Best Case Prep Centers 2021- Your Guide to Easy Prepping

Firing off round after round may be a fun way to spend a day at the range. However, loading all those rounds is not quite as fun. Well, not necessarily able to make it more fun, the right case prep station can make reloading easier and more efficient.

Case prep centers are a one-stop tool for reloaders and allow them to have just one machine to deburr, chamfer, ream, clean, and sometimes even trim. Given how important a device they are, it is crucial to make sure that you have the best case prep center.

Read on below for our top 6 case prep stations, as well as, tips for helping you decide on the right device for you.

Best Pick

Our pick for the overall best case prep station is the RCBS 90375 Trim Mate Case Prep Center.

This product, from industry renown Bushnell, offers a ton of features all made with the highest quality materials.

The functionality and ease of use of this station made it a no brainer for our best pick.

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Hornady 0500160 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Trio.

This case prepper packs the essential to get the job done into a compact, quiet, portable and surprisingly affordable package.

Quick Comparison

Top 6 Best Case Prep Centers

Whether you have a big or small budget or are looking for basic or tons of extra tools, we have the perfect brass prep station for you. We have rounded up the top 6 case prep centers review below.

1. RCBS 90375 Trim Mate Case Prep Center

Key Features:

  • Five gear-driven rotating heads
  • Two stationary positions to help with working on casing necks
  • Lots of additional accessories with it

This prep center is a top of the line model by one of the best-known names in hunting and shooting, Bushnell. Bushnell has been a leading manufacturer of reloading equipment since 1943.

The tradition continues with this center that is made with only the highest quality materials.

On top of the case prep central piece, you also get large and small primer brushes, inside chamfering tools, outside deburring tools, medium and small case neck brushes, and a packet of dry case neck lube.

This set includes everything that you need with one purchase. When you are ready to expand your reloading equipment, the company sells lots of gear and accessories to accompany this piece.  

Not only does it having everything you need to get started, but this station is also designed for time-saving. With this prep station, you can prep and trim the cases at the same time.

It also features two stationary positions. One to hold case neck brushed and one is a cupped area to hold dry case neck lube.

These areas allow for the tools to be right at your fingertips while working on the case neck, which saves you time from searching. There are also five gear-driven rotating heads.

2. Hornady 050160 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Trio

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable, including storage for optional accessories
  • Brushed aluminum housing
  • Has three active stations

This case prep tool will become your ultimate go-to for when you have to move your reloading station around. It is made from aluminum, meaning it is durable and light.

The aluminum casing, combined with its high torque, low-speed motor, provides years of dependable use.

The design is also small and compact, making it easy to store away or back in your hunting kit. Built into the station is storage for additional accessories.

Which you might end up with lots of as this center can support any 8-32 thread tools, such as primer pocket cleaners and reamers or case neck brushes.

Even though it can support all those tools, you will not have to change tools in the middle of the job regularly.

The center has three active stations so you can chamfer, deburr, and clean without having to switch up your tools. The kit comes with tools to chamfer and deburr the inside and outside of casings.

This center may not have all the accessories that some other sets come with, but it comes with the standard pieces you need. It is perfect for someone just starting with reloading, or to have to take with you on the go.

3. Lyman Case Prep Xpress 115V 7810220

Key Features:

  • Quiet high powered motor
  • All necessary case prep tasks in one machine
  • Five tool stations

This tool wants to save you time by providing you with an all-inclusive experience, well, at least regarding your reloading.

The machine has five-tool stations, so the majority of the job can be done without having to change tools. Each of those tool stations is driven by the quiet, but high torque motor.

Those five stations allow you to chamfer the inside and outside of cases, brush case-necks, clean primer pockets, and ream military crimps without having to stop to change a single tool.

When you are ready to change the tool, the machine comes well stock with the options you may need. Tools provided with the set include inside deburr tool, clean-up brush, removable dump pan, 25 Cal, 30 Cal, 38 Cal, and 45 Cal neck brushes.

Plus, they include all your must-have primer tools: small and large primer pocket uniformers, reamers, and cleaners. With all these accessories, you will have everything you need, and no need to buy any extras.

If you are passionate about loading or want to dive headfirst right from the start, this is a great option.

This is one of the best case prep centers and has everything you need to load almost any round you would find yourself needing.

4. Hornady 050012 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center

Key Features:

  • Rugged housing and powerful motor
  • Innovative design to keep shavings out of cases
  • Micro-adjustable trimmer

This is the second Hornady on this list and for good reason considering their reputation for high-quality products. This prep center is the big sister to the one featured early in the list.

Similar to the smaller version, this one features rugged housing and a powerful motor to give the product long-lasting life.

The center is designed to be all-in-one to save you time and valuable workspace.

The center not only features chamfer and deburr tools, but also a power trimmer, large and small primer pocket cleaners. They also provide neck brushes and pilots in six of the most popular caliber sizes (22 Cal, 25 Cal, 270 Cal, 30 Cal, 35 Cal, and 45 Cal).

So it is your all-in-one for almost any gun’s rounds that you could want to load. Do not worry if your desired caliber was not listed. Additional brushes are available to help make this center work for you.

This design wants to make it easy not just to load the casings but to clean up afterward. This center features a unique, innovative design that keeps the shavings out of the casings and into catch trays.

These catch trays are designed to hold a large number of shavings and be easy to detach to dump when the time comes to empty.

5. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

Key Features:

  • Built-in storage box to hold extra tools
  • Several tools provided with the center
  • Heavy-duty motor and drivetrain

This is another great portable all-in-one case prep station. The center comes with a chamfer tool, deburr tool, large and small primer pocket brush, a trimmer with three collets and six shoulder bushings.

This station can help you load any shouldered case from .17 Remington to .460 Weatherby. If the tool you need is not in the basic kit, you can purchase an expansion kit for even more options.

The center keeps all of your extra tools nice and handy with its built-in storage box. This means you can easily pack up the supplies you need to load different types of rounds, even way back at your hunt camp.

On top of keeping everything close at hand, the station also makes the job of reloading easy by having the trimmer index cases of the shoulder for precision and speed.

You will fall in love with this center and use it all the time. Do not worry, though, as it is built to last with a heavy-duty motor and drivetrain.

The ultra-hard HSS cutters on the trimmers are meant to stay sharp even after thousands of rounds. The center itself is made from durable and long-lasting aluminum and steel.

6. Lyman 7777800 Case Prep Multi-Tool

Key Features:

  • Manual, so no need for electricity or batteries
  • Multiple tools in one- including storage
  • Compact and portable

This multitool is our manual option. This tool is a great option for anyone getting started with reloading or the serious professional to have as a backup in case of mechanical problems with power centers.

On the other hand, it can fairly easily be adapted for use with a power drill if you prefer a power option. This tool has all the essentials you need to get the job done.

Despite its small size, it comes with an inside and outside deburring tool, and large and small primer pocket cleaners and reamers.

The device is double-ended with a deburring tool on each end, and the primer pocket tools fit safely inside the device for storage. Both ends are also threaded, meaning two tools can be mounted at once.

The threading on the ends is a standard size so that the device can be used with other standard case prep tools and brushes. Even without the extras, this center can handle .17-.45 caliber rounds.

Choosing the Best Case Prep Center for You

Each of the tools featured above was chosen for the list for different reasons. They each offer various features and benefits for you to consider.

While you are trying to figure out which case prep is the best for you, keep these following factors in mind.

Case Prep Station Size and Storage Ability

You want to consider what space you have available on your workspace. Suppose you will have to store it away when not in use; you want it to be light enough to move and able to fit where needed.

You also want to consider how you will store the additional tools and any future accessories. Hence, a center with built-in storage is a great option.

Tools Included

You want to think about what role you need this tool to play in your brass case prepping.

For example, if you already own a trimmer, you do not necessarily need one included. Consider each device that is provided in the kit, and if you will use it.

If you are not going to use the majority of tools, you may be better off going with a different set and supplementing the few extra pieces you need.

While considering what tools you will need, make sure to think about what caliber of casings you will be reloading.

Ease of Use

There are a lot of factors to consider within the ease of use. To start with, think about manual versus power stations and which you may prefer.

Also, think about how often you will have to stop to change tools, as pauses can mess up the workflow.

Lastly, consider how easy it will be to clean up, including cleaning up the shavings and storing the tool heads.

Keeping these three main things in mind will go a long way in helping you decide what case prepping center to buy. If you do not even know where to start, you can choose to go all out or ease your way in.  


Having the best case prep center can make the task of preparing casings to be loaded fly by, so you can get back to the fun stuff like shooting those rounds.

Above, we have highlighted some of the very best brass prep stations on the market.

We hope that you have found the perfect new tool for your workbench. Whether you are a new or experienced reloader, it is time to get the right brass prep station at your workstation and work for you.

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