5 Best Reloading Tumblers for the Money : Tested and Reviewed

Even though most of the ammunition available in the market offers good enough performance, they might not be how you exactly want your bullets to be. And if you want customized shells that is of your liking, you will have to do the reloading task yourself.

Well, for doing that, you would require some specific equipment, and tumbler machines are one of them. It will enable you to polish a large batch of shells in a small amount of time.

And because of how oversaturated the market is with equipment, getting the best reloading tumbler can be a tricky task. Well, you can stay a bit worry-free because we are here to make things easier for you.

By using what we have learned through extensive research on these, we will make the choosing process feel like a piece of cake for you.

Quick Comparison

Best Pick

Though all the ones that we have included in our review section are worth the money, we think the best pick is the unit that is being offered by RCBS.

It implements a unique rotary motion, which increases the overall efficiency and lowers down the noise substantially.

Budget Pick

On the other hand, you can shoot for the Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ 110V without a second thought if you are on a tight budget.

It is pretty easy to use. Alongside that, the unit has a relatively large capacity as well.

Best Reloading Tumbler Reviews

Though there is an overabundance of options in the market, not all of them will be worth the money you are willing to spend.

For that reason, we have gone ahead and put up a list by picking out the ones from the available options. These are the ones that we think are worth spending money on:


Highlighted Features

  • Implements a unique rotary action to ensure an even polishing
  • Features a rugged overall construction
  • Makes significantly lower noise during operation
  • Comes with a quick-locking lid to make sure all the elements stay inside while it is operating
  • The package includes five pounds of stainless steel media, which will help you get started

Most of the machines you will stumble upon in the market will utilize a vibratory motion. That might eventually offer you polished cartridges, but they are not going to be that much shiny. That is why RCBS brought out this unit to the market.

Unlike most of the other units, this one implements a rotary tumbling action. As a result, it can efficiently scrub all the outer surfaces of the casings. That will result in a much-defined polishing that most of the machines fail to offer.

Also, as it implements a rotary tumbling action, the operational noise will be relatively lower. As a result, you will not feel like you are working on a construction site while trying to make your casings shine a bit.

On that note, it has a quick-locking lid that snaps right into place. That will ensure that the casings and other media stay inside while the machine is operating. You will also get 5 pounds of stainless steel media with the package.

The construction that it sports is pretty rugged. It has a body of molded polymer. That molded polymer is not only going to make it sturdier but also will help to dampen the noise.

2. Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ 110V Vibratory Case Tumbler (Budget Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Features a unique bowl design that reduces the overall wear on the casings
  • It has a transparent lid that will enable you to monitor the total process
  • Comes with a cord-mount to offer additional protection to the user
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Can hold a comparatively large number of casings, which will allow you to finish polishing tasks faster

In your search for the best brass tumbler reloading machines, you will stumble upon plenty of units. However, not all of them will be as reliable as this one from Frankford Arsenal.

First of all, the machine sports a unique design for the bowl. That design increases the agitation of the brass tumbler.

As a result, you are going to get an aggressive type of cleaning that will reduce the overall wear on the dies. That reduction of wear can substantially increase the lifespan of the brass.

Apart from that, the unit is pretty easy to use. It has a transparent lid on the top that will enable you to monitor the overall process.

There is also a cord-mount that you can turn on or off. That mount will offer you extra protection while operating the machine.

Other than that, it can complete the polishing process of the brass relatively fast. By using some specific media, you can accelerate that process even further.

It can hold a comparatively high amount of casings too. You can fit 350 .223 cases in this. And if you have 9 millimeter cartridges, you can work with 600 of them in a single session.

3. Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler (115-Volt)

Highlighted Features

  • Can hold about 350 cases, which is on par with most of the other high-end tumblers
  • Has the capacity to hold about two pounds of media, which is more than enough for 350 cases
  • Features a built-in media separator that makes operating it feels effortless
  • Boasts a snap-on lid to ensure a proper and safe operation
  • Easy to use

Among all the available options in the market, the ones that have a dedicated media separator are the easiest to operate. And a perfect example of tumblers such as that would be this one that is being offered by Lyman.

Let us start by talking about the overall capacity of the unit first. It can hold the same amount of casings as some of the high-end machines that are out there.

You can fit about 350 cases in each of the cycles. As a result, working with a large number of cartridges will feel like an effortless task for you.

On that note, it can hold a large amount of media too. It has the ability to accommodate about 2 pounds of media. That capacity is more than enough to efficiently polish all of those 350 cases that it can fit.

Apart from that, there is a built-in media separator. That will enable you to quickly and easily get your casings out of the tub once the cycles are over. You would not require any sort of additional tools for that.

Alongside that, there is a snap-on lid on the top. It will ensure that no media or cartridges fly out while it is operating.

4. Hornady 50200 Hornady M2 Case Tumbler

Highlighting Features

  • Offers an efficient cleaning process to remove all the foreign particles from the shells
  • Can accommodate a large number of shells, which will make it easier to handle large batches
  • Has a unique design that will accelerate the tumbling process
  • Build reasonably well, which makes it highly durable
  • Reliable and straightforward

This manufacturer has been offering a plethora of reliable reloading equipment. And they are also offering some of the top tumbler machines as well. Among them, this one stood out the most to us.

To start with, it can efficiently clean all the casings. After putting the appropriate media inside it, it will be able to remove all the foreign particles from the surface of the cartridges.

You are sure to get shiny and evenly polished casings after each of the cycles.

Besides that, the unit has a relatively large capacity as well. Because of that, you can polish and make loads of casings shine in just one cycle.

You will not have to sit through the hassle of going through multiple cycles while handling a large batch of imperfect cartridges.

The unit has a reasonably high build-quality. It has a body that is of quality materials that make it exceptionally durable. As a result, you can easily expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

Apart from that, it has a unique design that accelerates the tumbling action that it utilizes for polishing the shells. Because of that, you will be able to quickly go through a large batch of used casings.

5. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler for Cleaning and Polishing Brass for Reloading

Highlighted Features

  • Has a substantially large drum size, which is 7 liters
  • Maintenance-free machine parts that make it easy to use
  • Comes with two media separators for a hassle-free reloading experience
  • Boasts a built-in timer, which can automatically shut the unit off
  • Reasonably quiet during operation, thanks to the dual-layer drum that it has

Even though there is an overabundance of rotary tumblers on the shelves, hardly a few have a substantially large capacity. Well, this one that is from Frankford Arsenal is among those few that offer plenty of space.

Let us talk about the thing that makes it stand out the most first. It has a staggering seven-liter bowl.

That amount of capacity will allow you to put 1000 .233 brass casings in it. You would not have to worry about handling large batches anymore because of that.

Aside from that, the unit is pretty much maintenance-free. It will not need any replacement belt as the other ones do over time.

As a result, worrying about going through troubles in the case of fixing broken stuff would be something that you would have to do for this one.

Also, there is a built-in timer on the base. You can set it up for up to three hours. And the machine will automatically stop after reaching the set time. It even comes with two media separators as well.

Other than that, the unit boasts a dual-layer drum. That drum has noise dampeners underside that. Those dampening rubbers will ensure that the machine makes a minimal amount of noise while operating.

Things to Consider Before Buying Reloading Tumbler

Even though most of the tumblers are going to offer you about the same polishing experience, there are some that excel in that criteria.

And to get those, you will have to keep some specific factors into your consideration before buying. Those factors are as follows:

Tumbler Capacity

Before anything else, you will have to put the overall capacity of the drum into consideration.

If you are the type of gun enthusiast that handles a large number of cartridges, then you should definitely opt for the ones that have a substantially large capacity.

In this case, we would recommend opting for the ones that can at least accommodate 300 casings in one cycle.

Even if you do not generally handle large batches, we would still suggest going with the large capacity ones because the ability to work with a large number of shells in a small amount of time can come in handy.

Brass Tumbler Build Quality

After keeping the capacity in mind, you will have to consider the unit’s overall build quality. The ones that utilize high-quality materials for the overall construction are the ones we recommend shooting for.

Those will have reasonably higher durability. And the durable ones will last for a long amount of time without showing any degradation in performance.

Ease of Use

Reloading and making bullets on your own is not an easy task at all. However, getting the equipment that is easy to use can make carrying out those processes feel effortless.

Keeping that in mind, we would suggest shooting for the ones that are easy to use. Especially, you should factor in the added features that the unit might have.


Most of the units that have a small capacity will not come with a lid because they do not really require one.

However, having a lid will offer you the peace-of-mind that no shells will fly by while the machine is tumbling. For that reason, we suggest going for the ones that have a drum lid, if possible.


Hopefully, our efforts in narrowing down the overall available options were sufficient enough to make it easier for you to choose the best reloading tumbler.

Finally, we will wrap things up here by hoping that you can efficiently carry out your reloading tasks and all the shells that you are going to handle are properly polished.

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