How Long Should a Gun Safe be Fireproof For?

Accidents can happen anytime. A lot of times, it can happen when you least expect it. You can never be too careful when it comes to such disasters, especially if it is by fire.

When it comes to your valuables, it is scarce to see them survive a fire outburst. So, what will happen to your gun safe? Will it be safe from such fire? Do fireproof gun safe really work? We are here to answer all of your questions.

How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For?

Fireproof safes come with different ratings. Each rating tells you how long the safe will be okay in the fire. Your common house fire can last up to 30 minutes. If you want a gun safe for your house, you should go for 30 minutes of protection will be enough.

According to Bonsib, fire typically moves around. It does not stay in one place for more than 20 minutes. So, if you get a fireproof gun safe, which can withstand up to 30 minutes, you will be more than fine.

Although, you can get best fireproof safes that can withstand high temperatures for more than an hour. Of course, those are a bit more expensive. It would be best if you only get those when you are putting extremely important or costly stuff inside.

The paper starts to burn at around 400 degrees, and the temperature of your house fire can go up way more than 1000 degrees. Your money will not be safe from the heat.

It will burn away quickly. You can try to cool the inside of your gun safe for better results. It will help a lot, keeping the heat away from your weapons. This way, you will prevent any additional damage to your firearms.

Is a Fireproof Gun Safe Necessary?

If you are worried about where to put your weapons or money, gun safes are the best option. It can save you from a lot of massive damage. Gun safes have a very durable and sturdy build, which makes them resistant to disasters.

It is sealed off and protects everything inside. If you are planning to get a gun safe, it would be best to go for a fireproof one. You can never be too safe. So, why not get something that will protect your weapons from a fire?

Besides, fireproof gun safes are unique. They have more protection than your usual gun safe. Your ordinary gun safe will get very hot and start to burn everything inside. On the other hand, fireproof ones can stay cold for a long time due to their build quality.

So, if you are worried about fires, you should get a fireproof gun safe. Even if you don’t experience any fire hazards in your life, the extra protection does not hurt.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

When you are at the market, you might see many rust protection formulas available for gun safes. It is because fireproof gun safes can protect your guns from fire, but it cannot protect itself from rust in the long run.

In that sense, you need to take care of your gun safe before you can start expecting good results from it. If your gun safe starts to rust, it will become useless. Not only will it fail to protect your weapons from a fire, but your arms will also begin to rust.

Gun safes can cause rust itself sometimes if you don’t get good quality one. Either way, you should always make sure your guns are safe and clean. Try not to put any liquid items nearby. You can even purchase a dehumidifier for further protection.

Where Should I Keep the Safe?

If you can manage a place that has concrete surroundings, you should place the gun safe there. Try to remove anything that can be flammable around it. Even water because it can cause rust.

Every time you open it, make sure to check for any moisture. Gun safes should always be in a place out of anyone’s reach and a secluded area. This way, you can prevent the fire from getting too close to it. Thus, the temperature can reduce, and your safe will be alright.

Final Words

A fireproof gun safe is essential for the ultimate protection. It is the safest place for your firearms. You can expect a gun safe to last a long time, but you have to get a good one for that. Gun safes also go through a lot of testing before coming to the market. Fire hazards will not be a problem for you. So, now you can rest easy with your guns. Days of paranoia is finally gone.

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