Becker BK2 Knife review– Tested and reviewed

Whenever you think of a carrying knife that you will use daily, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Well, it is almost certainly a folding knife. However, if you are searching for equipment that you can depend on regardless of how extreme the scenario gets, then the fixed blade is the product of your choice.

Therefore, this article brings together an in-depth analysis of the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 review as an ultimate guideline for your decision making.

It is a model that you fumble around with when the adrenaline rush hits, plus in certain jurisdictions, it is legal to carry around a fixed blade knife.

Becker BK2 Highlighted Features

  • Works well in various environments
  • Proper ergonomics for a good grip
  • Highly durable sheath
  • Textured coating for a great finish
  • 1095 Cro-Van Steel for extended sturdiness

Becker BK2 Review

Under this particular, we will go through every important feature of this product so that you could get plenty of reasons on why the BK2 should be in your arsenal.

All-Purpose Tool

At first glance, you might feel like it is an ordinary-looking knife that looks a little sleek. However, once you get your hands on the Becker BK2, the difference will bring the equipment out of the ordinary. It is an all-purpose knife that can grind hard on any given task.

Whether it is carving wood for creating shelter or even getting that spark from rock to light up a fire, this particular fixed blade cutter does it all. For outdoor services, this knife provides a vital advantage for times in need.

Ergonomics and Handles

The company used a unique spacious Zytel, a high-density plastic for the build of the handle. It is a minimal design that shows a little texture yet gives away a warm feel. A factor about the structure is that the Creator emphasized a lot on the design to ensure high functionality and tidiness. 

For the ergonomics, the approach is straightforward; it is lightweight but ensures a tough grip. Even if you have large hands, there is substantial room for you to grasp.

Moreover, the handle consists of no aggressive textures, so you will be able to use the knife while holding without swelling your hand for a very long time.

Durable Sheath

One of the most highlighted parts of this knife is its sheath; it is sturdy, simple, and lightweight. You will receive incredible retention with the tool, and best of all, when put the knife inside, it will come alongside a satisfying snapping sound.

There is no blade rattle with this sheath, and you do not ever have to worry about the knife falling off.

The materials used for the build of this knife include heavy-duty plastic and reinforced nylon. It offers a snap fastener that delivers extra retention and a removable head driver so that you can easily joint it back together.

There are rivet slots and holes that allow you to have plenty of options for locks such as webbing and paracord. 


If the images do not convince you, then the details will because this fixed blade is heavy, weighing around 1 pound. The metal blade is approximately ¼-inches thick, which contributes to its raw heaviness.

Now, the great part about such weight is that the tool provides major in woodworking projects.

Therefore, instead of facing difficulties, you will rather find it comfortable and lenient to work on your wood related stuff.

However, for an important mention, the heaviness might create a negative effect on consistent long-term work as it feels like you are carrying a brick.

Textured Coating

There is a unique textured coating on the blade that comes as an additional feature. This factor not only makes the model look great, but it also ensures a firm feel.

Apart from that, the texture assists in ensuring extended strength so that you can put more abuse on the knife without the worry of conceding wear and tear.

Drop Point Design

Many consumers tend to prefer the clip point design for versatility; however, the drop point design brings the product to a completely new level as it is typically thicker.

The reason for this design’s popularity because of its large slicing area and a controllable point. These attributes ensure safety and security just in case if any accidents occur.

BK2 1095 Cro-Van Steel

The core material used for the BK2 Knife’s blade is 1095 Cro-Van Steel, primarily from a combination of Chromium, Vanadium, and Carbon Steel.

This factor offers good wear resistance, which is why the blade’s sharpness will remain consistent regardless of the usage.

Moreover, even if the sharpness wears out, the material makes it really easy for you to re-sharpen with the use of a whetstone. Compared to regular stainless steel, which tends to rust in longevity, the Cro-Van steel is a neat deal.

20-Degree Angle

Not all companies will provide the 20-Degree Angle Shape at a reasonable rate; it is too exquisite. This particular design enables room for extensive control and lenience while slicing and dicing through objects.

Multiple-Lanyard holes

The more the lanyard holes, the better accessibility you will get while using a knife. Hence, the knife and the sheath contains a couple of lanyard holes that will ensure you to better control and very fewer chances you slipping your knife.

Fully Synthetic

Apart from the elements applied in this fixed blade knife, Synthetic fibers are probably the finest in this list.

These unique fibers are highly durable than standard fibers. Moreover, the synthetic elements offer the consumers more functionality, making the product resistant from stain.


In conclusion, even if you have water and a BK2 Knife alongside in your wild adventures, your chances of survival are sold due to the tool you are carrying. For a price so affordable, the knife brings tons of features to the table that makes the model durable and reliable.

Moreover, the minimalism of the product’s design makes you want to carry the thing around wherever you go.

Therefore, we hope that the Becker BK2 Knife Review consists of substantial information and in-depth research so that you have the right idea in your mindset before going for the final purchase.

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