How to Fireproof a Gun Safe?

Guns are expensive, and typically, you would want to protect them at all costs. This is why gun safes exist. Sadly, most gun safes do not offer the same fireproof safe protection as before. If you get a bad quality one, you might not get any safety at all.

There are a few ways you can prevent your gun safe from getting damaged by fire and keeping everything valuable inside okay. We will show you exactly how you can take good care of your valuables.

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Get a Good Gun Safe Safe

You can’t expect to get proper safety if the safe you are going to buy is not high quality. A cheap safe can break down at any given day without even getting the touch of fire. So, make sure you get a high-quality gun safe first.

This first step is the most crucial one. If you are in the market, keep an eye out for quality and durability. A better safe will always offer excellent safety.


A lot of people don’t pay much heed to this step, but it is important. The heat from the fire can easily damage what is inside of your safe very quickly. So, proper insulation is something you must do.

Not only that, but it will also become much more comfortable to open too if you insulate your safe thoroughly. Now, how can you insulate it? Good question and the easiest way to do it is by getting some sheets of flame retardant insulators.

Don’t worry, you can get these at your nearest hardware store. So, if a fire breaks out, the insulator will keep the heat away from your guns. Also, it can prevent air and smoke from coming inside the safe.

Smoke can get very dangerous if you have bullets inside. It can profoundly damage the components inside and create a huge mess too. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Take the Bullets Out

If you don’t want your gun to go crazy, it is better to keep the bullet out of your weapon and store it separately inside. A lot of people might still think that a gun fires a bullet with a spark or flame.

However, these days guns rely on air pressure. It sends forth the bullet because of high air pressure inside. So, now you can imagine what might happen during a fire. The air pressure in the room will get very high.

Always keep in mind that anything dangerous can happen if you keep the bullet inside. It is always wise to take your cartridges out of your gun. This way, you can easily prevent a lot of damage.

Place it Somewhere Hard to Drop

Bad things can happen to the building when there is a fire inside. There have been cases that gun safes were unharmed even after the building took a lot of damage. How did that happen?

Well, it is a straightforward process. Keep your gun safe in a place where it will not fall off easily when the building crumbles. It can fall on people if you fail to keep it somewhere safe and secure.

That’s additional damage that you can easily prevent. So, make sure you put your gun safe on something very sturdy like concrete. You can hang it on a concrete wall too. This way, the chances of your safe falling and breaking becomes low.

No Flammable Materials Near

This step should already be in your mind by now, but it is better to make sure. How can you keep your gun safe secure from a fire? Well, not by putting flammable items nearby.

Your gun should never have something which can be lit by flame nearby. You have probably seen in the movies how they put the gun safe in an empty concrete room. There are obvious reasons for that. You can do it too.

Even if you don’t have a whole empty room to spare, keep anything flammable like wood, nail polish remover, gasoline, rubbing alcohol, etc. away.

Say No to Moisture and Rust

Since your gun safe and the arms inside have the metal build, it can get ruined with rust easily. Any gun owner knows to keep their weapons clean and avoid any moisture. Why not do it with the gun safe too?

Moisture is very dangerous in the long run. Your guns and the safe become weaker day by day, and if a fire breaks out, it will easily target the vulnerable places.

So, it would be best if you clean your gun alongside the gun safe every time you decide to do some cleaning. This way, you can easily keep everything in check. Also, don’t put anything containing water nearby for a better measure.


Guns are essential when it comes to safety. You can keep yourself safe and protect something valuable. You can not just buy a gun safe and leave it. Constant care is always necessary when it comes to firearms.

The biggest issue for gun safes are fire, but it can quickly be taken care of if you know how to fireproof it. Hopefully, you can do just that with the help of this article.

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