Nikon ProStaff 3-9X50 Review

Hunting is not a cakewalk, and every hunter requires the perfect set of equipment for being able to perform at an optimal level. Thus, having the best guns does not always help because you need an ideal scope to keep track of your targets.

In this regard, we designed the Nikon ProStaff 3-9X50 Review, which consists of all the necessary features and attributes that will aid in your search.

However, an important question we all tend to ask is what makes Nikon stand out from the rest of the brands? Well, they tend to excel in innovation.

Throughout the decades, Nikon has adapted to the different environments and has provided the Marksmen with the tools that make hunting lenient.

Highlighted Features of Nikon ProStaff 3-9X50

  • Assembling system is easy
  • Eye Protection of 3.7 inches
  • Can zoom up to 9X and 50 mm lens for clear sight
  • Quick focus eyepiece adjustment
  • Nitrogen-purged coating for weather-resistance

Nikon ProStaff 3-9X50 Review

In this section, you will find the highlighted features on various points. However, if you wish to have an in-depth knowledge of these attributes, give a read on the brief descriptions below every sub-head.

High Magnification & Field View

When you are out in the wilderness, having a proper field view is a necessity. For this scenario, Nikon inserted a 50mm lens in its riflescope to enhance the sight for the person using it. The magnification range of the scope starts from a minimal point of 3X to an optimum point of 9X.

In detail, the 3X magnification range allows you to have a wide-angle field view of 33.8ft, and with the 9X one, you will get around 11ft linear angle view. If you are judging the product in terms of range, this riflescope is one of the best.

You are getting an advantage in the long-distance shooting, but the lenses enable you to have a clear sight even if you zoom in.

Generous Eye Protection

It is almost every time that you receive eye fatigue after going through a long day of hunting. It may not bother much in the beginning, but slowly it starts to affect your psyche and cause you to lose focus. Eye Strain can also occur from strong kickbacks due to low recoil control.

Therefore, this company applied approximately 3.7-inch of the distance between the range of the scope and your eye. This range allows you to comfortably aim and shoot consistently without receiving any type of pain coming along the way.

Lightweight and Durable Structure

Various scopes are made for different scenarios; however, if you are looking for all-round performance, the ProStaff 3 is the one for you. There is no doubt that the company emphasized the most in making the body structure as sturdy as possible.

Therefore, Nikon applied heavy-duty aluminum to make the product robust and lightweight. So, it will allow you to make flexible movements and also ensure portability while traveling.

Lenient Mounting

The mounting of the model is smooth and straightforward, which means it will only take you around a couple of minutes to assemble everything.

Besides, the installation process of this riflescope is as easy as it gets. After finalizing the procedure, all of you have to make adjustments to start shooting with finesse.

Quick-focus Eyepiece and BDC Reticle

Are you missing your targets consistently? That is because you do not have the right crosshair design for the purpose. The Nikon ProStaff 3 comes alongside a built-in patented BDC Reticle unlike any other designs in the market.

It consists of various small circles in the crosshair that helps you aim properly in a long-range.

The Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) Reticle also ensures a great view that provides major assists in improving accuracy.

Hence, missing targets will now be an issue from your past. Your target acquisition will become smoother and more precise.

Moreover, the quick-focus adjustment comes in as great support for the reticle as it ensures better-aiming options.

Compatible in Low Light Environment

When you have a 50mm lens in your riflescope, it is a guarantee that you will always have a clear sight. However, the clear sight advantage fades away when the night starts to settle down. Hence, the optical system of the ProStaff 3 is multi-coated.

Plus, the riflescope consists of the incredible capacity to gather a substantial amount of light to aid you in shooting even during night time. These prismatic lenses can gather over 98 percent of any existing light that will always stay focused.

Nitrogen-Purged O-Ring Seal

Your riflescope will go through high abuse because hunting in the wilderness means having to deal with rainfall, scorching and dusty environments.

Most standard products tend to deteriorate due to such conditions; however, this model contains a unique selling point, an O-Ring Seal.

The O-ring sealed housing alongside a nitrogen-infused room makes the product resistant from water, fog, and even high voltage shock. Therefore, apart from the product being durable, it will hold its ground even when the model is put under extreme pressure.

Zero-Reset Parallax Adjustment

Having proper audibility and accessibility is necessary when it comes to using turrets, and this model consists of all these qualities.

But, what makes this product even better is its Zero-Reset turrets. This program allows you to make the settings level to ground zero as you are making adjustments for every shot.

Therefore, you will always receive leniency while making the necessary adjustments according to your convenience.

Moreover, hunters always tend to face the difficulties of Parallax Errors. In this model, the error section is secure up to 100 yards. Hence, you will not lose track of your targets for a fair amount of distance.


Nikon provides the very best this industry has to offer, and this model is no less. This article about the Nikon ProStaff 3-9X50 Review contains all the essential factors that will easily help you in decision making.

Overall, the product is durable, reliable, and convenient for Professional Hunters. However, even if you are a beginner and wish to quickly achieve the necessary skills, this model will come in real handy.

Apart from all that, this model consists of additional attributes such as compatibility in low light scenarios, high-range field view, minimal parallax error system, etc.

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