Best Gun Sock – Top Gun Sleeves For Your Firearms

Whether you have a pistol, a full-fledge rifle, or a shotgun, you might have already spend a fortune for purchasing it.

And you would not want the firearm’s performance to degrade over time because of moisture damage, would you? Well, for that you will have to take proper care of it and store it adequately.

And even if you keep your guns inside a highly-durable gun safe, offering it a bit of extra protection can extend its lifespan substantially.

Well, you can do that by simply investing in the best gun sock. But the trouble is that getting one of the decent ones can become a highly tedious task because of how overfilled the market is with these.

Well, that is where we come in.  We are going to ensure that the choosing process feels like controlling a recoil-less gun for you.

Best Pick

Even though all the ones that we will talk about below are worth the money, we think the best overall pick among them would be the one that is from Remington.

It is made of high-quality cotton that has gone through silicone treatment.  Also, it is 52 inches long.

Budget Pick

However, if your budget does not allow you to get the one that Remington is offering, you can pick the one that Allen Company is offering.

It is relatively wider, which will let you pack tactical weapons easily.

Quick Comparison

9 Best Gun Sock Reviews

In such scenarios where the market is filled with a product you are looking for, things can get much more manageable with a narrowed-down list.

Well, that is why we have gone through each of the popular options that are out there and huddled a list with only the ones that we think are worth recommending.

The list that we have exclusively compiled for you is as follows:

1. Remington Accessories 18494, Gun Sack (Best Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Made of hundred percent cotton
  • Pretreated with silicone to offer high protection from rust and corrosion
  • Can accommodate firearms that are up to 52 inches long
  • Wide enough to allow you to store the guns with attachments
  • Offers a high level of protection from scratches during transportation

The manufacturer Remington has been offering some of the most reliable firearms in the market. Apart from just offering guns, they are leading the charge with accessories that are highly reliable too. Well, this sock is no exception in that regard.

First of all, the material that the manufacturer utilized for this is 100 percent cotton. And the overall capacity of the unit is up to 52 inches.

That means no matter if you are planning to store a small handgun or a full-sized rifle, you will have no trouble at all in the case of putting it inside this.

Besides that, the cotton that it is of has gone through a treatment process. During that process, it has been infused with silicone.

For that reason, it can provide high protection from rusts, corrosions, and other environmental debris.

The design that it boasts is precisely engineered to protect the guns during transporting and storing.

As a result, you will not have to worry about any sort of scratches or visual imperfections occurring on the exterior while you are performing any task.

Lastly, the unit is wide enough to allow you to store your firearms inside with all the equipment attached to it.

2. Allen Company Tactical Rifle Sock (Budget Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Has the ability to accommodate guns that are up to 42 inches or 47 inches long
  • Utilizes a silicone treated material, which has a high resistivity from rust and corrosion
  • Offers good enough protection from scratches and dings that might occur during transportation
  • Can accommodate firearms with attachment on them

In the case of gun socks, being able to accommodate large-sized guns is a must because not everyone will be planning to store only handguns in them.

Well, Allen Company factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit.

First of all, you are going to have two different options in the case of size. Depending on what firearm you are going to store, you can either choose it in 42 inches or 47 inches.

No matter what size you choose, you are going to have enough space to put your guns inside with attachments on.

Apart from that, the material that the manufacturer implemented for the overall construction is a particular type of material.

The material is silicone treated, allowing it to achieve a higher resistance from moisture. As a result, rust and corrosion would not be something that you would have to worry about.

Besides just rust and corrosion, it can offer protection from dirt, debris, and other environmental elements. You will not have to worry about your firearm being covered with a layer of dust anymore.

Other than that, it also capable of protecting your precious firearm from scratches that might occur while you are moving it from one place to another.

3. Sack-Ups 207 Gun Sock Value Pack Camo Field Grey

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a pack of five
  • Each of the units is 13.5 inches in length, which allows them to accommodate most of the handguns
  • Made of a special type of material that can efficiently wick moisture away
  • Silicone pretreated to enhance the overall rust protection
  • Can offer relatively high protection from dings and scratches

If you only have handguns in your arsenal, getting the ones that are for large-sized firearms would not make that much sense.

Well, in that case, you should definitely have a look at what Sack-Ups is offering here.

First of all, the package contains five individual socks. Each of them is 13.5 inches in size. That means they can accommodate pistols that are within that size range.

And as you are getting five in one pack, you can cover multiple handguns by just purchasing one package.

Apart from that, the material that it is of is a special type of wicking fabric. Because of that, it can efficiently wick away all the moisture from the surface of the firearm.

That efficient wicking capability is combined with a silicone treatment. As it has silicone infused in it, the level of rust resistant capability that it achieves is quite higher than the regular materials. You will not have to worry about corrosion either.

Other than that, because it can offer full coverage of the handgun’s body, it will be able to provide a high level of protection from scratches and bumps that might occur while you are carrying it with you. 

4. Sacks-Up Model 207 Gun Safe Cotton Fabric Socks

As we have mentioned before, moisture is the most harmful element for guns. It can promote rust growth and cause corrosions to occur.

However, if you wrap your pistols up with these socks that are from Sacks-Up, you will not have to worry about moisture damage anymore.

To begin with, the pack contains five individual units. The size of each of those is 10 inches, which will allow you to easily wrap up handguns that are small to medium-large in size. You can even put them inside with some attachments on them.

Besides that, the material that Sack-ups implemented can efficiently absorb moisture. Even if there is a large amount of existing moisture on top of it, it will be able to wick it all away.

As a result, you will not have to worry about rusts occurring that much.

Apart from that, the material is pretreated with silicone. For that reason, it will be able to block off most of the environmental elements. The inside will be free from debris and dust.

In addition to that, the units can offer an adequate amount of protection during transportation. It will not let any scratches or dings to occur while you are moving your precious guns.

Highlighted Features

  • The pack contains five individual units
  • Made of a highly efficient wicking fabric, which can keep moisture away from the surface
  • Comes protected with silicone to offer an enhanced dust and debris resistivity
  • Can inhibit rust and corrosion
  • Offers adequate amount of protection during transportation

5. Arcturus Silicone Treated Gun Socks for Rifles

No products found.

Highlighted Features

  • There are three different color and number pack options available
  • Made of a flexible material, which allows it to get much wider than usual
  • Has the ability to accommodate guns that are up to 47 inches long
  • Features a drawstring closure to offer protection from debris and scratches
  • Silicone treated for offering high rust resistivity

Among all the socks that are available for rifles, the extra-wide ones are the ones that you would want to get if you want to keep them with attachments on. And in that case, you should definitely consider this pack that Arcturus is offering.

Unlike some of the manufacturers, Arcturus is offering their socks in three different colors. There are two-pack and four-pack options available for each of the colors. The four-pack ones are the ones where the value is at.

Moreover, the units can accommodate firearms that are up to 47 inches long. That means whether you have a pistol or a full-fledge shotgun, you would not have to worry about the fitting that much.

Apart from that, the material that is utilized is polyester, which is highly flexible. For that reason, it can get wider than most of the other units that are out there.

You will not have to take off attachments from your rifle prior to putting them inside these.

The polyester is also treated with silicone. That enables it to offer a significant amount of protection from rust and corrosion.

There is a drawstring closure that will keep the firearms protected from dirt, debris, and scratches.

6. DecoyPro Gun Socks for Rifles

Highlighted Features

  • The unit is a staggeringly 52 inches in length
  • Can get 6 inches wide, which means you can store rifles with scopes attached to them
  • The material that is utilized is highly absorbent, which will reduce the chances of rust occurring
  • Has a drawstring closure that will allow you to tightly secure your firearm inside
  • The material is highly flexible

Even though there are a plethora of gun socks out there, you will have a hard time trying to find something that is as long as this one that DecoyPro is offering.

Let us start by talking about the length of the unit first. When stretched, it is about 52 inches long. For that reason, you will not even struggle one bit in the case of fitting large-sized rifles inside it.

Apart from that, the material that it is made of is pretty flexible. That material allows it to get 6 inches wide.

As a result, it will be able to fit guns even if it has attachments attached to it. That makes it ideal for long-range rifles that have scopes on top of it.

Other than that,  the material is highly absorbent too. It can wick moisture pretty easily. So even if you plan to store your guns in a relatively damp environment, you will not have to worry about rust if it is inside this sock.

Just like some of the units that are out there, this one also has a drawstring closure. That will enable you to tightly secure your firearms inside. As a result, dust and debris will find no way of getting inside.

7. Alpine Innovations Gun Slicker Scoped Rifle Case

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Highlighted Features

  • Made of a high-quality weatherproof material
  • The overall weight is pretty minimal, which makes it easier to carry
  • Three different color options available
  • Can be easily folded, which means it will require less storage space
  • Has multiple drawstrings on it, which ensures a secure fit

While you will find a number of gun socks in the market, there are really not that many that are specifically designed to accommodate scoped hunter rifle.

Well, if you were on the lookout for one, then this one should be on your list.

Hunters usually traverse through many different types of terrains. And that is why the manufacturer implemented a weatherproof material to produce this unit.

It is highly resistant to water, which means muddy terrains and rainy days will not be an issue for you.

Even though it implements a high-quality weatherproof material, the weight is pretty minimal. You will not feel like you are adding that much extra weight on while carrying your gun inside it.

Apart from that, there are three different color options available for this unit. You can choose anyone that goes with the rest of the gears’ color scheme that you own.

These are also foldable, which means it will not take that much space to store them.

The unit has numerous amount of drawstrings on the body. Those will enable you to secure your gun inside it without leaving any gaps behind. As a result, there will be a slim chance of dust getting inside.

8. TRIPLE K 911 Fringe Rifle Sleeve Leather Brown

Highlighted Features

  • The overall construction is of suede leather, which makes it look aesthetically pleasing
  • Has fringes on the top to make it look fancy
  • Capable of fitting rifles that are up to 60 inches
  • Has appropriate stitching to make it highly durable
  • Can offer proper protection from moisture

If all the regular socks that are of regular materials are not really your cup of tea, you should definitely check the fancy ones of leather. In that case, this one from TRIPLE K should be the perfect one for you.

Like we mentioned above, the unit is made of suede leather. For that reason, it looks aesthetically pleasing and will definitely let your rifle stand out among the crowd. There are fringes on the top, which will let it achieve a fancy look.

Apart from that, the unit’s overall length is higher than the rest of the units that are out there.

It is capable of accommodating rifles that are up to 60 inches long. That means you would not have to worry about the fit that much with this either.

Other than that, because of being made of leather, these are highly capable of locking away the moisture. You will not have to worry about rust and corrosion occurring even if the area that you live in has a high humid level.

Additionally, the leather is stitched appropriately. For that reason, you can expect it to withstand heavy-usage and heavy-duty environments easily.

9. Arcturus Silicone-Treated Handgun Socks

Highlighted Features

  • The package has two individual socks
  • Two different color options are available
  • Able to accommodate handguns that are up to 16 inches in length
  • Can get 3.5 inches wide, which will ensure a full-coverage
  • The material is treated with silicone, which will efficiently resist rust

Whether you live in an area where the humid level is high or not, getting yourself silicone treated sock will offer your gun a high level of protection in the case of rust and corrosion.

A perfect example of units such as that would be this one that is offered by Arcturus.

First of all, there are two options regarding the color. You can either choose the option that comes in black or in green.

No matter which option you pick, you are going to get two individual socks in the package. Each of them is 16 inches long, which will enable you to store most of the handguns with ease.

Apart from that, they can get about 3.5 inches wide. As a result, you will be able to get full coverage of your gun without any issues at all.

That means you will not have to go through the hassles of cleaning an entire layer of dust from the surface of your gun anymore.

As we mentioned, the material that it is made of is silicone treated. That fabric will offer a high rust resisting capability. It will also offer enough protection from dings and scratches while you are transporting it.


Hopefully, we were able to offer you a brief idea about the best gun sock that the manufacturers are currently offering in the market.

To conclude, we hope that our narrowed-down list is effective enough that choosing one for your firearms seems like an effortless task for you.

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