Nikon Buckmaster 4 12X40 Review in 2021 – Tested and reviewed

Varmint hunting is an extremely challenging task. It requires you to be completely stealthy and precise to achieve your daily objectives.

If you are passionate about hunting, you really need a riflescope that meets all your needs and what better brand to choose other than Nikon!

However, with so many models available in the market, the work on finding the ideal riflescope becomes slightly difficult.

Since the core two keywords on this particular activity are precision and convenience, the article consists of the Nikon Buckmaster 4 12X40 Review.

In this write-up, you will find brief details on all the features and attributes this model has to offer so that you can gain proper knowledge before making the purchase.

Nikon Buckmaster 4 Highlighted Features

  • Generous eye-relief of 3.7-inches
  • Nitrogen-filled O-Ring Sealed
  • Side Focus Adjustments for long-distance shooting
  • Performs well in low light scenarios
  • Bullet Drop Compensator Reticle design

Nikon Buckmaster 4 12X40 Review

The Buckmaster 4 comes alongside a variety of highlighted features that makes the product a worthy investment. Hence, without further ado, have a look at the important features of the riflescope.


Safety has always been the primary focus of this well-known brand and with this model, they have achieved their goals with flying colors.

Hunters go through the problems from different shooting angles and rapid-fire knockbacks. Due to such situations, the scopes tend to push back and cause severe fatigue for the user.

In this regard, Nikon added a substantial 3.7-inches spaces between the scopes for consistent eye-relief. Not only does it give you the comfort that you desire, but it also boosts up the confidence as there is complete safety while shooting.


As much as some individuals love to take their time and assemble their riflescope with proper care, the timing can be questionable for others. With the Buckmaster 4 model, it will only take your around two to three minutes the overall structure.

The only part where it takes time is when you are adjusting the setting. However, if you know your ways that are compatible with your comfort, how long can it take?

Compact Size

We all have been living in this myth that the greater the size the better the accuracy. On the other hand, with new innovation taking place, it is actually the compact-sized scopes that are dominating the industry.

This product is approximately 13-ounces in weight and 14-inches in length which allows the shooter to be able to get into their comfortable position quite leniently.


While you are out in the wilderness, you need to have highly durable equipment and survive variants of circumstances.

In that sense, being able to resist critical impact is one of the core fundamentals of this model. Thus, the reason for the scope’s resiliency is because of the materials applied to the overall structure.

Likewise, this Riflescope consists of a sturdy and durable body structure that can go up against some hard abuse while allowing you to shoot in a flexible manner.

Nitrogen-Purged Tube

Since we are talking in terms of resistance, the O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled factor takes the riflescope to a completely new level.

It is an attribute that makes the product weatherproof. Hence, worrying about the weather before going out on a hunting trip is a thing from the past now.

That is because the scope is not only fog-proof, but it is also waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, you will be able to shoot at your complete best position regardless of how bad the weather scenario is looking.

Optical System

A hunter decides to call the day off when there is a low lighting scenario. That is the reason why the Optical System of the Buckmaster 4 contains is multi-coated.

This factor transmits over 90 percentage of light on your target area, which means the image clarity you will receive will be high.

Moreover, these multiple lenses will allow you to see properly, even during night time. As a result, you will not have to worry about losing sight in low light as you will have the appropriate amount of brightness to shoot down your objectives.

BDC Reticle

Back in the days, it was really difficult to keep up with long-distance shooting. Hence, Nikon decided to apply the Bullet Drop Compensator in this model as major support for the crosshair.

This reticle, in particular, consists of small circles below the center point that adds to the unique factor, but it also assists in the long-range.

However, it is not only about the distance, but also the mechanism of the reticle shows incredible aiming sight in a short-range. You can even adjust the settings to 300 yards with leniency and grab yourself a circle view for the distance.


We have covered night vision and long-distance, but there is also another issue, the sunlight. Excessive sunlight can be really distracting and can cause disruptions in your aiming skills at times.

Fortunately, Nikon added the Sunshade feature in this riflescope.

This specific feature helps in gaining proper vision even when the UV-rays are causing problems. Therefore, you will easily be able to locate your target and go for the kill shot.

Zero-Reset Turrets

A proper field view is necessary when it comes to improving accuracy and precision. Hence, this scope includes zero-reset turret support by a spring-loaded knob.

The options are audible and easily accessible, which means you will have minimal difficulties while making changes to the settings.

More importantly, the spring-loaded knob enables you to adjust the viewing range that will give you a clear and straightforward field view. If you are thinking the settings are not living up to the mark, you can always re-arrange it to ground zero.


Nikon does not only provide you with the best range of quality products, but it also ensures all of it in a reasonable price range. This model is no different in this scenario.

Therefore, if you want to make an investment worth the while, this is your product of choice.

The Nikon Buckmaster 4 12X40 Review shows that we went through all the critical elements so that you can gain proper insights.

Besides, not only does this model offer mobility but it also comes alongside the combination of precision and excellent optic.

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