Keen Koven Review 2021 – KEEN Koven Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Have you ever wondered why do your feet feel fatigued after a long day of hiking? Most of us tend to avoid it, thinking it is just another day.

However, one of the main reasons that occur is debris, water, and rocks you step on while climbing.

That is why you need to get yourself a hiking shoe that supports you in traveling and regular life.

This article contains the Keen Koven Review, a high profiled shoe that comes along with variants of features, which will meet your day-to-day essentials.

Keen Koven Highlighted Features

  • Water-Resistant breathable membrane
  • The footbed is removable
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • 100% Leather
  • Stays in shape due to Stability Shank

Keen Koven Review

The Keen Koven is a perfect mixture of a cycling shoe, hiking boot, upland hunting boot, and tennis shoe that offers major assistance on an all-round basis.

Have a look at some of the most important attributes of this product.

Shoe Comfort

This section is more of a character than a feature, but it needed an honorable mention as a starter. The shoe is as comfortable as it gets as every inch of the product is stitched with pure quality fabric.

Once you get your designated fit of the shoe, you will know the difference in the journeys and long walks.

Flexible Sole

Flexibility is a crucial feature when it comes to the hard usage of shoes. So, this model comes alongside a non-marking outsole that allows you to make an easy transition between a tennis shoe to a hiking boot.

It is a brilliant feature, which opens the door to creating versatility and also enables you to have various options.

Moreover, the transition comes off as a great bonus because you do not have to purchase another shoe for different activities.

Therefore, cost and time saved with one particular feature, what more can you possibly ask for?

Leather Made

The reason why you will find complete comfort from this product is because of its unique leather-made design. Every inch of this shoe consists of quality-filled leather that will make you feel cozy, which is why you will never get tired of walking around all the time.

However, comfort is not the only aspect that the leather provides because, alongside ease, the material also ensures longevity.

It is a type of leather that renders the product to be durable and sturdy so that it can resist high impact and last for a very long time.


No matter where we go during hiking, it is almost certain that we will step on water. As soon as the shoe soaks in the water, our feet start to give off a nauseating and suffocating vibe.

It starts to affect our psyche, and we often call it an off-day due to feeling too tired or sick.

Well, to eradicate this problem, the Keen Koven shoe is completely waterproof. This factor comes off as great support because you will be able to roam freely without worrying about your shoes getting damp.

Moreover, it is also an additional benefit for those who have an outdoor lifestyle.

Breathable Membrane

This feature is almost related to the water-resistant factor because the advantages are quite the same.

However, the breathable membrane is a thin layer between the shoe’s inner lining and the upper material that blocks any type of moisture from coming inside.

The proprietary breathable waterproof membrane has somewhat become a popular feature in the market scenario due to its high demand.

Apart from blocking the liquid from seeping in, the attribute lets ounces vapors out so that you get a nice and cozy feel.

Stability Shank

One of the core reasons why this feature is called stability shank is because it keeps the shoe in shape for a long time. There are plenty of attributes that make this product worthy of investment; however, this feature is crucial because of its long term game.

Besides, this shank comes in handy when it comes to improving arch support so that you can always stay in your ideal position without facing discomfort or pain.

Most of all, the feature improves stability so that you can make proper movements down the road.

Removable Footbed

Among all the features in this list, the removable EVA footbed is unique as it opens the door for innovation. It is obvious that our products start to deteriorate within time, and we go for the hunt to purchase another model.

Also, since your footbed is removable, you will be able to insert a better and higher quality sole when the time comes.

Not only does it save you a ton of money, but it also saves you from the dreaded research you have to do to purchase another shoe.

Furthermore, it does feel great to know that you always have an option to improve the shoe you invest in.

Padded Collar and Tongue

Since this sector involves two parts, let us start with the Padded Collar. This factor is something that most companies fail to deliver due to high maintenance, but Keen Koven’s innovation made it happen.

The Padded collar provides extensive ankle support so that you do not feel fatigued after long hours of walking or climbing.

Another part of this section would be the Padded Tongue. It is an attribute that helps in eliminating further discomfort and supports in preventing any type of heel slippage.

The adhesive backing locks in all the air so that the inside of your shoe feels breathable.


The Keen Koven Hiking shoe is an ideal choice for those people who are looking for a lightweight yet flexible option.

This company offers a wide range of features such as Premium Leather, water-resistance, Stability shank, rubber sole, and so much more that it meets your daily lifestyle needs.

It is a shoe, made for those individuals who are traveling in the rain or working beneath the sun because the shoe will keep you comfortable, fit, and active.

Therefore, we hope that the Keen Koven Review consists of all the necessary features and attributes that will help you gain proper knowledge before purchasing the model.

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