hot item. It can retain cold temperatures in cold and warmth or heat in warm or hot item. The work of the cooler is to prevent sudden temperature changes in all content.

Can you improve the ice retention capacity?

Yes, the ice retention capacity can be increased if you pack your contents perfectly and zip the cooler well. You should also avoid exposing it to environments with extreme and sudden temperature changes. For instance, when outdoors keep the cooler under a shade.

Who is the softpak 40 for?

This cooler is ideal for outdoor adventurers who go out in groups of more than two people. The cooler is one of the largest under the Rtic softpak models, and it can be a bit too bulky for a single camper or hunter.

The capacity would be simply too big for one person, who actually would only need a small cooler fit for an individual. When it comes to activities, the cooler is ideal for virtually all outdoor activities. The cooler is usable by anyone above 13 years of age because it needs no complicated operations or maneuvers to zip, unzip, pack, and carry.

Final Thoughts:

Rtic Softpak has worked hard to increase the size of the Rtic softpak 40 cooler capacity while maintaining all the crucial features that make up a perfect cooler for outdoor activities involving many people. If you need a cooler for at least 40 cans, then this cooler will be a perfect option that can serve your needs without costing you much.

The cooler is made from durable material that can resist wear and tear while also resisting water and punctures. The insulation provides stability in temperature while also cushioning the contents from hard knocks during drops. If you’re looking for a cooler that is durable, tough, and reliable, then the Rtic softpak 40 cooler is the perfect match for you.

Acquire one today!

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