Best .177 Pellets for Squirrels : A Comprehensive Guide

Squirrels may look cute, but they can sometimes be menacing, which is why it’s understandable why you would want to exterminate them. However, using real bullets on them can be quite an overkill.

Luckily, the most efficient and practical solution for your squirrel infestation dilemma is the best .177 pellets for squirrels. These are small and effective solutions for exterminating squirrels.

However, with all the available options out there, picking the best one can be quite challenging, especially when you are a beginner. But, there is no need to worry.

In this article, you will learn about the top-rated different 177 pellet for squirrels hunting so that you can narrow down your options.

It also includes a comprehensive buying guide so that you pick the best fit for your needs and preference.

Best Pick

.177 Caliber Baracuda Hunter Airgun Pellet from H&N

A .177 pellet with the power of a .22 caliber and unparalleled accuracy. It also has an excellent maximum range and reasonable price.

Budget Pick

Destroyer .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet from Crosman

It has a budget-friendly price, but with features you typically find on more expensive pellets.

Quick Comparison

Best .177 Pellets for Squirrels Hunting Reviews

Here is a line-up of the best .177 pellets for squirrels hunting that you will find in the market:

1. .177 Caliber Baracuda Hunter Airgun Pellet from H&N

Highlighted Features:

  • Hollow-point tip with 4 notches
  • 745 fps muzzle velocity
  • Made of lead material
  • Aerodynamic design

There are several reasons why this is the best overall pick on this list. The first reason is that it is a 177 pellet for accuracy.

It is specifically designed to provide you with reliable and consistent shooting, which is great if you are a newbie hunter.

It is also packed with power. Despite its small build, it can quickly end the suffering of its small prey. This is thanks to its hollow-point design.

The 4 notches on its head create a stronger impact on the prey. With its design and shape, it delivers power similar to a .22 caliber pellet.

Another reason why this is number 1 on the list is because of its aerodynamic design. You don’t have to be a sharpshooter to hit a bull’s eye, especially when there are strong winds when you are at close range.

This makes it perfect for vermin extermination or a recreational target shooting session in your backyard.

Aside from that, these airgun pellets are manufactured with a strict standard. This allows each pellet to have a consistent size and quality. It also comes with a well-crafted screw-on lid that prevents pellet spills.

2. Destroyer .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet from Crosman

Highlighted Features:

  • Hollow-pointed with dished rim
  • 7.4 grains
  • Made of lead material
  • Compatible with most airsoft rifles

If your top concern is about the price, then the Destroyer hunting pellets from Crossman might just be for you. It is very affordable without sacrificing the must-have features of airgun pellets.

It has an excellent design that combines the best features of a hollow-pointed and pointed pellet. This is why it has a unique looking shape.

There’s more! This unique design is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it is made to allow the pellet to have maximum expansion so that when it hits the target, it gets maximum tissue damage. This is also the reason why it is named as “destroyer.”

Aside from that, this pellet is made of lead material, making it more devastating. It is also on the heavier side of the hunting pellet but a little lighter than alloy pellets.

This well-balanced weight of the pellet, along with its design, allows it to have enhanced aerodynamics.

You can also expect that this pellet has excellent accuracy despite its price. Using a scope, you can use it to target something at around 25 yards with only 4 to 6 shots.

It gets dialed in pretty quickly, so all you have to do is wait until you get that chest shot.

In terms of precision and effectiveness, this is certainly among the best pellets out there. This makes this an excellent solution and affordable solution if you have a nasty squirrel infestation.

3. R10 Match Plus .177 Caliber Pellet from RWS

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic diabolo shape
  • Strict production standard
  • Opto-electronically inspected
  • 500 pieces of pellet in one pack
  • Special surface finish

The R10 match plus .177 caliber pellet from RWS indeed lives up to the expectations making it a premium choice for professional hunters. It is packed individually, allowing you to be ready for action at any time.

Although this is a little more expensive than the other pellet choices on this list, you will not need plenty because of its optimized accuracy. This is all thanks to its classic diabolo shape.

The classic diabolo shape has a special head design and tail section that provides the pellet with maximum stability as the pellet is fired from the rifle’s barrel. This also allows the pallet to have a deeper penetration on its target.

With this premium choice, expect that each pellet was manufactured following a strict standard.

Each pellet is also opto-electronically inspected to guarantee each one is worth carrying the RWS name. This ensures that each one is shaped accordingly for more consistent shooting tasks.

Another notable feature of this air gun pellet is its grain weight choices. You can choose between a heavy, which is 0.2 ounce, and light, which is 0.24 ounce.

This allows you to pick one which you are most comfortable with for better performance.

4. Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellet from GAMO

Highlighted Features:

  • 150 pieces of pellet in a single tin
  • Made of lead material
  • Polymer tip design
  • .177 caliber

When it comes to .177 hunting pellets for squirrels, the Red Fire .177 caliber pellet is always on the top list for several good reasons, especially because it is from a reputable brand, GAMO.

GAMO is a European brand. It is widely known for its quality airgun pellets that have excellent power and accuracy.

This pellet is packaged in a tin, which contains 150 pieces. It is relatively affordable, making it a top contender for the best .177 pellets for squirrels.  With 150 pieces, you are sure to damage many of the squirrels you are hunting.

It also has a performance that is worth praising because of its diamond-shaped tip. This enables it to have an accurate ballistic trajectory. This tip also creates a mushrooming effect upon impact so that it penetrates the target deeper.

This pellet is also designed for high-velocity to ensure maximum range and power. It can get to a speed of 843 feet per second. This will ensure that it will knockout squirrels without any trouble.

5. Whisper .177 Caliber Pellet from GAMO

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of lead material
  • Round nose design
  • Contains 150s in one tin
  • GAMO whisper technology

Here’s another .177 caliber pellet from Gamo that you might want to consider. It comes in a tin that contains 150 pieces, which you can consider as an excellent bang for your back.

The biggest difference it has with the previously mentioned one is that it has a round nose and Gamo Whisper technology.

The round nose provides this pellet with the aerodynamics that it needs to have a high-velocity performance. This helps improve the impact and the damage it will cause to the target.

Meanwhile, the Whisper technology allows you to be as stealth as possible. This will help you gain a surprise advantage against your prey.

This is an excellent feature if you want to avoid spooking the squirrels nearby. More often than not, the first shot will signal the squirrels that somebody is hunting them, which causes them to flee the area.

This is also a pellet made of lead material, making it more deadly. On top of that, it is heavyweight, allowing you to have more power without unnecessary noise.

6. Luxor Sharp Pyramid Shaped .177 Caliber Pellet from GAMO

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of non-lead material
  • It has a copper layer
  • Pyramid tip design

If you are worried about the environment and prefer a non-lead .177 pellet, this one might be what you are looking for.

The Luxor Sharp pyramid-shaped .177 caliber pellet, which is also from GAMO, is made of a non-lead material with a copper layer. This makes it less toxic to the environment and more sustainable.

The distinct feature of this pellet is its pyramid shape tip. This can cut through the skin of your target and enhance impact energy for greater damage.

Aside from creating more damage, the pyramid shape tip also increases velocity. It is a more aerodynamic design that allows it to be more resistant to strong winds than standard pellets in the market. 

Like other GAMO .177 pellets, this one is also packed in a tin containing 150 pellets. The price is very reasonable, given its performance. It is also much more affordable than regular bullets, so you get a higher value for your money.

Things to Consider Before Buying .177 Pellets for Squirrels

Now that you know about the top-rated .177 caliber pellet for squirrel hunting, it is about time that you learn about how to choose the best one for you.

To do that, you can refer to these factors when choosing which one will satisfy your requirements: 

Level of Ballistics Coefficient

The ballistic coefficient refers to the ability of a bullet to withstand air resistance. When your bullet has high BC, it means that the bullet has less tendency to slow down even after hitting its target.

When you pick a .177 pellet for squirrel hunting, opting for those that have higher velocity means that it has a higher ballistic coefficient. This means that it will have power behind every pellet as well, allowing it to penetrate the target better.


The design on a .177 pellet usually refers to its shape. There are several options to choose from, ranging from a pyramid tip to a round nose tip, and each one has its own advantage and benefit.

Ideally, the pellets that you should choose must be hollow and pointed. Pointed ones are more powerful, ensuring that your target sustains damage.


If your pellet does not hit its target, then you are just basically throwing away your money. Several factors affect the pellet’s accuracy, such as design, weight, and size—pellets with features designed to add more precision, usually a little more.


Velocity is another factor to consider if you want your pellets to be lethal. Faster pellets are more deadly, but these can also be more expensive.

Final Words

Whether you are trying to exterminate a squirrel infestation or you simply want to hunt them for game, .177 caliber pellets are an excellent choice for the job.

They are small, but they are packed with power, especially when you pick the right one. .177 caliber pellets are also more affordable than regular bullets.

In the review mentioned above, we highlight the top-rated pellets that will get the job done for you. We have also included a quick guide on how you can choose the best one that fits your needs and preference.

We hope you find the right .177 caliber pellet that will help eliminate your squirrel infestation dilemma with all that information provided in this article. 

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