Best Gun Cleaning Cloth – Top 9 Gun Cleaning Patches for 2021

Guns generally do not come in cheap. And if you want to get the most use out of the firearm, you need to take proper care of it. The care and maintenance process of these will not be that difficult if you have the appropriate equipment with you.

Even though there are many cleaning kits out there, not all of them will come with adequate cleaning cloth.

And without the best gun cleaning cloth, you will not be able to make the exterior retain its luster for a long amount of time, no matter what solution you use to clean it.

However, as you have found us, you can stay worry-free. We will make sure you get yourself a cloth that is of quality material, which will offer you a quality gun cleaning experience.

Best Pick

According to us, the unit that is being offered by Remington is the best overall pick. It can absorb moisture exceptionally well.

Also, the size of it is relatively large.

Budget Pick

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you can pick Hoppe’s No. 9 Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth without hesitation.

It will offer a praiseworthy cleaning performance, and it is field-ready too.

Quick Comparison

Best Gun Cleaning Cloth Reviews

If you decide to head into the market right now, you will definitely find yourself puzzled among a bunch of offerings from different manufacturers.

However, we are not going to let you face such kind of scenarios. And for that reason, we have picked the ones that seemed worth the money to us and compiled a list with them. The list is as follows:

1. Remington MoistureGuard Rust Preventative Rem Cloth (10 x 10-Inch) 19902 (Best Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • The unit is 10 x 10 inches in size, which will let you cover a broader surface area
  • Utilizes VCI technology to resist corrosion and rust
  • The VCI agents that it has absorbs liquid solvents efficiently
  • Has a long-lasting barrier that will be able to penetrate through tight surfaces
  • Ideal for all types of surfaces

The best quality gun cleaning cloth would be the ones that can adequately absorb different types of solvent. And this gun cleaning cloth with MoistureGuard that Remington is offering has that absorbing characteristic that we were talking about.

First of all, the overall size of the unit is 10 x 10 inches. Because of being large in size, you will be able to cover up more surface area of your firearm. Starting from the scope to the bore surface, you can efficiently clean all of it.

Apart from that, it is of rem fabric. For that reason, it is ideal for all types of surfaces. No matter whether your gun has a wooden body or an all-metal body or a synthetic plastic body, you can safely wipe it down.

As it features an advanced VCI technology, it will be able to protect the exterior from corrosion and rust.

Also, the VCI agents bond with all sorts of liquid solvents, which will enable you to efficiently dry up your firearm after cleaning them with a light coating of a cleaning agent.

Besides that, the fabric has a long-lasting barrier. That barrier will penetrate through all the nooks and crannies of the exterior, which will offer you a redefined cleaning experience.

2. Hoppe’s No. 9 Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth (Budget Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Resides in the field-ready category of cleaning cloths
  • Has gone through a silicone lubricant, which allows it to remove fingerprint quickly
  • Can efficiently remove epidermal oils and moisture to resist corrosion
  • Made of a high durability flannel fabric
  • Can offer a polished look if regularly used

Accidentally using an excess solvent to clean up your gun can lead to corrosion. And in such scenarios, you would want to have a cloth that can absorb moisture efficiently.

Well, in that case, you should take a look at what Hoppe’s is offering here.

Unlike some of the units that are being offered by different manufacturers, this one is field-ready.

It achieves that characteristic for being made of flannel fabric. That fabric will ensure fast maintenance no matter what environment you are in.

Apart from that, the fabric has gone through a pre-treatment process. In that process, it is infused with silicone lubricant.

With just a few wipes, you can quickly remove all the fingerprints and other types of residues that might be on the body of the gun after prolonged use.

Alongside that, it is highly efficient in the case of removing epidermal oils that might cause corrosion on the body. It can also quickly absorb moisture and any type of cleaning solvent that you might have to use to clean your firearms.

Other than that, by wiping the exterior of your firearm regularly with this, you will give it a bright polished look.

3. The Rag Company Ultimate Professional Microfiber Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a pack of twenty microfiber cloths
  • Includes six 10 x 10 inches all-purpose cloths
  • Has two 12 x 12 inches suede cloths for polishing
  • Comes with six 6 x 7 inches pads for cleaning the scopes
  • All of the pieces of cloths have a high ability to capture specks of dust

Among all the types of clothes that are used for carrying out the maintenance task of guns, the microfiber ones are the most efficient when it comes to capturing dust.

And a perfect example of that would be this kit that The Rag Company is offering.

To start with, you are going to get a total of twenty different cloths in this kit. Twelve of them are 10 x 10 inches in size and are dark gray and black in color.

Those are for all-purpose. The other six are of different colors and are 6 x 7 inches in size, which are for cleaning lenses and scopes. Lastly, the two suede cloths are 12 x 12 inches in size, which are for polishing.

All of the cloth that you are going to get in this kit is of microfiber material. Because of being made of that material, these achieve a high dust collecting capability.

Apart from that, the material is of high-quality as well. The microfiber is of the split type, which is considered the best available grade. As a result, you can expect these to last for an extended amount of time.

4. Pro Shot Gun Care Silicone Cleaning Cloth, Yellow, 3.2 OZ (SILC)

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality flannel cloth that makes it exceptionally durable
  • The material has gone through a double treatment process
  • Large in size, enabling you to perform a quick clean
  • The unit is induced with silicone to offer a polished look
  • Ideal for gun bodies that are of wood, metal, and plastic

In your search for the best gun cleaning patches, you might want something that can ensure a long-lasting sheen look on the exterior of your firearm.

Well, in that case, you can definitely put this unit from Pro Shot into your consideration list.

First of all, the material is of 100 percent cotton flannel. It is of higher quality as well. For that reason, it will be able to offer you a more increased lifespan.

You might never have to get yourself another piece of rag for cleaning your guns anytime soon.

Also, this cotton has gone through a double treatment process. The substance that it is infused with during the treatment process is silicone.

Because of that, it can offer a polished look to your firearm after being cleaned with this unit.

Apart from that, the material is ideal for all the types of materials that are used for manufacturing guns. Whether your gun’s body is of metal, wood, or plastic, you will not have to worry about it leaving any visual flaws on it.

Lastly, the unit’s size is 14 x 15 inches, which is large enough to allow you to clean the whole body of the gun in go.

5. Otis Technology Microfiber Gun Cloth – 3 Pack

Highlighted Features

  • Three individual pieces of cleaning pad in one package
  • Made of high-quality microfiber, which makes them reusable
  • Ideal for all type of gun bodies
  • Can be used to clean optics of scopes
  • The size of the units is relatively large, enabling you to cover more area in one wipe

Do you know what is better than having one piece of decently performing cleaning cloth for your gun?

Yes, we are talking about having multiple of them at your disposal. And Otis Technology is offering a pack of three, keeping that factor in mind.

As we said, you are going to get three individual cleaning cloths in this package. Each of them is reusable, which means you will set for a long amount of time after getting this set.

Apart from that, each piece’s size is 12 x 8 inches, which is comparatively large.

Because of being relatively large in size, you will not have to put that much effort in the case of cleaning the entire body of the gun. It will let you quickly clean a broader area in just one wipe.

Also, as the material is of microfiber, it will be ideal for all types of surfaces. It can also be used to clean the optics of scopes too. You will not have to worry about it leaving any scratches behind.

Apart from that, because of the microfiber being of higher quality, it will be able to capture dust efficiently.

6. Southern Bloomer Cotton Cleaning Patches

Highlighted Features

  • There are 1000 patches in one bag
  • Can efficiently absorb liquid solutions
  • Each of the patches is reusable
  • Has a high ability to collect specks of dust from surfaces
  • Made of high-quality material, which elongates the lifespan substantially

If you do not like to go through the hassle of cleaning patches regularly, then opting for a single piece of patches would not make that much sense for you.

Well, Southern Bloomer has factored your preference in mind while they were manufacturing this pack of pads.

First of all, you are going to get a total of 1000 patches in this packet. So even if you have a tendency to lose cleaning clothes, you will not have to worry that much because you literally have a thousand of them. Each of them is 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Apart from that, the pieces of pads are of high-quality material too. For that reason, you can expect these to have an elongated lifespan.

Also, as there are 1000 pieces of them, you will not have to get any other set of cleaning clothes anytime soon. These are reusable too.

Alongside that, the absorption ability of these clothes is relatively high too. So you would not have to wipe the surface of the gun multiple times after you apply any sort of cleaning solution on them.

Lastly, these can capture dust quite efficiently too. With just a few wipes, you can remove every speck of dust from the exterior of your firearm.

7. Axtion Products Cotton Cloth Rags

Highlighted Features

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Can be used for both polishing and cleaning
  • Comes in a pack of multiple rags
  • Each of the rags is of top-shelf materials
  • Can efficiently clean stubborn stains and marks

Are you on the lookout for a versatile cleaning cloth for your gun? Want something that will not only enable you to clean the exterior but also will allow you to polish it?

Then you can end your search here because Axiton has got the perfect offering for you.

To start with, there are multiple options for sizes. There are 1 pound, ½ pound, 4 pounds, eight pounds, and lastly 20 pounds bags available. The number of rags that you are going to get will depend on the size that you pick.

You will be highly pleased with the quality of these rags because they are from top-shelf materials. Because of that, these gains a high resistivity from wear and tear. In other words, these are going to last for a long amount of time.

Apart from that, they are ideal for not only cleaning but also polishing. You can do both of them using the same rag. That means you would not have to get yourself a different set of clothes for performing both of these tasks.

The cleaning capability of these is quite praiseworthy too. It would not take that much amount of wipes or effort to clean those stubborn stains from the guns’ exterior.

8. HOPPE’S No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patch

Highlighted Features

  • The package contains 500 pre-cut patches
  • Utilized materials are rigorously tested for heavy-duty tasks
  • The patches are uniformly woven, which will enable you to clean your guns thoroughly
  • Can absorb liquid efficiently, which will help in the case of preventing rust and corrosions
  • The patches last for a long amount of time

Even though there are multiple numbers of cleaning patches packs out there, the ones that are tested for tough cleaning tasks are the most durable ones. And this pack that is from HOPPE’S is one of them.

First of all, the materials that are used for manufacturing these patches are of high quality.

The choice of materials is made by rigorously testing them for tough and heavy-duty cleaning scenarios. For that reason, you can expect them to be highly durable.

The package includes a plethora of patches. There are exactly five hundred of them in one pack. That means you would not have to go out and look for an additional bag of cleaning patches that frequently if you get one of these.

Apart from that, these patches are highly absorbent. Because of that, the task of cleaning the gun’s exterior using a cleaning solution will be an easy task for you.

It will also be able to lock the moisture in the fabric, which will allow you to resist rust and corrosion occurring on your gun.

As the patches are uniformly woven, getting them inside tight spaces will be easy too. For that reason, you will be able to clean every nook and cranny of your gun.

9. Pro Shot Gun Care Flannel Gun Cleaning 500 Count Patches

Highlighting Features

  • Made of 100 percent high-quality flannel fabric
  • Each of the packs contains five hundred patches
  • The patches have a high absorbing power
  • Can efficiently absorb oils residue
  • Each of the patches has the same amount of weaving, which results in consistent cleaning performance

We are going to finish off our review section with this pack that Pro Shot is offering. They seem to have an extensive lineup of high performing cleaning clothes. Well, this one is no exception in that regard.

To start with, the material that the manufacturer implemented for the product is flannel cotton. These types of cotton are well-known for having a long lifespan.

And the same thing can be seen here too. You can expect extended use out of these.

Just like the label states, the package contains five hundred individual patches. The consistency of weaving is the same for all of the patches that are inside the pack.

For that reason, each of them will offer you a consistent cleaning performance.

On that note, the pads are 3 x 3 inches in size. Even though the size is not that large, you can easily and quickly clean your firearms’ surface because of high absorbing power. It can also capture dust exceptionally well too.

Apart from that, it can also absorb oil pretty efficiently. For that reason, taking off fingerprints and oil residues will feel like doing an effortless task for you.

What are the gun cleaning cloth and different type of gun cleaning cloth

Gun cleaning clothes are basically a special type of cloth used for cleaning the gun’s surface. The reason behind being special is that they have a high moisture absorbing power.

They are also highly unlikely to leave any sort of scratches behind after you rub them on the surface of your firearms.

And just like every other product, there are different types of gun cleaning clothes too. They are

Cotton Rags

These are the most basic type of gun cleaning cloth. They are generally made of normal cotton.

However, some of the manufacturers are going to use high-quality flannel cotton, which will make them highly absorbent. Those can also capture specks of dust.


The microfiber cloths are an upgrade over the cotton ones. These have a high ability to capture dust from surfaces. Also, they are quite capable of removing oil and fingerprint residue off the surface.

Apart from that, they are relatively durable as well. So one of these would last for a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Silicone Infused

Many of the cleaning clothes go through double or even a single treatment process. In that process, they get infused with silicone.

After that treatment, they become highly capable of removing oil off of the surface. Also, the durability of the units is increased substantially after that treatment process.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Gun Cleaning Cloth

Before you do head out in the market and decide to spend your valuable money on one of the cleaning kits, you will have to keep some factors in mind. Those will enable you to get the most out of the money. The factors are:


The first thing that you should keep in mind is the size of the rags. We would recommend shooting for the ones that are larger in size.

If the cloth is large-sized, you can cover more surface area. And if you can easily cover more surface area, cleaning tasks will not take that much time. You can quickly finish them off.

Quality Material

The quality of the material will dictate the overall durability of the units. For that reason, we would suggest going only for the ones that utilize high-quality materials.

Those will be resistant to wear and tear. And eventually, you are going to get a prolonged use out of them.

Absorption and Dust Collecting Capability

The last thing that you will have to consider is the unit’s ability to absorb moisture and dust collecting capability.

If you happen to get the one that can not easily absorb moisture, you will have a hard time trying to remove the cleaning solvents from the surface of your firearm.

Also, if the unit can not collect dust easily, you will not be able to remove the small particles off the surface efficiently.


Now that you have a proper idea about the best gun cleaning cloth that the manufacturers are offering in the market, hopefully, choosing one will be easy for you.

To conclude, we hope that the surface of your firearms stays dust-free and residues-free.

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