Best Airsoft Revolver: The Ultimate Cowboy Gun Selection

The revolver is one of the most intimidating weapons ever made. It dates back to the early 19th Century and was used by the Cowboys as a measure of fighting the law and outlaws.

However, airsoft revolvers have the same ring to it and they look great when you need something realistic to keep you protected or to have some fun.

The best airsoft revolvers look realistic and they are great for target practice. These guns can be used for fun or competitive skirmishes.

Airsoft revolver will have great impact velocity, which means that the bullets can travel a fair distance and keep the weapon firing accurately.

Since they tend to look very realistic, these weapons work great for self-defense as well and should make it possible for you to carry them on your person during daily errands.

When looking for the best airsoft revolver, you will notice that there are tons of these weapons on the market today and all of them offer some great value for your money.

It will come down to your personal preference when you need to choose which one is the best, and there are many intricate features to consider.

In the following article, we will deep-dive into these products to make sure that you have a basic understanding of how each airsoft revolver works.

They work similarly to the best airsoft pistols, but the design and shape can be a bit more intimidating. However, these reviewed revolvers will be a lot of fun to carry and play with.

Best Pick

The Elite Force H8R Revolver is one of the top options on the market today and it features a double-action design.

It might be large in terms of the overall design, but the weight should not be an issue due to the plastic construction.

We have ranked it as the top option due to the excellent firing rate it offers.

Budget Pick

If you like something affordable that will offer you great opportunities to add accessories, the Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol is one of the top airsoft revolver options.

It features a Picatinny mount, which enables you to add scopes and other small accessories when needed.

Quick Comparison

Best Airsoft Revolver On The Market Today

Having said all that we can about how effective and stunning these weapons are in practice, you might need to have a deeper look at some of the other options on the list.

Fortunately, we have isolated some of the best airsoft revolvers money can buy. Now, you should have a vast array of options to choose from and find the one you need.

1. Elite Force H8R Revolver

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 5 magazines for ammunition
  • 305 fps impact velocity
  • Ergonomic grip

The first option that has made it onto our list is the Elite Force H8R Revolver. The unit looks like one of the most realistic options on the market today and it also feels comfortable for almost every user.

The gunnies are constructed from metal and polymer, with the polymer being molded to give you an ergonomic feeling when you hold the gun.

Ammunition is always an issue, especially with some of these smaller airsoft guns that can only hold around 1 magazine of 10-rounds.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has decided to include 5 of these magazines, which means you will have access to around 50-rounds of ammunition whenever you use the weapon.

Since accuracy is one of the main features you need to consider, it is worth noting that the revolver feature fiber optic sights.

These sights cannot be adjusted, but they offer additional accuracy to the shooter and will make it more comfortable. The gun will fire standard 6mm plastic BB bullets when you have it ready for use.

Since most of the components are pretty basic, it is up to you to figure out how the gun works and how to make it accurate.

There are no real hassles that will force you to make adjustments to the gun and since it is a product from the Umarex brand, you are guaranteed to have value for your money. We would recommend the gun for sport shooting.

2. Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol 

Highlighted Features:

  • Integrated Picatinny rail
  • Molded Polymer Construction
  • 375 fps impact velocity

The Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol is one of the most realistically looking airsoft revolvers currently on the market today. The pistol looks like one you would imagine from the cowboy era and has a durable feeling to it as well.

Since it is from the same manufacturer as the previous option, the gun is made from metal and polymer combinations.

Much like the previous option, the revolver can hold up to 10-rounds in one magazine. This might not seem like much, but once you consider the addition of 3 magazines, you can preload them and you will be ready for firing your rounds.

The airsoft pistol is lightweight but might look large due to the overall dimensions.

One of the main features that we love is the integration of the Picatinny rail. These rails are very common in most rifles and make it possible to mount accessories when needed.

With the Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol, you will be able to mount a miniature scope and laser sights when you feel the need.

Overall, we have selected the Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol as our budget picks on the market today. The gun is one of the top options and will offer you some great value for your money.

It is extremely accurate and we love the accessories that anyone can mount. We would recommend it for sport shooting endeavors.

3. Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver

Highlighted Features:

  • Realistic design
  • Based On The Colt Peacemaker
  • 380 fps impact velocity

Umarex is one of the leading brands on the market today and they have built a reputation for airsoft weapons.

The Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver looks like a replica of the coveted Colt Peacemaker Revolver. It is made from solid metal materials with an overlay coating that will keep it weatherproof.

The revolver has a very unique method of operation and you will notice that on the inside of the loading panel, you have casings.

Each of these casings can hold up to 6-rounds. While this might not seem like a lot, you will find that it has 6 different casing that will give you enough rounds when you are in an airsoft combat battle.

The gun looks very heavy from the pictures, but in reality, it is lighter than the original but will look very intimidating.

The 380-feet per second impact velocity will ensure that when the weapon is fired the gun will keep its trajectory.

The trajectory only starts to fade after a couple of yards and when there is a strong wind present.

If you are a gun collector, or you have someone in the family that loves the old revolvers from the Wild West, you should consider buying them the Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver as a gift.

Even though the gun is made for shooting, it is also a great option that can simply be shown to some of your friends as a replica of the real Colt Peacemaker.

4. TSD PY-4480-8739.357 6″ Airsoft Revolver

Highlighted Features:

  • Kid-friendly design
  • Spring powered
  • Repeater functionality

In the world of BB guns, you might not always need something real and the standard airsoft guns that children like can often bring you great fun.

The TSD PY-4480-8739.357 6″ Airsoft Revolver is one of these revolvers that does not only work for shooting at targets but due to the lightweight construction, it is perfect for skirmishes.

It is not as loud as many of the other options on the list, which means that children can play outside if they have the right safety measures to ensure the eyes and body is protected.

It looks like a real pistol or revolver, and the gun can fire around 6-rounds before it needs to be reloaded. In competitive skirmishes, the reloading might be tedious.

Unlike many of the other options, the TSD PY-4480-8739.357 6″ Airsoft Revolver is not CO2 powered. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to constantly fill up on those cartridges.

The spring-powered design means you will only need to pull back the lever on the gun and it should be ready for you to start firing off your rounds.

With all these basic features, you can pick this gun up for a real bargain. It is one of the most affordable options on the market today and will allow you to have some fun with your kids or with their friends outside.

It is not one of the best airsoft revolvers, but the ideal option for children that want to get started or are interested in guns.

5. Umarex Colt 6″ Python .177 Caliber Steel BB C02 Air Pistol

Highlighted Features:

  • 410 fps impact velocity
  • Realistic Python Design
  • Includes 2 cartridges

Umarex is by far one of the top brands when it comes to making these pistols.

Much like Daisy is the leader of the airsoft rifles, Umarex has taken the market with the pistols.

The Umarex Colt 6″ Python .177 Caliber Steel BB C02 Air Pistol is made from solid steel and has the same resemblance as the Colt Python Revolver.

While many of these pistols can only fire the plastic BB bullets, they do not have the same impact as the steel alternatives.

Fortunately, this airsoft pistol can fire the steel BB bullets with ease and they have an impact velocity of around 410 feet per second. This means that they will do a lot of damage when hitting targets at a close range.

The realistic Colt Python design means that the gun is not only used for competitive skirmishes. It can also be used for self-defense.

It might not have a massive clip, but you will receive two cartridges that can house 10 bullets each. This should be enough to allow you to escape if you care caught up with an attacker.

Due to the quality of the design and all the features, the Umarex Colt 6″ Python .177 Caliber Steel BB C02 Air Pistol tends to be one of the top reliable options on the list.

Yes, it is also one of the most expensive options, but you will get great value for your money. We would highly recommend it for competitive shooters.

6. Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Hunting Air Pistol

Highlighted Features:

  • Gun Metal Construction
  • Adjustable Optics
  • Picatinny Rail Included

You don’t need to have the largest revolver if you want to make an impact. Oftentimes, the smaller options can be much better and offer you the opportunity to conceal the weapon when it is used for self-defense.

We have selected the Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Hunting Air Pistol for the small design and the stunning finish of Gun Metal.

The gun remains one of the most powerful when comparing ti to some of the others that have a similar size.

The CO2 powered design means that it will fire bullets at a decent rate and the impact velocity is measured at around 350 feet per second. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to fill it with tons of bullets.

Since accuracy is the one thing that everybody is concerned about with these guns, it is great to know that the manufacturers have included the Picatinny rail mounting mechanism. What this means is that you can change the optics.

If you want a laser on the air revolver, you can add it, but miniature scopes can also be mounted to the pistol if you want more accuracy.

Beginners and experts will have a lot of fun with this gun and it not only stands out for the value that is offered but for all the additional accessories you can add.

If you are not sure if this is the ideal gun for your needs, you will be pleased to know that it is also very affordable. However, we would recommend it for the size to quality ratio on offer.

7. HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolvers

No products found.

Highlighted Features:

  • ABS Plastic Construction
  • Double Action Rate Of Fire
  • 6 shooter design

Last but certainly not least, we have one of the most affordable options you can find on the market today.

The HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolver is one of the top options that we would recommend for beginners and those with limited skills.

It is constructed from basic ABS plastic. However, the hardened plastic still serves a good purpose.

The double-action feature means that you can fire bullets more rapidly and you will fire around two rounds each time you fully push down the trigger.

It can be very beneficial in skirmishes when you need a decent rate of fire to suppress your opponents, but you will also run out of ammunition since the weapon does not have any backup cartridges.

When looking at the weapon in the images, you might find that it is a bit heavy from these images. However, the plastic design means that it is lighter than some of the metal alternatives and can be easily carried around.

Unfortunately, the large size of the barrel can make it hard to conceal without a specialized holster for the gun.

Overall, there is not too much we could find fault with the HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolver. It might not compare to what brands like Umarex and Daisy bring to the table, but it remains a decent option for those starting.

If you are a beginner and you want a brand new revolver for shooting targets or having some fun, the HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolvers is a great option for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Airsoft Revolver in 2o21

There are a couple of things to check before making a purchase. Those points will guide you to get a better airsoft revolver:


Firstly, you must consider the feeling of the gun, as in how it feels to hold and use the product. This factor will vary a lot from one model to another.

Some will offer an actual feeling of holding a traditional revolver, while some will feel like a slab of plastic. The design and the weight has a significant role to play in this regard.

So, if you were looking to get the feeling of holding an actual revolver, you need to consider whether the unit has a proper design and an adequate amount of weight.


Aside from that, people should also be wary of ergonomics.

For this, you need to check the grips. Make sure that there is some sort of texture on the surface, or else it will be hard to get a solid grip on the handle, which would lead to the gun being hard to operate.


The FPS will basically state how far the BB is going to go after shooting. This factor dictates the range. The higher the FPS, the farther the BB is going to reach. To land the targets that are a bit far from where you are standing, you would want to get the revolvers with a higher FPS rating.

Additionally, the guns with higher FPS will get the BBS to reach the target quickly. The bullet time is going to be relatively low for those.

Hence, if you want to land your shots on the target quickly, you need to pick the ones that have a higher FPS rating.

The Magazine

Even though the magazine might seem an insignificant thing to prioritize on, it is pretty important.

A good rotary system is a must for the revolver. Without that, the overall experience you will have when using the gun will not be impressive. For that reason, you should consider the rotary system of the magazine.

Additionally, the capacity should be in your consideration as well.

Usually, most of the models will have a six-round magazine, but there are some that have 10 or 8 rounds. Those will require less frequent reloading. However, the six rounds are going to offer you the authentic feeling of operating a six-shooter.


One of the factors that you should prioritize when buying these items is the cartridge. Most of the units will utilize a CO2 cartridge.

However, not all of them are going to be easy-to-find and economical. And you would not want to spend a ton of money in getting the cartridges, right?

So, you should pick the guns that have a highly accessible cartridge. Also, do make sure the cartridge is efficient, or else it is highly likely that you will find yourself changing the cartridge too frequently.


One thing that most of the models will not have is an adjustable sight. However, this is something you absolutely would want.

Without this, it will be hard to tune the sight properly. And without tuning the sight, the accuracy of the shots will be considerably low.


Another thing that most of the models might not have is the safety lever. But people should check for this feature, or else the chances of the BBs firing when they are holstering the gun will be relatively high. By keeping this in mind, you should get the models that have manual lever safety.


The durability will highly depend on the construction materials. And not all of the models will feature the construction of the same material.

Some Airsoft pistol will have steel, while some will be of polymer. No matter what the material is, you need to check whether the material is sturdy or not.

Usually, the high-quality ones are more durable than the others. And the durable ones will last for a long time without showing any issues. You would be able to get extended use out of them.

Disclaimer – Airsoft Revolver

Many of these pistols and revolvers look very realistic and without the right protection, you could find yourself doing a lot of damage.

It is best to have the right protective equipment when playing around with these guns. If you are playing with friends, we would also recommend having a controlled environment for additional safety.

Keep in mind that many US states have a complete ban on firearms and since replicas are so realistic in the modern era, it can be hard to argue with officials about whether you might have them.

We recommend making sure from your local county sheriff to ensure that you are in the right before buying one of these airsoft revolver guns.


The best airsoft revolver can look like the real thing and they are fun to play with. Even if you don’t like shooting these guns, they can still be great for collection as replicas.

We would recommend all of these reviewed airsoft revolvers for different purposes and they will offer you some great value for your money. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any of your favorites.

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