Top 10 Best Airsoft AK47 Models of 2021: In-Depth Review and Guide

For many, airsoft is a fun and interesting activity that provides them with the physical activity they need to lead an active lifestyle.

However, for enthusiasts, there’s also the added thrill of collecting different airsoft gun models like the classic AK-47. However, it can be difficult to find the best airsoft AK if you’re not sure where to start.

For example, there are several factors to consider when buying the best AK-47 airsoft gun like its style, power, and accuracy. Understanding what you need to look for will help you make a more informed buying decision.

In this ultimate review and guide to the best AK-47 airsoft guns, you’ll find not just the market’s top models but also a helpful buyer’s guide to choosing the right one for your needs.

It also features several tips on how to use and maintain your chosen model, allowing you to make the most of it. With that said, let’s begin.

Best Pick

As the top pick of the list, the Kalashnikov AK-47 airsoft rifle features everything you will ever need or want in an airsoft rifle.

With its powerful performance and ease of use, this is a definite must-have for any airsoft enthusiast.

Budget Pick

If you’re looking for a model that’s a little more within your budget, then Game Face’s Semi-Automatic AK-47 Airsoft Rifle is the perfect option.

It offers all the best features of an airsoft rifle but at a price point that’s considered friendly to the budget.

Quick Comparison

Best Airsoft AK Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at some of the market’s best models of the classic and iconic assault rifle, the AK-47.

In each review, you’ll find everything you need to know about the best AK-47 airsoft guns – from its features to specifications.

1. Kalashnikov Full-Metal Electric-Powered AK-47 Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • 390 to 430 FPS
  • Shoots 6mm ammunition
  • Can be shot in fully or semi-automatic
  • Holds 400 rounds per magazine
  • Comes with a front rail system
  • Features an adjustable hop-up
  • Adjustable sights
  • Tactical side-folding
  • Vertical grip
  • 1600 mAH stick battery

If you’re looking for the best airsoft AK on the market, then look no further than the Kalashnikov electric-powered AK-47 airsoft rifle. Striking an impressive balance between power and accuracy, this airsoft rifle is perfect for both novice and veteran players alike.

It can shoot 6mm ammo at a speed of 390 to 430 FPS, making it quick enough without sacrificing the user’s control over their shots.

Moreover, unlike its real-life counterpart, Kalashnikov’s AK-47 airsoft rifle offers incredible stability and precision to its users.

Because of this, even novice players will have an easier time making accurate shots. It’s fairly easy to use as well so beginners would have no problem getting used to the weapon’s feel during games.

Furthermore, it features a solid build, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy-duty use.

Constructed fully in metal, this airsoft Kalashnikov AK offers an incredibly realistic feel that brings your airsoft experience to a whole new level.

It features a magazine that’s capable of holding up to 400 rounds at a time and the gun itself is compatible with magazines from various brands such as G&P, Matrix, and Tokyo Marui.

It can be shot in both full and semi-automatic, making it versatile while providing you with a higher level of control over your shots.

Aside from these, it also has a front rail system that allows you to attach tactical accessories as well as features like a vertical grip and adjustable front and rear sights. This helps improve the player’s experience during the game.

It also has an adjustable hop-up that helps provide a longer shooting distance for players, allowing them to shoot targets as far as 40 feet away.

2. Game Face Battlemaster Electric AK-47 Semi-Auto Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Can be shot in full or semi-automatic
  • Shoots up to 565 shots per minute at a speed of 200 FPS
  • Constructed from metal and wood
  • Shoots 6mm ammo
  • Holds 430 rounds per magazine
  • Features a wind-up style for the magazine
  • 700mAH battery

If you’re looking for the best airsoft AK47 on the market that’s not too heavy on the budget, then the Game Face Battlemaster AK-47 electric airsoft rifle is your best bet.

As mentioned, it has everything needed for a great airsoft gun but a price point you can afford.

It features the realistic appearance of an actual AK-47 and can be operated either as a semi-automatic or fully automatic.

With a capacity of firing up to 565 6mm shots per minute at a speed of 200 FPS, it’s a budget-friendly model that has a lot to offer in terms of performance and power.

Each magazine is capable of handling 430 rounds at a time, giving you more than enough ammo to make your shot.

The magazine itself is a wind-up style, giving you a quicker time reloading your gun during games. Aside from this, it’s powered by a 700 mAH battery, allowing it to last longer than others.

It also features a sling that allows you to carry it comfortably when not in use as well as sling mounts that make it more convenient.

3. Double Eagle DE Automatic Electric AK-47 Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Can be operated as semi or fully automatic
  • Features reinforced interior and all-metal construction
  • 100% OEM replica of a Tokyo Marui AK47 AEG rifle
  • Comes with a fully adjustable hop-up
  • Holds up to 400 rounds per magazine
  • Fires at a speed of 425 FPS

With its sturdy weight and all-metal construction, this AK-47 rifle from Double Eagle is undoubtedly one of the best airsoft AK guns in the market.

Capable of firing the entire 400 rounds at a speed of 425 FPS per minute, this airsoft gun values performance and power.

However, this doesn’t mean that it sacrifices its capacity for accuracy for power – in fact, shooters will have an easier time aiming their shots with its tighter-bore barrel.

This allows for increased accuracy, allowing shooters to shoot the target with precision.

It’s powered by an 8.4V stick battery, allowing it to last longer in the field.

In terms of construction, it features an all-metal body with reinforced internals such as its polymer gearbox. This makes it more durable and long-lasting than most.

What’s great about it is that it doesn’t have to sacrifice durability for performance and vice-versa, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds even while on a budget.

Aside from these, it also features adjustable sights, an adjustable hop-up, and a rear-folding stock that makes it an excellent option for those looking for high-quality AK-47 airsoft rifles.

4. Colt Soft Air Electric Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Fires .20g 6mm ammo at a speed of up to 350 to 380 FPS
  • Powered by a 9.6V butterfly battery
  • Made from high-quality and heavy-duty polymer and metal
  • Capable of holding 350 rounds per magazine
  • Features adjustable hop-up
  • Features a rail system

Although it’s made from a combination of polymer and metal, this soft air electric airsoft rifle from Colt is a model that’s meant for heavy-duty use.

Capable of firing 0.20g 6mm ammo at a speed of 350 to 380 FPS, this airsoft assault rifle packs quite the punch.

While it’s not that much of a surprise, considering its powered by a 9.6V butterfly battery, it is still, nonetheless, impressive. With its power and performance, one would think it can be difficult to use but it’s actually the opposite.

As both a semi- and fully automatic airsoft rifle, it’s easy enough to figure out and is considered ready to play. This makes it perfect for both novices and veterans alike in the field of airsoft.

Each magazine is capable of holding up to 350 rounds and it has an adjustable hop-up that helps lengthen the shooting distance it’s capable of.

Despite the longer range, it provides enough accuracy to make each shot as precise as possible.

If you’re looking for a reliable airsoft gun, then this one’s a good option to consider.

5. KWA AKG-74M Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a force-velocity gas system
  • Fires 6.05mm ammo
  • Can fire at a speed of 380 to 420 FPS
  • Capable of holding 40 rounds per magazine

As one of the more well-known names in the industry of airsoft gun production, they are known for their high-quality products that offer a realistic feel, close enough to mistake it for the original.

As such, it comes as no surprise that their AKG-74M airsoft rifle possesses the same qualities that made the brand famous.

The AKG-74M rifle from KWA features a look and feel that’s designed to mimic the appearance and weight of the original AK rifles.

Featuring the updated design from the classic AK rifle, it’s made out of polymer materials, making it lighter and easier to handle. Because of this, it’s easier to shoot and provides a higher level of accuracy than its predecessor.

However, despite its lightweight nature, it has a solid build that can withstand the heavy action involved when shooting.

It’s inspired by “real steel” automatic guns which is why this airsoft gun is designed to be close enough to the real thing in terms of design, feel, and weight.

It’s available at a budget-friendly enough price, allowing you to explore what a high-quality airsoft rifle has to offer without breaking the bank.

6. BBTac AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun

Highlighted Features

  • Replica of the original AK-47
  • Features an adjustable hop-up
  • Shoots at a speed of 150 to 200 FPS
  • Operates as semi- or fully automatic
  • Powered by a 7.2V battery
  • Compatible with a 50RD 6mm clip and 1500RD barrel mag

This AK-47 replica from BBTac is one of the best airsoft AKs available due to its ability to provide accurate shots to users even at a distance of 40 feet.

It has a decent enough amount of firepower that it can serve as a great gun if you want to do practice shooting or are only starting to get into the world of airsoft guns.

However, since it lacks the range needed for actual matches, it’s unsuitable to use for such and the limited options for attachments can prove to be more disadvantageous for you in a match.

Nevertheless, it has a capacity of shooting at a speed of 150 to 200 FPS and is capable of operating as either a semi-automatic or fully automatic airsoft assault rifle.

It’s powered by a 7.2V battery which provides enough juice for a few sessions without recharging.

Although it has a 50 RD 6mm clip with a BB opening, you can also switch it for a 1500 RD barrel mag if you need more rounds. However, this is sold separately so you’ll have to shell out extra cash if you want those extra rounds.

Overall, it’s a good option for beginners, especially for those who are trying to practice their aim.

7. BBTac AK-47 Style Airsoft Assault Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Features a fast-loading and high-capacity magazine, capable of storing up to 200 rounds
  • Shoots at a speed of 250 to 300 FPS
  • Uses 0.12g 6mm ammo (FPS drops to 150 when using 0.20g ammo)
  • Point-and-shoot mechanism

Similar to the previous entry on this list, this AK-47 style airsoft gun from BBTac features a high-quality yet affordable design that’s perfect for novices in the world of airsoft.

It’s easy enough to operate, opting for a point-and-shoot mechanism that’s helpful for beginners.

It has a decent amount of firepower and provides a high level of accuracy for shots, perfect for practicing your aim.

It typically uses 0.12g 6mm ammo but you can also use 0.20 ammo but it has a downside – the FPS drops to 150 when using such ammo as opposed to its usual 250 to 300 FPS.

It’s a great starter airsoft gun as it allows beginners to explore the mechanics of airsoft rifles without having to shell out a large amount of money for it.

It’s made of highly durable plastic which, while not as sturdy as metal, gives it its lightweight quality. This makes it easier to handle and aim, especially if you’re still trying to get a grasp of how to operate an airsoft gun.

8. BBTac BT-022 Electric Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Uses 6mm ammo
  • Electrically powered
  • Adjustable sight
  • With removable clip
  • Powered by a 7.2V 700 mAh Ni-Cd battery
  • Shoots at approximately 200 FPS
  • Has 3 modes: safe, semi-auto, and fully automatic
  • Capable of holding up to 300 rounds per magazine
  • Has aiming sight
  • With a battery compartment for extra storage

Featuring qualities that give you some of the best value for your money, the BT-022 is considered one of the best AK-47 airsoft guns for beginners.

It has three modes – safe, semi-auto, and fully auto – that allow you to have enhanced control over your shooting. It has a simple point-and-shoot design that makes it easy to grasp for novice shooters.

It’s powered by a 7.2V battery that is more than capable of handling its firepower. It can shoot at a speed of around 200 FPS when using 0.12g 6mm ammo, a bit less when shooting with 0.20g ammo.

A magazine is capable of holding around 300 rounds, giving you enough firepower during matches before having to reload.

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t just have an adjustable sight, it also has an infrared laser attachment that makes aiming significantly easier.

Although it’s made from plastic, it’s durable enough to withstand general use although it is a bit slower to fire than some of the higher-end models.

9. CYMA AEG AK-47 Airsoft Gun

Highlighted Features

  • Fires at a speed of 350 FPS
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Includes a full metal gearbox, compatible with Tokyo Marui upgrades
  • Contains 600 rounds per magazine
  • Foldable stock

Designed to provide the same quality and feel as the Tokyo Marui AK-47, the CYMA AEG AK-47 provides users with an enhanced shooting experience at a fraction of the price of the original.

In fact, it does a good job of mimicking the famous Tokyo Marui that it can be difficult to tell them apart when placed side by side.

However, CYMA’s version uses high-quality plastic for most of its parts rather than full metal.

Nevertheless, it’s sturdy enough that it can withstand the wear and tear of use during matches and it has the bonus of being more lightweight than a full metal construction.

Moreover, it’s fully compatible with TM upgrades, giving you a great bang for your buck.

It has a high shooting velocity, allowing you to fire up to 350 FPS and with around 600 rounds per magazine, it’ll be difficult to miss your target.

Accuracy is also a big thing with this model as the adjustable rear iron sight gives it a high level of accuracy that makes shots as precise as possible.

10. Kalashnikov Soft Air Spetsnaz Airsoft Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Features a tactical rail with weaver standards
  • Has a muzzle velocity of 350 to 380 FPS
  • Uses 0.20g 6mm ammo
  • Each magazine contains up to 550 rounds
  • Powered by an 8.4V battery
  • Features a shorter barrel than the typical AK-47
  • Uses a spin-up shooting system

Last but not least is the Kalashnikov Spetsnaz. Inspired by one of the most aggressive yet best-trained fighting units, the Spetsnaz is a gun that can help you win matches with ease.

Although it’s based on the classic and iconic AK-47, it features a shorter barrel that allows you to easily overpower opponents in close combat.

Aside from this, it features a solid stock that allows for maximum comfort and optimal control over shots, giving you increased accuracy. It can shoot 0.20g 6mm ammo at a speed of 350 to 380 FPS, allowing you to hit your target with ease.

Each magazine is capable of handling 550 rounds at a time, enabling you to take your shot without running out of ammo in the middle of a match. All of these are powered by an 8.4V battery.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Airsoft AK

As mentioned, there are several factors to consider when buying an airsoft AK gun.

Features like its accuracy, power, and ease of use are all things you need to consider but before all that, you need to identify why you’re getting an AK-47 in the first place.

You will need to identify the nature of your use and whether or not you have the budget to support it. For simple shooting practice, opting for beginner-friendly models that aren’t too hard on the budget might suffice.

However, if you’re planning to compete in matches, whether in tournaments or just friendly matches with your loved ones, you’re better off investing in high-quality equipment that can handle the activity and give you a better performance.

There are also add-ons and attachments to consider as these can significantly improve your performance in matches. However, you probably won’t need those upgrades and add-ons if you’re a casual user.

The size of ammo is also a consideration. You need to choose the most compatible for your rifle. Other considerations are the magazine capacity, battery capacity, and speed of firing.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Airsoft AK-47

Once you have your own airsoft AK-47, you need to regularly maintain it and use it properly to ensure that it provides you with the best possible performance at all times as well as guarantee that it lasts for a long time.

With that said, here are some tips for using and maintaining your airsoft AK-47.

  • Keep it in a soft bag or container where it won’t accumulate dust and/or get damaged.
  • Despite its durability, use it with care as banging it around will damage your airsoft gun and affect its performance.
  • Regularly clean the barrel with the provided cleaner and make sure to follow the instructions.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate the gearbox with silicone oil to prevent jams and misfires.
  • Always empty the magazine after use, especially if you have an AEG or spring rifle.
  • Be responsible when handling your airsoft AK-47, especially since others may mistake it for a real gun.


Airsoft guns modeled after classic firearms like the AK-47 can not only be a great addition to your collection but its iconic design can also be a great introduction for novices to the world of airsoft guns.

It can also provide you with a powerful enough performance in the field during matches, with many models offering an amazing balance between performance and control, providing higher levels of accuracy for shooters.

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