Best Beam Scale for Reloading | Top 6 Picks With Buying Guide

Being a gun enthusiast is not an easy task. You are most likely to fire hundreds of bullets in the shooting range. If you visit there frequently, hundreds can quickly turn into thousands in just a matter of weeks. And, ammunitions do not come cheap either.

Because of how pricy ammunitions are, going to the range and doing casual target practicing can be a little taxing on your wallet.

And even if you plan to make the bullets by yourself, you will not be able to get that many effective rounds without getting yourself the right tools for the process.

And among all of the tools that the reloading task requires, a best beam reloading scale is a must. It will enable you to measure the grains accurately and make effective and well-performing bullets.

Now, getting one of those scales in the market is another thing that is not an easy task.

However, today might be your lucky day because you have just found the perfect source that will make that choosing process feel like carrying out an effortless task.

Best Pick

All the units that we are have included in our review section are worth the money.

However, if we were to pick the best one among them, we would go with the Hornady 050109 because of having a reliable magnetic damper. Also, it has a sensitivity of 1/10 grain.

Budget Pick

On the other hand, if you are a little short on money, you can go for the OHAUS 30393272 without any second thoughts.

It also has an up to par accuracy. Also, the build quality of the unit is quite praiseworthy as well.

Quick Comparison

Best Beam Reloading Scale Review

As we mentioned, getting a decent manual reloading scale will be pretty challenging for you. Well, to make things easier for you, we have gone through all the available options and picked the ones that stood out the most to us.

Hopefully, you will be able to find one that suits your type of workload among those. They are:

1. Hornady 050109 Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale (Best Pick)

The beam scale reloading requires a maximum amount of accuracy. And Hornady knew that exactly well. That is why they have incorporated a unique design for this unit.

First of all, Hornady implemented a magnetic dampener mechanism in this tool. That dampener provides an accurate reading.

It also ensures that you get those readings exceptionally fast. As a result, you will have the ability to go through a large batch of reloading tasks in a small amount of time.

Aside from fast and accurate readings, the manual balance mechanism that it features offers a measurement range of zero to five hundred grains.

The grain sensitivity is as small as 0.1. That sensitivity will make sure that you get a precise amount of grains in each of the shells.

Apart from that, the tool boasts a laser-etched bar on the top. Because of being laser etched, you will not have any difficulties in the case of reading the data.

Also, the laser etching will not peel or flake over time. That means you would not have to worry about not being able to easily read the measurements after using it for a certain amount of time.

In the case of the overall construction, the unit is built solid. It is made of high-quality material to ensure maximum durability.

Also, it has steel bearings and hardened pivot pins, which will enhance the overall lifespan of the tool even further.

Other than that, it boasts a molded pan hanger. Because of being molded, it will be able to balance the pan exceptionally well. No matter how heavy your pan is, you would not have to worry about it hanging offset for that.

Highlighted Features

  • The capacity of the tool is up to 500 grains, enabling you to measure a large batch easily
  • Features magnetic dampers, which provides fast and accurate measurements
  • The bar is laser etched, making it easy to read
  • Utilizes steel bearing and hardened pivot pins, which enhances the overall lifespan
  • Has a molded pan hanger to ensure the maximum balance

2. OHAUS 30393272 5-0-5 Reloading Scale, 3.5″ Height, 4″ Wide, 11″ Length (Budget Pick)

The manufacturer OHAUS has been around in the reloading tool market for quite a while now. And in that time frame, they have been pushing out highly dependable tools. This one that we are going to have a look at is no exception in that regard.

To start with, it has a relatively low measuring sensitivity. The sensitivity is one-tenth grain. Because of that, it can offer an up to par accuracy when it comes to measuring powders for reloading tasks.

You would not have to worry about having any misfires if you reload your cartridges by measuring the powder with this tool.

Apart from the accuracy, the unit also has the magnetic dampening mechanism that most of the high-end scales feature. That dampener will increase the accuracy even further.

Alongside that, it will ensure that the scale can offer you precise measurements faster. Reloading tasks will be hassle-free because of that.

Besides that, the build quality of the tool is quite praiseworthy too. The body is of cast metal, which is well known for being exceptionally sturdy.

As a result, you can easily expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any degradation in measuring capability.

Like some of the other scales out there, the bar of this one also has laser etching on it. Because of that laser etching, you will not have any trouble in the case of reading the measurements.

In fact, it will boost your overall productivity and allow you to reload a large number of casings faster than most of the average units.

Lastly, the pan hanger that it boasts has a counter-balanced design. As a result, the measurement’s accuracy will not have any degradation even if your worktable vibrates a little while you are operating the tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a one-tenth grain sensitivity to ensure the maximum precision
  • Utilizes a magnetic dampening mechanism to provide faster readings
  • Build reasonably well, which makes it exceptionally durable
  • Features a laser-etched bar, making the measurements data easier to read
  • The hanger is counter-balanced to ensure a reliable reading

3. RCBS 98916 M1000 Mechanical Scale

It is pretty easy to stumble upon scales for reloading purposes in the market. But what is not that easy is to stumble upon the best balance beam powder scale.

Those usually utilize the highest quality materials for the overall construction. But thanks to manufacturers such as RCBS, that task is not that hard as it seems to be.

As we mentioned, the tool is of high-quality materials. As a result, it has all the sturdy components that a durable scale should have.

Because of that, the degradation of measuring capability over time would not be something that you would have to worry about.

Function wise, it offers everything that a decent manual reloading scale should offer. The bar has technologically advanced laser etching.

That will make sure that the readings are easy to read. You will not have to get yourself a magnifier glass just to measure the powders.

Talking about measuring powders, the accuracy of the unit is quite up to standards. The sensitivity is lower than most of the average measuring tools that are out there.

As a result, you are sure to get readings that are going to be highly reliable. Days of being worried that the shells might not have enough powder in it will be no more after you get your hands on this.

Other than that, the unit sports a heavily engineered design. It has a counter-balanced body, which will lower the chances of your getting inaccurate readings for a slight vibration. That means you can set it up in any of the worktables that you might have lying around.

Also, the pan holder is of heavy-duty steel as well. That will ensure that the tool is capable of working with almost all types of pans.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality materials to offer an elongated lifespan
  • The bar uses laser-etched printings to make it easier for you to read the data
  • Sports a counter-balanced design, mitigating the chance of providing inaccurate readings
  • Can hold almost all types of pans because of the heavy-duty pan holders
  • Has an up to par accuracy

4. Lee Precision Safety Scale Red

Reloading scales require precise beam marks. And Lee Precision did not let their name down when it comes to offering precise measurement readings. This tool from them can illustrate that perfectly.

First of all, the tool utilizes a simple yet functional design. Because of that, it can offer the most easy-to-use beam scale using experience.

That design will make sure you can easily finish off most of the reloading tasks. You will not have to sit and scratch your head while trying to use this tool.

Apart from that, the unit is relatively compact and lightweight. It only weighs one pound. And because of having a small form factor, you can easily fit this on your busy worktable. You would not need to clear up other tools just to set it up on your workbench.

Alongside that, it has a tough phenolic beam. That material will ensure that the bar has an extended lifespan. You can expect to use to for years after years. And in that time frame, you would not even have to worry about performance degradation either.

Besides that, the bar has laser etching, just like most of the other available units in the market. That etching will provide you an easy-to-read reading experience.

You will not have to struggle just to read the weight measurements while you are reloading your cartridges.

The sensitivity of the scale is 1/20 grain. That is reasonably low, which translates that the readings’ accuracy is going to be exceptionally high.

You are sure to get an adequate amount of powder in the ammunition that you are going to make after getting this.

Lastly, the body of the unit is of solid steel. As a result, the sturdiness that it achieves is reasonably higher.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a simple to use design
  • The construction is of solid steel to make the unit sturdy
  • Compact and lightweight, which makes it easier to set up
  • The beam is of tough phenolic, which increases the durability and reliability
  • Beam marks are laser-etched, making it pretty easy to read

5. Redding Reloading – Powder & Bullet Scale

We are going to wrap up our review section with this unit that is from Redding Reloading. There are not that many scales that can be compared to this in the case of capacity.

Let us start by talking about the feature that makes it stand out the most. It has a capacity of 505 grains. That capacity is higher than what the other tools in the market can offer.

As a result, handling a large batch of cartridges will feel like doing an effortless task for you.

Other than that, the accuracy of the unit is also quite up there in the competition. It has an accuracy of one-tenth grain. As a result, you will not have to worry about under or overloading your cartridges with this.

And as the tool boasts a counter-balanced design, you would not have to worry about measurement errors that much too.

Apart from that, it bundles along with a spout pan that can be poured pretty quickly. That design will make it much more convenient for you to pour powders directly into the shells. You would not require any additional tools just to do that.

Alongside that, the manufacturer utilized high-quality material for the construction. It has a construction of solid steel.

Also, it has gound knife edges on the bearing seats. Because of that, you would not have to be worried about chipping or cracking.

Besides that, the bar that it features is hand calibrated. For that reason, the reliability of the tool improves substantially.

Also, there is enough support for the bar. As a result, you should not worry about the bar getting misaligned over time.

Keeping tabs on what others are doing in the market, Redding also implemented laser-etched printings on this case. That will make the readings easy to read.

Highlighted Features

  • Can accommodate up to 505 grains, making it easier for you to carry out heavy-duty reloading tasks
  • The spout pan has a pouring design, allowing you to pour the powder into the cartridges easily
  • Made of quality steel, which makes it long-lasting
  • The accuracy is 1/10 grains, ensuring precise readings
  • Hand calibrated to make it extremely reliable

Things To Consider Before Buying Beam Reloading Scale

Going through the reviews will not cut it if you want to get yourself a beam scale. You are also going to have to keep some factors in mind.

They will offer you the additional support that is required to scrutinize the units efficiently to make the best decision. The factors are:

Beam Scale Accuracy

Before anything else, you will have to consider the accuracy of the scale to get the best balance beam powder scale. A scale that is not accurate will serve no purpose in the case of reloading tasks.

For that reason, you should shoot for the ones that are accurate. Those will ensure the proper loading of the cartridges.

Laser Etching

Most of the scales that you are going to stumble upon will have etched laser printing on them.

However, many might have regular prints on them. Those are the ones that you should avoid. Without laser etching, the printing can get scraped off, which will result in the inability to read the numbers in the future. A

nd you would not want your scale to be inoperable after short use, would you?

For that reason, you should opt for the ones that have laser etching on the bar. The numbers on them will be easier to read. Also, the printing on them will last for a long amount of time without chipping off.

Scale Capacity

Another important aspect that you will have to prioritize while you are choosing these is the capacity. Most of them will be able to accommodate around 500 grains.

However, in this case, the more, the better. The units with a high capacity will easily measure a large amount of powder accurately. As a result, reloading a large number of casings will be much easier for you.


We would like to conclude here by hoping that the task of choosing the best beam reloading scale is not that hard for you now as it was before.

Finally, we want to wish you good luck and hope that you can save loads of money by making your own ammunition by yourself.

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