Why You Should Use a Rifle Scope?

Gone are the days when rifle scopes were only used by professional shooters. However, rifle scopes have become more of a necessity for even the casual hunters nowadays. And why shouldn’t it be? There are numerous ways a good rifle scope can aid you while you’re hunting for a target.

For starters, it enables you to spot and identify animals at long range, while staying hidden in your comfort zone. Secondly, every shot you take has a way better chance of landing on your target. Apart from that, several other factors give you that extra edge over your opponents when you’re shooting competitively.

How does a Rifle Scope Work?

Before we jump into their benefits, you must understand how a rifle scope actually works. Light from the outer environment enters the rifle scope, which is captured by a part of the scope called the focal point. The light is then stored and is sent to the magnifying glass in an inverted form.

The magnifying glass can be found near the magnification ring. This magnifies the image based on the power of your rifle scope, which is displayed on the other end of the scope.

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Types of Rifle Scopes

There are three main types of rifle scopes, each with their individual purpose.

Tactical Scopes

Tactical scopes usually have lower magnification than most. However, this is compensated by the crisp visual quality of the image.

Hunting Scopes

These scopes are the sturdiest of them all as they need to endure harsh environmental conditions. They also have very high magnification power like scout scopes

Sniper Scopes

As the name suggests, sniper scopes are generally used by military personnel due to their efficiency in long-range. They are not that different from hunting scopes.

Advantages of Using a Rifle Scope

There are several ways you can be benefited by having a rifle scope at your disposal. To make it simpler, we have categorized these pros under 5 factors.

Longer Range and Accuracy

It’s quite a redundant fact that a rifle scope drastically enhances the range of your gun. Your accuracy is also affected (positively) due to this attachment. This allows you to climb up the skill tree much faster until you’re a seasoned hunter. Most animals are very aware of their surroundings.

So much so that stepping on a twig can scare them away. That’s no longer a problem when you’re able to plan your shots from a long-range. With the increased magnification, you can catch your target when they’re wandering carelessly. It also reduces the risk of getting mauled by predators when you’re shooting up close.

Psychological Advantage

Equipping a rifle scope to your gun can also noticeably boost your morale. The ability to shoot with such precision from afar can improve your self-confidence, and help you become an expert shooter. You might miss a few of your earlier shots but once you get used to its features, there’s no holding you back.

Likewise, using a first focal plane scope can help you get through the beginner’s struggle. It simultaneously calculates the bullet drop, and the readings are more precise. But don’t worry about making mistakes as you can’t learn without them.

Comfort and Relaxation

Hunting is often considered as the favorite past time for many. Some of you just want to spend your weekend in the peace of the woods looking for prey. But it doesn’t always go as expected. For example, a lot of people find it tiresome to spend hours stalking your prey or finding that perfect spot for aiming.

With a rifle scope, you can effortlessly observe the landscape from a fixed spot. You don’t even need to stay alert all the while expecting a sudden attack. It’s amazing how a simple attachment can make hunting so enjoyable and relaxing.

Having an Edge Over the Competitors

For those that hunt competitively, a good rifle scope can be the key to victory. Whether it’s an official tournament or just a friendly bet, you’ll always have the upper hand if you’re the one with a scope.

They would be running all over the place while you’re landing dead accurate shots from your favorite spot (especially if you have been practicing).


Believe it or not, rifle scopes also act as a measure of safety for the user. There are various options available when it comes to rifle scopes, some of which can be life-saving at times. For example, it can be almost impossible to spot the difference between a man and an animal when you’re hunting at night.

In that regard, a night vision scope or a thermal scope can enhance your visibility to a great extent. These scopes are perfect for low light situations and display easily discernible images. And their detailed magnification allows you to aim from a safe distance without the constant fear of predator attacks.

Final Words

It’s pretty obvious that there no lack of advantages to owning a rifle scope. Surprisingly, they don’t come with any drawbacks either! A good rifle can increase your accuracy, keep you safe, and also makes hunting more enjoyable. So the right question is, why aren’t you using one already?

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