How to Keep Important Documents Safe at Home

Apart from keeping your guns safe in your home by storing them inside a gun safe, you would also want to get your important documents stored too.

Well, just like firearms, keeping essential paperwork lying around the tabletops and in drawers is not entirely secure. Anyone will have access to them and can take advantage of them if they get their hands on them.

Now, you would want to know about how to keep important documents safe at home. Well, you just came to the right source for that.

We are going to show you how and alongside that, we are also going to let you know what documents you should consider keeping safe. With that said, let us get right to it.

The Documents That You Should Store Safely

Not all the paperwork holds that much of an importance, and you should also waste the storage space by storing unnecessary documents in a storage solution.

The ones that we think are important and you should consider keeping stored safely are:

  • Tax Returns

The annual tax return papers are something that you should consider keeping inside a safe storage box. Even though for the IRS, you will be able to get rid of the supporting paperwork after three years.

However, it is quite essential to keep them safely secured at that time. And in that period, if the IRS decides to audit the financial fillings, you will be able to back yourself up with those.

  • Birth Certificates

Everyone has a birth certificate. This certificate is extremely important in the case of making legal documents. From getting a passport to getting a social security card to making a bank account, you are going to have to use this certificate to prove your nationality and your age.

For this reason, many prefer to make copies of this certificate and keep them around in different storing solutions.

  • Passport

We all know the hassle of making a new passport. If you get your passport lost somehow, you are going to have a lot of hassles to get it renewed. Apart from that, losing this can also mean that one who finds it will have all the essential information of you. That information can be used for immoral purposes. So it would be a good idea to keep your passport safely stored.

  • Social Security Cards

The social security card is one of the important documents that you should consider keeping them safe. You would not want to carry it around in your wallet because you can easily lose it in that way. Your social security number is something that anyone will be able to use for legal works.

So, if it gets to any unsafe hands, you can find yourself in depts that you never remember having in the first place.

  • Wills and Property Deeds

The wills, ownership forms, and deeds are important documents that you should consider keeping stored safely. If someone gets access to all that information, they will be able to manipulate them and use them for their own gains, which will be your loss.

Marriage Certificates and Divorce Papers

The marriage certificates and divorce papers fall under the legal documents. And as it goes with every other legal paperwork, you should also get these stored somewhere that you only have access to.

  • Photos and Photo Albums that are Irreplaceable

Because of the advancement of modern technology, you will be able to scan and store the irreplaceable photos digitally.

However, it is always a good idea to keep the originals somewhere securely. By keeping them safe, you are going to ensure that they do not get to the wrong hands or gets ruined in any extreme conditions.

Ways to Keep Important Documents Safe at Home

Now that you have a general idea about the documents that you should keep stored safely, you would want to know how to keep them safe. Well, these are the methods that you can follow:

Method 1: Keep it in a Safe

For the documents, we would recommend you to get yourself the best fireproof safe. If you keep them inside one of those types of safe, you will not have to worry about them getting damaged if any fire accidents break into your home.

Apart from that, we would recommend you to know the things about a fireproof safe before you plan to buy one.

As we are talking about papers, it would be best if you can get a fireproof safe that is also can resist water. Usually, the ones that have proper sealing on the door jamb will be waterproof. Those will provide you an additional layer of security if any water does find its way inside during flood.

Method 2: Plastic Page Slips

If getting a safe is not a viable option for you, you can opt for the plastic page slips. These will allow you to protect the paperwork from tearing and wearing.

Alongside that, they will also make sure that the documents do not get damaged if any water comes in contact with them. And when you decide to get them out of the slips, they will be in pristine condition.

Method 3: Use Technological Means

We are living in a modern era where technology has advanced substantially. Now, you can scan almost all of your documents and convert them into a digital copy. Thus, you can store that digital copy to any digital storage and keep them inside a safe.

This method will also allow you to make waste less paper, which makes this one an eco-friendly approach to storing documents at home.

Ways to Properly Dispose of Unnecessary Documents

After some time, you might not need a particular paper, or the paper might not that much of an importance. In that case, it would be wise to dispose of it instead of making it occupy space in your storage solution. But if you just throw it away, you will risk all the information that is on that paper.

In that case, you can use a shredder. That equipment will make sure that all the information that was on the document is destroyed correctly. You will be able to make sure that the information that was in the paper does not get to the wrong hands.


Keeping important documents stored in your house means that you will get quick access to them when necessary. So, we hope that we were able to show you how to keep important documents safe at home adequately. With that, we would like to conclude here by hoping that you can sort out and store all the important paperwork efficiently.

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