Nikon Black Fx1000 Review in 2021 – [Tested and reviewed]

When it comes to long-range accuracy, most modern bolt-action rifles are quite capable, even inexpensive ones.

However, purchasing a scope that ensures high quality and an eco-friendly price is a difficult task. This factor is where Nikon decided to elevate its innovation through the production of Nikon Black Fx1000.

Surely there are high-end scopes out there, but if you can get all the precision, durability, and reliability, you need by spending less; why would you spend more anyway?

Therefore, take a look at this article to know about the specialties and attributes of such a top-tier model.

Nikon Black Fx1000 Highlighted Features

  • First Focal Plane for proper magnification
  • Illuminated Reticle
  • The model is shock-proof, water-proof and fog-proof
  • Parallax-free adjustments
  • Coarse magnification rings for lenient usage

Nikon Black Fx1000 Review

The model meets all the needs of a professional hobbyist because the core aspect of this product focuses on convenience.

If you are a critical user of these rifle-scopes, gathering expertise about its features is very important.

In this regard, going through this particular section will assist you in gaining insights into this equipment.

Integral Zero Stop and High-Speed Turrets

Who doesn’t love to hear what they are doing? That is why Nikon made the turrets audible. However, that is not even close to the beneficial scenarios these fast-paced turrets provide.

It consists of elevation and windage knobs that provide support in ensuring precise and accurate adjustment.

Furthermore, the turrets allow you to make 25 MOA adjustments per revolution.

If you are facing difficulties with recoil control over long distances, that is where the Zero Stop attribute comes in. By tapping through several clicks, the scope will compensate the bullet drops as you can dial in various lengths.

Accordingly, most rifle-scopes do not tend to put such an attribute. Hence, it gives you a vital advantage over others.

Front Focal Plane

It is an upgraded feature in comparison to the previous model that was X 1000. Thus, the newest version is known as the FX 1000 because the ”F” in the name means the front or first focal plane.

Nowadays, the FFP scope is quickly turning out to be a favorite among all the hunters on the horizon. One of the critical factors about this attribute is that the scope and the reticle simultaneously zoom in on a locked target without making any additional adjustments.

The magnification is also one of the core differences between the FFP and SFP scopes. This particular factor nullifies a big issue regarding long-distance shooting because you do not lose sight of the object you are focusing on.

Resistance & Safety

Nikon applied a unique O-Ring Seal that brings together some variants of features. Firstly, the seal avoids dampness from being able to make contact with your body so that you do not feel uncomfortable while aiming.

Secondly, the product consists of a shockproof construction. In that case, when you get in the zone and start rapid firing, the feature will shrug off rugged use and hard recoil. This factor will allow you to enhance your shooting abilities because having able to control recoil is a huge benefit.

Another important point about the O-Ring Seal is that it allows the model to be resistant to fog and water. At times, such elements could do severe damage to the technology in the long term. Therefore, adding this factor gives a great boost to the longevity of the product.

FX-MOA Illuminated Reticle

Out of all the core fundamentals, this model has to offer this particular feature that stands out from the rest, and it introduces a certain amount of versatility. Most reticle design does not live up to the standards due to low light issues.

Hence, the company introduced an illuminated version in this upgraded model.

This MOA reticle was specifically designed for the FFP optical system used for the FX1000. Besides, an illuminated reticle provides major support in ensuring easy and quick brightness adjustment.

Every unit of the reticle contains important details that will help gain proper sight picture and grab ranging corrections.

Overall, the component is highly durable yet it consists of a detailed reticle structure that maintains the right amount of contrast in every light condition.

Quick Focus Eyepiece Adjustment

Eye-relief is something we all hope to achieve whenever we decide to purchase a rifle-scope. However, most scopes tend to emphasize more on the quality rather than safety.

On the other hand, the “Quick Focus Eyepiece” is another innovation from Nikon that enables you to keep yourself ultra-focused for a long time due to the rubberized eye guard.

It is not just about comfort; once you have the eyepiece in place, the aluminum ring enables for some swift target acquisition and proper reticle focus.

Moreover, the attribute contains legitimate tap-infused clicks that will prevent you from over-committing to the bar.

Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Parallax error acts as a barrier between you reaching your peak potential. Furthermore, most companies tend to fail in providing a feature that minimalizing this issue in particular. That is where Nikon stepped in to provide the Side Focus Parallax Adjustment feature.

The adjustment allows you to be more confident and precise while shooting for your targets. When it comes to lining up your reticle with the object you are focusing as your target, the feature comes in real handy, even though it is only a focusing knob.

Therefore, not only are you getting precise focusing abilities but also ultimate accuracy.

However, keep in mind that the parallax error will not be completely neutralized, but it will be toned down enough to achieve that perfect shot.

Make sure to always keep the parallax adjustment in place to keep the level of consistency intact.


Nikon has always been a core brand name in the global industry, and with the introduction of the Nikon Black Fx1000, they revolutionized long-range shooting.

You will not get another model where you are getting all the necessary tools and features for paying less.

Ultimately, if you need to enhance your shooting skills, this product will provide major support in improving every day. Therefore, take the risk to purchase this rifle-scope and see it does wonders for you.

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