RTIC SoftPak 20 Review in 2021 – Tested and Reviewed

Many people don’t understand a cooler’s need in their lives. Well, the reason might be that they often don’t use a cooler. But a fisherman, a traveler, or even a golfer needs one, and they’d like something that suits their personality.

If you’re someone who loves flexibility in their accessories, read on our RTIC SoftPak 20 reviews for finding the perfect cooler.

RTIC is a famous brand and has earned its name by delivering unique, durable, and affordable products. Their marketing lines like “Half the price and holds more ice” reflect on the company’s promise to provide standard quality products at a low price.

The SoftPack 20 is no different; it’s sturdy, well-built, and of course, holds enough ice for a perfect weekend getaway.

In this article, you’ll discover why RTIC SoftPack 20 is one of the top coolers in the market. We have explained its features in detail and have also mentioned how they benefit the users for your convenience.

As we have said before, people can be very personal about their coolers. So, this one might not be ideal for you. But don’t worry, as you go through our write-up, you’ll know if the model suits your weekend getaways.

Highlighted Features of RTIC SoftPack 20

  • Waterproof design
  • Strong straps
  • Mildew resistant with antimicrobial liner
  • Vinyl shell for sweat prevention
  • Sealed zipper for leak prevention

RTIC Softpak 20 Review

Apart from what we have mentioned in the highlighted features, the RTIC Softpack 20 comes with many more attractive attributes.

The versatility and durability of this model have made it popular among regular travelers. Below we have enlisted its features with an in-depth review for each.

RTIC SoftPack 20 Leak-Proof Design

If you’re visiting the beach or going hiking on a sunny day, the ice in your cooler might melt. In most coolers, the lid isn’t sealed correctly, so they often leak melted ice water. It’s just as gross and inconvenient as it sounds.

In that regard, the RTIC Softpack 20 prides itself with a leak-proof design. We were impressed by the construction of its lid and how well it’s sealed. Even if you pour water into the cooler, it won’t leak.

Insulation and Ice Retention

The cooler features foam insulation of 2-inches. While many soft-sided coolers retain ice for only a couple of days, this one can keep your drinks cold for a maximum of 5 days.

Like most other top coolers, Softpack 20’s capacity is 20 cans. On average, the cooler can keep 20 cans of beer cold for 2-3 days. If you keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t open the cooler often, you can squeeze in a few more days with it.

Compared to other SoftPacks, this one is better if you’re often away for the weekend. You can take it with you on trips or enjoy your kids’ baseball tournament.

SoftPack 20Durable Construction

The general about soft-sided coolers is that they’re flimsy compared to the regular ones, but that’s not true at all. The RTIC SoftPack 20 is so tough that you can’t even puncture it using a sharp nail. It’s puncture-resistant and comes with a heavy-duty vinyl shell.

Besides, the antimicrobial liner resists the molding of the case so that you can use it comfortably when you go camping. Its waterproof liners are protected with nylon. So you can leave the cooler in the rain, and not worry about your food getting wet.

Whenever people look for a SoftPack, they want durable handles. This one comes with four types of handles so that you can carry the cooler however you like. If it’s too heavy, there are small handles on two sides for two people as well.

Flip-Top Lid

This is a handy feature for easy access and organization. Unlike most other coolers, the RTIC SoftPack’s lid opens with a flip and can be popped closed with ease. As the whole structure is stable and robust, it’s easier to store food and drinks in the cooler.

The flip-top lid also makes the cooler look sophisticated and stylish. You can earn the title of “cool Mom” if you carry this along to your kid’s game.

Easily Portable

This is one of the most critical features of soft-sided coolers. People often opt for SoftPacks as they want them to be light and easy to carry around. Thus, SoftPack 20 is very lightweight and designed to be carried by one person. It comes with enough handles for users to hold it comfortably.

Likewise, you can swing it from your shoulders, or carry it in your hands. Twenty drink cans will increase its weight. Hence, we recommend sharing the load with your partner or friends if you can’t carry it along; the handles on each side will come in handy in that sense.


  • Affordable
  • Deep insulation ensures longer ice retention
  • Low maintenance with mildew and puncture resistance feature
  • Easily portable with several handles
  • Water and sweat-resistant


  • Retains ice up to 2.5 days on average
  • Built for carrying drinks, but not great as a solid food carrier

Buyers Guide for RTIC SoftPack 20

It’s good to examine some particular features of a product before you invest in them. Below we have discussed the attributes you need to consider before purchasing an RTIC Softpack 20.

  • Price

Whether you’re buying the cooler from a local store or an online vendor, look up its price on the company’s website first. Usually, the cost varies widely among online stores, so you need to be careful about paying the right price.

  • Construction

Although we have reviewed the cooler to be well-built, we recommend that you check its structure when you’re visiting a local store to make a good purchase.

  • Usage Convenience

Regardless of what the cooler offers, it all comes down to your personal experience. Check if the features are actually what you were looking for in a soft side cooler or not.

  • Size

The cooler is large enough for carrying drinks, but many users don’t recommend it for carrying food. Once again, we’d like to ask you to check what you usually carry in a cooler and whether that’ll fit in this one correctly or not.

  • Added Benefits

Some users love this cooler because it can float when not loaded with content. Others like to use it for heavy-duty construction. You can look for added benefits the unique features offer and compare them with its competitors to make a well-informed decision.

Recommended for Whom?

We recommend the RTIC SoftPack 20 for solo travelers who don’t carry many drinks or food. You can also use it to bring lunch to a small picnic or your work. The cooler is the smallest of its line, so it’s not large enough for two people’s contents.

But if you like its design a lot, you can always buy one for your rare solo trips.


Comparing with the other coolers available in the market, this one sets itself apart with unique and useful features. You’ll notice how the RTIC SoftPack reviews differ from the others as most other products don’t have a puncture-resistant body.

Moreover, we liked how this SoftPack is very different from the other soft-sided coolers but has managed to retain its core property, being lightweight and compact. You won’t come across waterproof, sweat-resistant, and mildew-resistant coolers easily.

Along with all that, the cooler also features a heavy-duty vinyl shell. The best and most attractive offering of the product is its affordability. Thus, it creates an opportunity for enthusiasts to treat themselves with exciting features yet not worry about spending.

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