How to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment

With all of the crimes going on in your area, keeping yourself and your family safe is the main priority. To do so, the practice of bearing guns for defense is a right that you can exercise, but it also comes with great responsibility.

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Get a Gun Safe for Equipment Storage

Easy access may mean that your kids can unknowingly reach it, which in return can pose a threat to their well-being. To prevent it, ensure that your hiding spot is not within their height nor hold. It is not advisable to store it in unlocked drawers nor cabinets either.

Owning a safe for your gun is the most recommended option since its heavyweight, and the complicated lock can prevent any burglars from accessing it. Moreover, it keeps the pristine condition longer since its steel frame can avoid any environmental pressures and rust.

The other equipment that goes along with it, such as rifle scopes and scope lenses, can also be kept shielded from harm.

Ideal Location

Imagine you are the criminal and ask yourself, “Where do I think the owner is hiding the gun?” Having this basic information will ensure you not to store the gun exactly in those spots, such as drawers, cabinet, and mattresses. Instead, look for a place not common, and you can also invest in false containers that mimic your furniture aesthetics.

To give you an overview, here are the places worth mentioning—

Embedded Unto the Wall

The strength of the wall and the heaviness of the safe would guarantee a not-so-easy removal. To do it, the first thing that you need is to select a spot on your wall where it would be placed. Then, outline the safe and cut the part.

Ensure that the gun safe can fit in the frame as you place it, without being too small nor big for the size. After you have removed the wall, use a drill to secure nuts and bolts, which would be needed as you stabilize it. Secure the safe in place.

In the Floor

If the wall is not an option, to begin with, you can consider a place that is not within eye level, which is your floors. It is a unique place to look for, especially under your carpet or hidden under unsuspicious furniture.

To do so, you need to measure a hole that has the same dimensions as your safe. Then, cut the desired location and secure it in its place. Wooden floors are not the best choice with this type of space since the burglars can easily axe around and take the safe. Instead, aim for cemented floors.

Other Methods

Now that you know where you can secure your gun, the next priority is to make it harder for the unwelcome guests to carry the safe away from your home. Here are some options—

Steel Slab

Steel slabs make your safe rigid enough, making its security sure. In doing so, you should invest in heavy and thick steel slabs that will make it worth the buy. Having steel that has more width than your door frame is recommended, adding to its strength.

Using Two Safes

This is where the “the more, the merrier” idiom comes in handy, since the more prominent the weight, the more unlikely it is to be stolen. It is preferable, especially for those who do not prefer to leave a hole on their floors or wall, since even if the burglars may find it, getting it out of the house is next to impossible.

A Gun Safe in Case of Fire

In times of unwanted happenings such as a house or building fire, you would want to ensure your gun’s safety. With this, a fireproof gun safe is an answer, keeping it secure and still in shape despite the heat and burning flame that can damage its frame.

With plenty of bulletproof variety, invest in the best one that can do its job in keeping your gun in place and away from fire. Look for its overall material and assess if it can withstand not only heat but any potential environmental pressures.

Securing Gun Safe as a Tenant

Not everyone is the owner of their own house, but you can still hope for the best security even if you live in an apartment. Since you cannot tarnish anywhere in the house permanently, relying on nuts, bolts, and polymer glue can be an option to stabilize your safes.


Without a doubt, you own a gun to protect you, and you should save your gun too. With this said, buy a gun safe to prevent unwanted stealing or environmental pressures from getting your way!

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