Best Powder Tricklers for Reloading – Top 7 Picks

As more and more gun enthusiasts are growing over time, more DIY equipment for firearms is getting accessible.

One of the most important products that the firearm industries brought to the market is the powder tricklers.

Without this little wonder, getting a precise amount of power inside the cartridge during reloading will be quite impossible.

Because of how saturated the market is, getting the best powder trickler can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But as you have stumbled upon us, you will not have to worry about that anymore. We are going to make things much easier for you.

And hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to get the one that will enable you to perfect the process of reloading cartridges with a precise volume of powder.

Best Pick

Even though all the ones that we are going to introduce you to are worth the money, the one that we think is the best overall pick is the one that is from Frankford Arsenal.

It has a fairly large capacity, which enables you to worry less about frequent refills.

Budget Pick

However, if you are a little low on cash, you can opt for the Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler without thinking that much.

It is highly accurate, enabling you to get a precise volume of powder inside the cartridges.

Quick Comparison

Best Powder Trickler Reviews

The over-saturation of perfect powder measurers in the market can surely baffle you while trying to get one for yourself.

Well, for making things a bit easier for you, we have gone through each of the popular options and picked only the worthy ones for you. They are:

1. Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler with Large Powder Capacity (Best Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Large powder capacity, which allows it to achieve higher accuracy
  • The unit is four inches tall, enabling it to hold most of the powder scales
  • Made of heavy steel, which makes it a durable product
  • There is a dust cover on the bottom
  • It has a non-skid base on the bottom that lowers the chances of tipping over

We are going to start off our review section with this unit that is being offered by Frankford Arsenal. If you were on the lookout for a trickler with a large capacity, you should definitely consider this.

As we mentioned, the unit’s capacity is pretty high than most of the other available ones. It is 5 inches wide.

For that reason, making small adjustments to the amount of powder that you want to reload in the casing will be an easy task for you.

The unit is exceptionally versatile too. It is four inches in height, enabling it to fit about every type of powder. You will have a redefined powder reloading experience for this reason.

Apart from that, it features a dust cover on the boot. It is made of synthetic material that allows it to act like a non-skid base. There is also a dispenser cover that will sit on the knob when you are not using it.

Aside from that, the overall construction is pretty sturdy too. It is made of heavy-duty steel. Because of being heavy steel, you will not have to worry about it tipping over either.

2. Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler (Budget Pick)

Highlighted Features

  • Exceptionally accurate, thanks to the unique design that it sports
  • The base is wide, which makes it extremely stable on flat surfaces
  • Allows quick cleanups
  • Made of high-quality materials, which makes it sturdy
  • Has a relatively high capacity

Accuracy is a pretty important factor for powder tricklers. And Hornady knew that exactly well. That is why they have implemented a unique design for this unit that they are offering.

First of all, the design that is implemented is pretty unique, as we mentioned. It will allow you to trickle the very last few tenths of the grains into the shells.

As a result, you are going to get precise reloading in each of the sessions. The variation of the weight change will be zero.

Aside from that, the base of the unit is pretty wide. Because of being relatively wider, it will stay highly stable on flat surfaces. That means you will not have to stay worried about it falling off while working with it.

Apart from that, the design also enables you to do quick cleanups. You will not have to go through that much of a hassle for that.

Alongside that, the capacity of the unit is relatively higher too. It will enable you to go through multiple sessions with just one refill.

Lastly, the unit is pretty durable too. It is made of high-quality materials. Because of that, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without having any performance issues.

3. RCBS Powder Trickler – 9089

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a height-adjustable mechanism, which offers a high flexibility
  • Utilizes heavy-duty materials for the construction that makes it highly durable
  • Has a wide base, which lowers the possibilities of it tipping over
  • Features a non-slip base, which increases the stability substantially
  • Implements a unique design to offer maximum accuracy

In your search for the perfect powder measurer, you are going to stumble upon a plethora of units. However, not all of them are going to offer you the ability to adjust the height like this one from RCBS does.

Let us talk about the feature that makes it stand out the most first. The unit features an adjustable height mechanism.

As a result, the task of reloading with the exact volume of powder in the cartridges will be fairly easy for you.

Moreover, the overall construction is pretty durable. It utilizes high-quality metals that are available in the market. For that reason, it is going to last for a long amount of time.

Other than that, the base of the unit is pretty wide. The possibilities of it tipping over and falling down will be reasonably low because of being relatively wide. It will be fairly easy for you to work with it.

Besides that, the base has non-slip material, which will allow it to stay stable on flat surfaces.

Also, it will offer you the accuracy that you would require to reload casings precisely. It can provide you with that for the unique design that it has.

4. Hornady 0505010 Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a high level of accuracy with a precision metering mechanism
  • Features a built-in dispenser, which enables you to smoothly carry out reloading operations
  • Made of high-quality materials that makes it highly durable
  • Has a comparatively high capacity
  • The base is pretty stable

Even though there are a plethora of tricklers in the market, there are hardly a few that will enable you to quickly and smoothly carry out reloading operations. Well, this one that Hornady is offering is among those few.

First of all, the unit implements a highly engineered design. That design allows it to offer a high level of accuracy in the case of powder charging. 

You will be able to carry out the operations with a significantly small amount of precision meter, allowing you to perfect your reloading procedures.

Besides that, there is a built-in dispenser too. That will enable you to quickly finish powder charging tasks.  For that reason, reloading a large number of casings in one session will feel like carrying out an effortless task.

The capacity of the unit is pretty high too. You will not have to go through that much of refills while reloading a large batch of casings.  It will make filling all of them feel like carrying out an easy task.

Apart from that, the overall construction materials are all high in quality. For that reason, it achieves a relatively high durability factor. It has a stable base too.

5. LEE PRECISION 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer

Highlighted Features

  • Has a throwing charge range of two to a hundred grains
  • Highly accurate, which results in precise reloading
  • Boasts a counter-balanced design that will enable it to stay stable
  • Utilizes heavy-duty materials for achieving a high level of durability
  • Easy to use

Getting an optimized charge every time you operate the powder measurer is an important factor for powder tricklers. And LEE PRECISION has perfected that in this unit.

To begin with, it throws charges that are from two to a hundred grains. That means you are going to get a high level of flexibility when it comes to operating reloading tasks. Also, that range will enable you to work with a wide range of powders.

Besides that, the unit is highly accurate. Because of that accuracy level, filling the cartridges with an accurate amount of powder will be much easier for you.

Getting a misfired bullet from the ones you will make would not be something that you would have to worry about if you use this unit.

Apart from that, just like most of the other manufacturers, LEE PERFECT also utilized heavy-duty materials for the unit’s overall construction. For that reason, it is exceptionally sturdy.

The unit also boasts a counter-balanced design. It weighs 1.34 pounds, which allows it to stay stable on flat surfaces. As a result, it will have a slim chance of getting tipped over while you are operating it.

6. Lyman The E-Zee

Highlighted Features

  • Features a universal design
  • Comes with an adjustable base, which makes it extremely versatile
  • Has an extension arm, which allows it to work with both mechanical and electronic scale
  • Boasts a reasonably wider base for higher stability
  • Made of heavy-duty materials to achieve high durability

There are not that many tricklers in the market that can be called a truly universal unit. However, if you were searching for one, you should have a look at what Lyman is offering here.

First of all, let us talk about the universal part. It is compatible with a wide range of grains. No matter whether you are making bullets for rifles or for your handguns, you will be able to make them all work with this one. You will not have to get separate units for handling those.

Plus, the base that it sports has an adjustable design. You can fine-tune it to the way you prefer. As a result, it can offer a highly customizable working style that most of the other units fail to deliver.

Other than that, there is an extension arm on the bottom. That arm will enable you to work with any type of scale. Even if you do not have any electronic scales lying around, you can easily work with mechanical ones because of that.

Lastly, the base is reasonably wide, which enables it to stay stable on surfaces. Also, the materials that the manufacturer utilized are higher in quality, which makes it relatively sturdy in nature.

7. Redding Reloading Model No. 5 Powder Trickler #05000

Highlighted Features

  • Can provide readings exceptionally fast
  • The readings are highly accurate, which will enable you to perfectly carry out reload tasks
  • Has a reasonably stable base, lowering the chances of it squirming all over the bench
  • Compatible with most of the powder scales because of having an ideal height
  • The overall construction is pretty durable

To finish off our recommendation list, we have picked this trickler that is from Redding Reloading. It will provide relatively faster and accurate readings that most of the other units can not seem to deliver.

To start with, it has the ability to bring underweight charges to an optimal position.

As a result, no matter what type of grain you put inside it, you are going to get faster and accurate readings. It will make carrying out reloading tasks feel like driving a hot knife to butter.

Other than that, the center of gravity is reasonably low. For that reason, you need not have to worry about it falling over when kept on top of surfaces.

Also, the overall construction is pretty solid too. It will operate perfectly even after years of use.

Aside from that, the capacity is relatively high too. The amount of capacity that it has will enable you to go through a large batch of casings in a small amount of time. You will save both time and energy because of that.

The manufacturer kept broad compatibility in mind when they were designing this one. That is why they have implemented an ideal height that will work for most of the powder scales that are out in the market.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Powder Trickler

Before you decide to spend your valuable money on any of the units, you should keep some factors in mind.

Those will enable you to make an efficient decision by scrutinizing the units appropriately. The factors that you will have to keep in mind are as follows:


First and foremost, you will have to factor in the capacity before anything else. In this case, the higher the capacity, the fewer refills you will have to make while working with a large number of casings.

As a result, your productivity will increase, and it would take less time for you to complete your reload tasks too.


It goes without saying that the quality of the material will eventually dictate the durability of the units.

Keeping that in mind, we would recommend shooting for the ones that utilize high-quality materials for the overall construction.

And by getting a durable trickler, you are going to ensure extended use. For that reason, you should keep durability into consideration.


Getting yourself a stable unit will allow you to easily carry out reloading tasks without facing any sort of difficulties. You will not have to stay wary about it falling or tripping over while you are operating it, which will enable you to smoothly finish reloading tasks.

For that reason, we would suggest opting for the units that have a wide base. Those will be the most stable ones.


Investing in a trickler that is not that accurate is surely going to be a waste of money.

In fact, if you can not put a precise amount of powder in the casings, the bullets might misfire or might not fire at all. And if you want to stay out of situations like that, you should factor in the units’ accuracy.

Cleaning Process

The last and most important factor that you will have to consider is the cleaning process. If you use a different type of powder for each of the batches, you would have to pay extra attention to this.

Without cleaning the insides properly, you will mix up all the different types of powders together, which will result in inaccurate reloading. That is why you should opt for the ones that are easy to clean.


Hopefully, we were able to keep our word in the case of making the process of choosing the best powder trickler feel easy.

With that out of the way, we want to conclude here by wishing you a dash of good luck and hoping that all the cartridges that you reload fire appropriately and have an adequate amount of bullet travel.

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