Burris Scopes Review in 2021– Tested & Reviewed

Are you looking for durable, efficient, and heavy-duty scopes? If yes, then you should definitely check out the products from Burris Optics.

The company is famous for its uniquely designed, functional, efficient, and long-lasting telescopic sights.

As their newer models are more innovative compared to the older ones, many hunters assume that the latest Burris scope is the best one.

But that’s not always the case. Burris caters to its customers by offering products that help hunters shoot their targets, and the company doesn’t compromise with quality.

In this article, we’ll guide you through a thorough Burris scopes review so that you can know what sets the top scopes apart from the latest ones.

Read on to know more about Burris Optics and their products.

Best Pick

Our best pick, the 3-9 x 40mm plex riflescope is one of the most popular scopes of Burris Optics.

It comes with larger and multi-coated lenses, which isn’t available in most other scopes manufactured by Burris.

The Comes with easily adjustable turrets attracts many hunters to this particular scope because they ensure flexibility.

Although the product is a bit pricey, its integrated-eyepiece design and glare elimination feature make it worth the price.

Budget Pick

The budget pick, XTR II Riflescope allows users to zoom in and out, use the illumination setting flexibly, and has a heavy-duty built. All of these features and more are offered at a very affordable rate.

You won’t be disappointed with this scope if you like flexibility.

With its 11 illumination settings, true zero stops, and parallax adjustment knobs, the scope is perfect for hunters who prefer customization.

Quick Comparison

Top 5 Burris Scopes Reviews

Below we have reviewed the top 5 scopes from Burris Optics. Go through them to get a good idea about what the company is offering in its products.

1. Burris 3-9 x 40mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-coated lens
  • Fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof
  • Comes with easily adjustable turrets
  • Has larger lenses
  • Features an Integrated-eyepiece design

Our first pick is the popular riflescope from Burris Optics. Hunters love this scope because it’s affordable and of excellent quality.

An essential feature of a hunting riflescope includes clear optical glass, and this one comes with premium quality optics for better visual clarity.

Lenses of this riflescope are larger compared to the other scopes of similar style and price range. Larger lenses provide better precision, high-quality images, and they also collect more light.

Nevertheless, one familiar problem the hunters face with these type of lenses is glare, but this one comes with glare elimination feature so that you have a clear view at all times.

The Hi-Lume, index-matched multi-coating of lenses offers this glare elimination feature. It also ensures excellent performance in low-light.

So if you want to go hunting at night, you should take this scope along with your rifle. The equipment is designed in a way that it’s easily adjustable for everyone.

Integrated-eyepiece design of the scope makes it ideal for all kinds of users; both amateurs and professionals.

Accordingly, the scope also comes with a non-slip grip so that you can adjust it to your gun in the field. The one-piece construction of the tube makes it shockproof and durable as well.

Similarly, the lenses are sealed by reinforced quad-seal gas seals, which make them waterproof and fog proof.

Along with easily adjustable turrets and its excellent construction, the scope is flexible equipment to have when you go hunting.

Its sleek design enhances the features and further attracts hunters to it. We recommend the scope for users who often go hunting during the night.

2. Burris Optics XTR II Riflescope 8-40x50mm

Highlighted Features

  • Allows zooming in and out
  • 11 illumination settings
  • Comes with a parallax adjustment knob, and true zero stops
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Features a red dot for showing dark objects

Are you looking for flexibility at a lower price? If yes, you’ll love the XTR II riflescope from Burris. Compared to the previous scope, this one comes with three turrets giving you more control over your view.

New users will love this riflescope as it’s straightforward to use. With an SCR MOA reticle and 34mm tube, the scope is elementary to handle.

It is so sturdy that people claim it to be bulletproof. So, if you’re often hunting against noobs who might shoot directly at you, this one will be your safety net.

Having the crystal clear glass along with the heavy-duty construction, this riflescope is ideal for hunting during any season.

As the scope comes with three turrets, they also need to be easily adjustable for flexibility. The turrets move smoothly and are designed in a way that even inexperienced shooter can adjust them easily.

Besides, the red dot of the scope allows hunters to see dark objects, and help with their precision. If you can’t see well or haven’t mastered the art of targeting an object through your gun, the rod will assist you in shooting your target efficiently.

Likewise, the sunshade of the scope is excellently designed. You won’t even know there’s sun out when you go hunting during the day.

The scope also features an illumination knob, a parallax adjustment knob, and accurate zero stops. You get 11 illumination settings, and you can switch between them with the knob.

Users can also zoom in and out using the zooms on the rear. Pulling the cap will allow you to see the reticle. Thus, there are no other scopes that offer this many features at such an affordable price.

3. Burris Veracity Riflescope, 4-20x 50mm

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Hi-Lume premium, and multi-coated optics
  • Frictionless tube
  • Features MAD Knobs
  • Has three reticles
  • Ideal for varmint hunting

This line of riflescope from Burris is specially designed for the serious game hunters and varmints.

We wouldn’t recommend this riflescope for the amateurs, but a professional would love this innovative equipment.

The riflescope comes with Hi-Lume premium and multi-coated optics. It gives the users that clear view they need for competitive and challenging shots. You’d never miss a target with these riflescopes.

Users have flexibility in choosing the level magnification with this equipment. It’s front focal plane optics, so the trajectory compensation works on any magnification.

If you’re already into Burris Optic’s products, you must know about their MAD Knobs system.

The MAD Knobs is a single-turn, low-profile, zero stop knobs that help you to switch between capped and uncapped turrets.

So, whether you want to dial the turrets safely or quickly, you can switch the system in a few seconds.

Along with the awesome MAD Knobs, you also get three reticles of different types: SCR 5-25 model, Ballistic Plex E1, and Ballistic Plex E1 MV. The reticles are designed for hog hunting alongside predator hunting.

If you’re into fast-moving hunting targets, the E-1 featured in this riflescope will come in handy.

With its windage holdover points, this BDC style reticle is perfect for competitive hunters. You can also use it as a wind drift in a variety of ranges.

We all know how important it is for scopes to be frictionless. This one comes with nitrogen-purged tubes for preventing internal fogging.

The scope is also fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof. Hence, we recommend this scope for the most adventurous hunters out there.

4. Burris Optics Droptine Riflescope

Highlighted Features

  • Single-piece outer tube
  • MOA click adjustment
  • Multi-coated Hi-Lume lenses
  • Comes with ballistic plex reticle
  • Fog-proof and waterproof

Are you looking for a feature-filled riflescope but don’t have the budget to afford one?

Well, that’s a non-issue because the droptine scope from Burris Optics will offer you fantastic features like ballistic plex reticle, positive click adjustments, and excellent clarity at a very affordable rate.

All the droptine models from Burris come calibrated for .22 rifles. With its steel-on-steel adjustment, you can have repeatable accuracy in this scope.

It’s also fog-proof and waterproof as the tubes are nitrogen purged to prevent fogging during winter and rainy season.

You also get outstanding durability with the single-piece outer tube. Even if you use heavily recoiling calibres, the shockproof scope will stay undamaged.

On the other hand, an integrated eyepiece design is a unique feature of Burris Optics products, and this one comes with it as well. The durable design featuring a no-slip grip that helps users adjust the scope in the field.

Moreover, multi-coated Hi-Lume lenses are another unique feature of Burris Optics products. Not only can you see better with these lenses, but they’re also indexed matched and have excellent performance in low light. Their glare reduction property allows users to hunt in direct sunlight. 

So, with its MOA click adjustment, high-quality lenses, rugged built, and nitrogen purged tubes, the Droptine riflescope is probably the only affordable equipment you can find in the market, that’s also offering decent features.

We liked how the company has balanced its value and price. You cannot go wrong with this scope as it’s so easy to use and maintain.

5. Burris Scopes 200370 Predator Quest

Highlighted Features

  • Offers perfect wind drift 
  • Features BDC style E-1 reticles
  • Designed by Les Johnson
  • Comes with removable anti-reflective device
  • E-1 reticle has windage holdover points

As the name of this product infers, it’s designed for hunting predatory animals. If you’re into competitive hunting or challenging sports, you’ll love this scope.

The scope was designed by Les Johnson, the coyote called in collaboration with Burris Optics. Plus, if you already have high expectations about this product, be sure that it’ll surpass them.

Like the other scopes here, this one comes with a solid outer body and multiple turrets.

Anyone who’s into varmint hunting knows how challenging it can be. These animals are not only vicious but also faster than wind and very difficult to shoot.

Therefore, you need to be as fast with your gun as the animal itself, and your scope needs to detect the animal precisely so that you don’t miss the shot.

Scopes like the Predator Quest are explicitly designed for fast and clear vision. You won’t be disappointed using it for challenging hunting trips.

At the same time, the equipment comes with a removable anti-reflective device. The other versions of this line including 4.5-14X and 3-9X, feature an optional RealTree Max-1 camo finish. If you want to be as stealthy as a mouse, these scopes are perfect for you.

The models also feature ½ or ¼ MOA turret clicks; you can opt for any of them. Dials of turrets can be covered, solid, and positive.

E-1 reticle of this riflescope model attracts many hunters as it’s perfect for shooting fast-moving targets. This reticle is a BDC style reticle and comes with windage holdover points.

If you want to hunt coyotes like Les Johnson, it’s the ideal scope for you. The nitrogen-purged tubes of this scope prevent fogging; it’s also waterproof and shockproof.

About Burris Optics

Are you wondering why we have a separate article about this particular brand? Well, Burris Optics is not just ANY brand; it’s a legendary scope manufacturer based in Colorado.

The company has been operating since 1972. It’s named after its founder, Don Burris. He worked at Redfield hunting Scope Company for 12 years and gathered the insights needed for finding his own scope manufacturing business.

Don Burris has a significant contribution behind both Burris Scope and Redfield’s success. His innovative ideas resulted in some classic scope designs which are used by law-enforcements and hunters in the whole world.

Not only did his ideas benefit his own business, but they also set a standard for the whole industry.

The founder of Burris Optics passed away in 1987, but the company followed his vision and kept growing. Now it works with international dealers and delivers exceptionally designed scopes all over the world. The company is now a part of the Beretta family and is owned by an Italian business.

All the products of Burris Optics were manufactured inside the US before. But they’ve started manufacturing scopes in the Philippines to keep up with the demand and production challenges. The testing plants, packaging facilities, and headquarters of Burris still remain in Colorado.

One of the many things that made Burris famous is their competitive price point. The company’s manufacturing cost increased, but their products’ prices stay the same. Offering mind-blowing features at a very affordable rate is Burris Optic’s speciality.

Other unique features of scopes offer by Burris Optics are included below:

Multi-coated Lenses

Regardless of the price point, you will find this beautiful feature in all of Burris’s scopes. The company believes that lenses play an essential role in the hunter’s life, and thus they manufacture lenses to be highly durable and precise. Multi-coating on the lenses makes them more efficient and longer-lasting.

Burris is also the only company featuring multi-coated lenses in all of their scope models. As we have said before, the company doesn’t compromise with quality for the price. You can always count on Burris Optics to offer you an excellent quality product even at a very cheaper rate compared to the others.

Clearer Image

Burris’s scopes allow in 99% of light where the others only let in around 95% of light. This small feature makes a considerable difference for hunters. Users receive clearer, sharper, and brighter image because of how much light the scopes let in.

The multi-coating of lenses plays a significant role here as well. As all the lenses receive multiple layers of chemical treatment, they all have multiple coatings of treatment. So, all the elements of every lens are coated, and that results in the scopes having maximum light transmission.


Burris takes long-distance shooting seriously, and understand what the shooters need. Features like E-1 reticle enhance Burris Optic’s scopes designs.

The reticles measure everything correctly. You don’t have to guess target’s size, the distance between you and target, holdover, or even consider wind hold-off if you’re using these scopes. 100% success is ensured with these beautifully designed, precise reticles.

Durable Built

All Burris scopes are shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. You won’t find one scope manufactured by this company that isn’t protected from the elements.

One of the unique characteristic common in all Burris scopes is the one-piece outer body. The company never fuses two or three pieces of metals for making the tube.

This increases the tube’s structural strength. You’ll also find quad rings instead of conventional O-ring in the seals of these tubes.

Likewise, the former is better and a little pricier, but the company believes in quality and offers the best.

Another unique feature common among Burris scopes is dual adjustment springs. Most other companies use a single spring, but Burris uses dual adjustment rings as they keep the scope aligned and ensure that it doesn’t lose strength after long-term usage.

Other Popular Lines

Apart from what we have mentioned here, Burris Optics has many other attractive lines which are popular among hunter and scope enthusiasts such as:

  1. The Veracity
  2. The Fullfield II
  3. The XTR II
  4. The Droptine
  5. The Signature Select
  6. The MTAC
  7. The MSR


Whether you’re new to hunting or a professional, you can always rely on Burris Optics to offer the best products at the lowest price.

The company caters to Don Burris’s vision along with its customers. No one is the best than Burris scope, but you can always check out our Burris scopes review for finding which one you like the best.

Although the products are affordable compared to the other brands, we recommend you to have a budget and look for scopes under that price range.

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