Things You Should Know Before Buying a Fireproof Gun Safe

There are different types of safes available in the market. Each of them has some benefits that they can offer. Recently, the safes are coming with having fireproof capabilities alongside being waterproof.

These are the ones that will stay intact even if your property gets destroyed by fire or if the location that you stored them in catches fire.

Now, getting one of them might sound like a great idea. But for getting the most out of the money that you are going to spend on, there are some things you should know beforehand. Besides, we are going to share all the knowledge that we got by digging up the information related to these types of safes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

While most of the safes that are in the market will boast that they are fireproof, not all of them will be able to provide adequate protection if a situation like that ever occurs.

And for getting those, these are the factors that you have to consider before you spend your precious money and risk your valuable items in one of them:

Fireproof or Fire-Resistant

One of the selling points of these types of safes is to label them as fireproof with an asterisk on the top. But if you dig a little bit deeper, you will find that that asterisk stands for being resistant to fire.

Now, you might ask whether both the terms same or not. Well, no, both the terminology has different meanings, and they are not the same.

Fire-resistant means that the safe will be able to resist fire to a certain extent. That means if an occasional fire accident does occur around the safe, it will not allow the fire to get inside and burn the important paperwork and documents you have stored inside the safe.

However, these are usually of thin metal and will not be able to withstand the heat that much of an amount of time.

One the other hand, the best fireproof safes will not only be able to resist fire but also will ensure that no matter how long the fire burns around the vicinity, it does not get inside. That means if any serious fire breaks out, the documents that are inside will stay safe. Nevertheless, the fireproof rating will vary from one safe to another.

Fireproof Ratings

As we mentioned above, the fireproof rating will be a bit different for each of the safes. While some will have a higher rating, some might come with a minimal rating that will not be effective in extreme scenarios. The fireproof ratings are mainly stated as the US or UL certification number for the safes.

Now for the ones that are substantially fireproof as in the ones that can have a high fire withstanding capacity will have a number which is at least 1. The higher the number, the better the withstanding capability will be. So if you want to keep your important documents safe from fires, you would want to get the ones that come with higher numbers.

Fire Seal

The fireproof seals will usually come with a seal. This seal will ensure that the fire or the smoke from the fire can not make its way to the insides. In this case, what you have to understand is that the metal expands when the heat is applied. And with the expansion, the seal might break off.

For this reason, you will have to make sure that the safe that you are shooting for comes with a sturdy seal. If it is, it will also be able to keep the moisture out. So, getting one of them will let you keep your safe dry as well.

What You are Planning to Store

If you are planning to buy a fireproof gun safe, you will not have to worry about this that much because firearms will be able to handle a bit of heat. But if you are planning to store electronics inside, the case is a little different.

The safes that are claiming to be fireproof will not be entirely fire-resistant. As you know, heat and electronics do not go that much together.

By keeping that in mind, if you want to store valuable electronics inside that safe, you would want to shoot for the ones that are not only fireproof but has heat resistant sealing for the protecting the inside.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is another important factor that you will have to keep in mind while you are choosing a fireproof safe. As heat and electronics do not go well that much, you would want to get the ones that come with a key lock.

However, you can also choose one of the digital safe locks, but do make sure whether the locking mechanism does have a backup keyhole or not. With those, you can access the safe even if the electronics get fried up in the fire.

Size of the Safe

The size is a common factor that you have to consider for every kind of safes that are out in the market. If you want to store a large number of important stuff inside, you would want to go for the large ones. And if you plan to keep some important documents, small to medium ones will be just fine.

So, before you buy a large one, do make sure that you know how to move them properly.

How Long Can a Fireproof Safe Withstand Fire?

The period that a fireproof safe will be able to withstand fire will entirely depend on the fire rating that it has. For most of the safes, it is thirty minutes, which is more than enough. As when a fire accident occurs in your home or office, it will move from one room to another. So a safe that can last for thirty minutes is more than adequate in this regard.

Final Words

Hopefully, by knowing the things you should know before buying a fireproof gun safe, you will be able to make an efficient overall decision. With that said, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping that all your important stuff survives if any fire accidents do occur.

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