Prism Scope vs Red Dot

If you are out in the market looking for a new scope, you are probably bewildered in between the prism scope and the red dot sight. Even though the prism scopes are a relatively new thing in the market, they are growing quite a rapid rate. Thus, there are many options available for them just like the red dots ones.

With all that said, you might be looking for a source that has proper details about prism scope vs red dot. Well, you just stumbled upon the right source for that.

We are going to go through each of them and let you know about everything that you should know before buying one of them. Hopefully, by the end, you will be able to get out of the dilemma that you are in at the moment.

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Prism Scope

Just like the reflex sights, the prism scopes have around in the market for not that much of time. However, they are now picked by most of the firearm owners. But if we do look back, it can be seen that they are not as new as we think they are. Riflescopes that featured a prism erector mechanism have been around before World War One.

However, those were leagues behind compared to what we have in the market right now. But in that period, they have been gradually improving and are becoming more reliable over time.

The one thing that makes these scopes stand out the most is the chemical or the laser etching that these features. Even with having a laser etching, they can be brightened up in multiple settings. Alongside that, they also have an option of the illumination being completely off.

So, due to the laser etching, you will not have to worry about any battery running out of juice. Also, you don’t need to worry about any broken illumination mechanism. The reticle will stay in the field of view all the time. These come with a black outline etching that will always be ready to use.

At the same time, in low light, you have a bit of difficulty finding targets with that. Besides, the etched reticle also provides a lot of advantages over the reflected ones. If you combine these with a diopter or an adjustable ocular ring, you can get a sharp sight even if you have astigmatism.

Likewise, even if you have a healthy pair of eyes, the ocular ring will seem sharper than most of the sights that are out there.

The other factor that makes these stand out is the eye box area that they come with. If you do not know that is, imagine that there is a 3D blob of space that is behind the scope. This blob will allow you to get your eyes precisely at the ideal spot. Nevertheless, there are some caveats.

So, firstly, if you attach a magnifier with this, you will have a hard time in the case of tracking your target precisely. The other one is that the 1x prism scopes that are out there are not directly compatible with a night vision.

Even if you have the illumination off, night vision attachments will face difficulties in the case of creating an adequate amount of contrast.

Advantages of Having a Prism Scope

  • It will make it easier for you if you use a diopter
  • Even if the battery fails, you will have a black etched reticle
  • Offers an exceptionally bright and sharper image
  • Will allow you to acquire targets at a rapid pace
  • You will not have to worry about changing batteries that often

Red Dots

For the past twenty-five years, the red dots have been an undefeated king in the case of being the best close quarter sight. They are also known by the name of a reflex sight in some markets. Due to this growing popularity, the technology that is involved in this type of sight has evolved significantly over time.

The manufacturers are putting more and time effort into it nowadays too. Even though they have evolved over time, the optical theory is strikingly the same as the ones that were used in the reflector gunsights of the fighter planes back in World War II. The reticle that it has is created by reflecting light.

And the reflector is located at the back end, which is the focus point of the sight. Moreover, the focus of the sight is also set at an infinite distance. So you will be able to fiddle around with the reticle. It is adjustable, and you can set it at the center if CQB is your style.

However, these are not that ideal for long-distance shooting. No matter how much you adjust the sights, you will not be able to get a proper shot at anything that is near 500 yards or above.

The one thing that red dots are this popular is for the faster target acquisition capability that they boast. Even though they are called as red dots, you can find ones that will have green dots. No matter which one you choose, the brightness will be the same in all the light conditions.

In this regard, you will have no trouble at all in the case of tracking the targets at pitch-black night. On that note, the brightness is completely adjustable. That means you will be able to fine-tune it to your preference. As it does sport any sort of magnification, you can use it with both the eyes open. This ability will make acquiring target an easy task.

Apart from that, you will be able to add magnification attachments to this if you want to. Thus, you will be benefited the most out of the magnification if you are planning to use it on top of an AR or rifle.

Advantages of Having a Red Dot Sight

  • Will let you acquire a target faster than any other sights
  • Bright reticle throughout every lighting conditions
  • Adjustable reticle
  • Can be paired up with a magnifier
  • Compatible with handguns and ARs

Final Words

Hopefully, after going through the article, you are now out of the dilemma that you once were in. With that said, we would like to end our take on the topic of prism scope vs red dot here by wishing you good luck and hoping that all the shots that you take lands precisely on the target.

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