How to Clean Your Scopes Lenses Like A Pro

As you store your rifle in the gun safe, keeping it clean should still be a priority despite the secure location. The proper maintenance helps it last longer and ensures the pristine condition every time you hunt. You would not want dusty rifle scopes that can get in the way of your aim!

To know how to clean your lenses properly, here are the tips, information, and things you need to know before doing so. Scroll down and aim for the best of your rifle scopes!

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Habits that You Should Avoid

Before knowing what you should do, it is essential to be mindful of what you should not do. Here are some of the don’ts that should be avoided-

  • Do not touch the lens to prevent oil and fingerprint
  • Do not use your shirt or sleeve to prevent scratches
  • Do not blow directly on the lenses to avoid water droplets
  • Do not use window cleaners which may damage the glass optics

Scope Lenses Cleaning Equipment: Things You Will Need

In the process of maintenance, you need to clean your rifle scope every once and a while. Some kits come with cleaning equipment, while the others can be homemade or bought. Here is the list that you need for extensive cleaning-

  1. Microfiber Cloth

You can either buy it from the seller of your riffle or separately. It allows you to wipe your scope lenses without inflicting damage.

  • Canned Air

The air pressure helps you to remove the dust from inside your rifle without the consequences of any water debris. You can carry it around while you hunt.

  • Lens Tissue

It is needed for cleaning before usage but is not directed towards deep cleaning. Use it regularly or after every use.

  • Lens Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit offered depends on the manufacturer, so it is preferable to buy from your rifle supplier. The lens tissue is also used within its process due to the liquid substance.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Properly Clean the Rifle Scope Lens

Step 1: Preventive Measures

When you do not use the lenses, it is best to put the cap lens on to prevent any dust or debris from entering. It will reduce your need to clean the lens and keep it dirt-free as you go on your way to your hunting competitions.

Step 2: Inspect Your Lens

Know how deep the dust or mud is within the lens. You should inspect both ocular and objective lenses to see if there are any liquid or damp formation. If there is, allow it to dry.

Step 3: Use Canned Air

Even if there is damp mud within the lens, the dry method will not make the cleaning harder since you would use the canned air later on. It easily removes the dust and dirt particles that are on your lenses.

Step 4: Use a Microfiber Cloth or Soft Brush

For the tough to clean spots, using a microfiber cloth or soft brush would gently loosen it without leaving any scratch. Even if the riflescope is rarely used, dust accumulation can still appear due to the surrounding.

Hence, it would be best if you use it to remove the large particles, use the air blaster to remove the dust microparticles.

Step 5: Apply the Lens Cleaning Solution with a Tissue

You should use it if there are existing fingerprints or oil smudges on the lenses. Do not settle for a low-quality lens cleaning solution since its reagent may harm your rifle scopes. Instead, look for recommended ones that are available, especially by the rifle manufacturer.

Do not apply the solution directly on the lenses. Pour it unto the lens tissue and wipe it in a circular motion with gentle pressure. Start from the center then move in an outward direction.

Step 6: Cotton swab (Optional)

If smudges appear, you can take alcohol or acetone and apply it to the cotton swab. However, using too much can damage the lenses, and you only need a dab to do the trick. If there are no smudges, no need to do this step.

Step 7: Do not Clean Often

If you can still see clearly, no need to clean it. Only clean as much if you have to since dust particles cannot be entirely prevented. You do not need to clean every time you use it.

Final Thoughts

Proper cleaning and maintenance should be observed for your rifle scopes since it is your go-to-partner when hunting. Sparing a few minutes to put the cap on or wipe the specks of dust goes a long way, extending its lifetime guarantee.

Now that you know the correct steps in cleaning, prevent any unrecommended habits and shoot as you please!

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