Garmin 64st Review 2021 – Tested and reviewed

As much as we love the classic compass, it is time to move on and usher into the new era. A GPS Tracking Device is nowadays an adventurer’s best friend.

People tend to create arguments on why do we need a navigation device when we have smartphones available.

That is where people are wrong because a navigation device does a lot more than just show location.

However, there are many gadgets available in the market with limitless features; it is difficult to find the ideal model.

Hence, we bring the Garmin 64st Review, a unique GPS Navigation device that comes alongside an array of attributes.

The article contains an in-depth analysis of all the functioning properties of this particular product.

Garmin 64st Highlighted Features

  • Can upload data wirelessly to other devices
  • Receive smart text & notification alerts
  • Sunlight Compatible display of 2.6 inches
  • Long Battery Life
  • Built-in Compass for extensive navigation

Garmin 64st Review   

This section consists of intricate details about one of the most accurate and precise navigation gadgets in town.

Garmin offers a wide range of wireless connectivity and advanced sensors that ensures major support in hiking adventurous.

Garmin 64st Lenient Usage

Garmin recalls back to its classic push-button design with this model so that you could get a nice and lenient operation. Even though the product consists of a touch screen, the company applied physical buttons for extensive help.

When you are biking, hunting, or hiking, it is much more convenient when you have buttons in your hand instead of touch.

All the properties and functionalities are easy to use, and most consumers who have had a proper utilization of the product know that the user-interface is quite friendly. Hence, you will face very few difficulties when you will be navigating through the usage of this handheld GPS.

Global Maps

A cool function of this product is that it is compatible with Custom Maps.

This factor allows you to have complete accessibility on transferring maps to different devices, which you may use. It is also a bonus time saver because you do not have to do the work externally.

Moreover, the product comes alongside a built-in global base map. The mode provides additional benefits with 1-Year Free Subscription of Satellite Imagery and shaded relief.

There is another built-in factor with a memory of 8 GB, which is substantial enough for you to store as many maps as possible. Even if the storage is full, you still have the option to expand the capacity.

Garmin 64st Battery Life

An appropriate amount of battery life is essential as you will be using the device while traveling through rough outdoor environments; hence, it is a crucial feature. With this model from Garmin, you will have two active options.

The first one is standard as you can use regular AA batteries, and the second one is the usage of rechargeable batteries.

The rechargeable option is much more feasible as it lasts longer, and you do not have to make frequent purchases. Moreover, sometimes all of you have to do is connect the Handhold GPS to USB to get yourself on the Map.

GLONASS Receiver

If you are looking for a dependable handheld GPS, you must have a GLONASS Receiver. The model offers a Russian made receiver that works amazingly in northern latitudes and rocky environments.

With this factor, it is almost impossible for you to lose insight as the receiver has optimal connectivity with the satellite.

Smart Notification Alerts and Wireless Sharing

A neat wireless connection is one of the highlighted features of the Garmin 64st.

For instance, you can leniently connect the Handhold GPS to Smartphones or other navigation devices to share vital data. Since the procedure is easy to apply, there is very little room for error.

Another crucial factor is that you can receive notification alerts or texts directly on your GPS Device instead of your smartphone. This point provides more accessibility, as you will not feel the hassle of bringing too much technological equipment.

Weather Predictions & Built-in Compass

Being able to track down the current weather conditions through a Barometric Feature is very helpful. This factor always keeps you updated on your journey so that you can make decisions beforehand.

The barometric altimeter also lets you in on the altitude so you can easily sneak into the rocky places in your hiking adventures.

For precise accuracy during navigation, the built-in compass comes in real handy. It is a 3-axis model, which means that the functionalities will minimalize any type of error occurrences.

Paperless Geocaching

Garmin believes in a better tomorrow where technological advancement is going to be the savior of the environment. The model offers a paperless geocaching method that contains over 250,000 preloaded caches.

These caches will include guideline descriptions, and you will also be able to store crucial information.

This factor leads to a decrease in usage of pages or paper maps, and it also saves you a lot of handy work.

Safe Side

We have already mentioned a GLONASS receiver; however, in these criteria, you are getting a Quad-Helix Antenna. What these features do is that it acts as a beacon for your major safety. It is almost a certainty that we get lost during adventurous journeys.

That is why such attributes always keep track of your location so that you can always find your way back.

Trip Scheduling

The company inserted a unique software called ”Basecamp” that lets you organize maps, waypoints, tracks, and routes. Therefore, you are easily able to create and plan your upcoming adventure trips.


Above all, the price range plays a crucial role in the great value retention of the model. It is rare to get yourself a handheld GPS that comes along with tons of features at a budget cost.


In Conclusion, the Garmin 64st review will help you attain proper knowledge about all the variants of attributes and technicalities involved with the product.

Overall, the 64st is an amazing model for all the traveling enthusiasts as the product works effectively and efficiently.

The small screen does create a questionable factor,  but with so many benefits, the drawbacks seem to cause little no problems at all.

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