Ideas For Handgun Storage

If you own a handgun legally, there are a plethora of responsibilities that get imposed on you. One of the crucial ones is the responsibility to find an adequate storage solution for the firearm. As these are not a showpiece item, you will not be able to keep them lying around. If you do that, accidents can happen at any given time.

With that being said, you are probably looking for some ideas for handgun storage. Well, you just found the perfect place for that. We know that a full-fledge best handgun safe is not everyone’s cup of tea. And not all of the people can afford or accommodate that in their house.

For that reason, we are going to give some compact alternatives that are mostly going to under budget territory.

Some Ideas for Handgun Storage

As we mentioned above, conventional gun safes are something that not everyone likes to have in their homes. What most prefers to have is compact or something quite easy to hide.

By keeping all of the factors in mind, these are the alternatives that we can suggest you for storing your handguns:

Clock Safe

While venturing through the market, you will find some gimmicky features in household stuff. The features might seem gimmicky, but if you can maneuver them properly, you can convert those into something practical. One example for those would be the clocks that come with a cabinet inside.

Yes, you might think about what you would do with storage inside a clock. Well, if you want to keep your firearms safely stored, you would want to find a location where fewer hands are going to go to. And clocks are one of those.

People would only look at it for knowing the time, and no one would suspect that there could be a handgun stored in it.

However, there is a caveat to this. Not all of the clock safes will feature a locking mechanism. Most of them will come with magnets. Thus, if the magnet is not strong enough, storing the gun inside would not be that effective because the hinge might get opened while moving it from one place to another.

Mirror Gun Safe

No, we are not talking about the mirror cabinets that you generally install in the bathroom for storing your cosmetics and medicines. Storing guns in them would be risky because everyone knows that there is storage inside those cabinets.

The ones that we are talking about are the normal mirrors that you install in your living room. They usually have a plastic or wooden frame around them. These mirrors are exclusively manufactured to store some valuable materials inside them.

They come with compartments that will allow you to store multiple handguns and some ammunition. You will also be able to find the full-sized mirrors that will be able to accommodate a full-fledged long-range rifle inside.

Likewise, as you are going to install these in your living room, it would be very hard for anyone to guess that there is hidden storage behind it.

However, you do have to factor the locking mechanism for these. Most of them might not come with one. But the ones that do come with one will offer you an additional layer of security.

Book Safe

Own a miniature library in your home? Then we might have the perfect storing solution for you. Yes, we are talking about the book storage units that you might have seen in the movies. These are more practical than the diversion safes available in the market.

The design of these is exactly how you would expect them to have. Besides, these look exactly like a book. However, the construction material will vary from unit to unit. Some will feature metal storage in the inside while having a paper exterior on the outside. And many will come with cardboard storage inside.

Apart from that, these will usually have a small amount of capacity, which is quite normal for a safe that has the shape of a book. That means you will be able to store one handgun and some ammunition inside it at best.

But you can get multiple of these safes and scatter them around in your miniature library. Nobody will suspect a thing.

Couch Storage

Most of the couches that are in the market will come with a storage area under the cushions. The one advantage that you are going to get if you opt for these couches. You will be able to store full-fledge rifles under them because of the large size. Aside from that, you can also store a large number of ammunition in them.

At the same time, the protection that they will offer against theft is quite minimal because most of the burglars know about these.

If one does break into your house, there is a high chance that they are going to look under the cushions. So we would not recommend you to one of these if you plan to protect your precious guns from thieves.

Bed Storage

Most people choose box beds for living rooms. Do you know that these beds are highly customizable? Yes, you will be able to modify them to store your precious guns. Also, many will come with built-in hidden storage areas. With them, you will not have to modify on your own.

As the beds are quite large, you can store multiple handguns is the hidden storage area that they will come with. Alongside that, you will also be able to store ammunitions and other large-sized rifles in them.

Accordingly, the caveat that was for the couch storage areas applies in this case too. As most of the burlers know that beds can have a hidden storage area, they can check under the mattress and on the frame of the bed. That means you are not getting that much amount of security against theft with this one too.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to choose one of the practical ideas for handgun storage that we included in this article. With that, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hope that you can store your handguns safely.

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