The 7 Best Scope For Ruger Gunsite Scout In 2021

Scout rifles are highly capable when it comes to landing shots right on the mark. Starting from close to medium to long-distance ranges, these will ace in all situations.

However, for medium and long-distance, the iron sight will not take you far. You will struggle to track and acquire the target.

Well, that is where you will need the best scope for ruger gunsite scout. These will enable you to precisely acquire the target that is not in close range.

Also, the ability that these offer in terms of tracking and landing precise shots on medium to long-range targets is extremely praiseworthy.

Best Pick & Budget Pick Short Quick Review

Our best pick is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II. It boasts the legendary V-plex reticle, and it holds the ability to focus quickly on targets.

On the other hand, if your budget is a bit tight, you can opt for the Aim Sports 2-7×42. Even though it does not cost much, it has a lot to offer.

7 Best ruger gunsite scout scope reviews

As you have guessed, there are numerous options available. And getting a well-performing unit will become quite tricky among all of them.

That is why we have extensively tested the top-rated and high-performance models. And from our testing and research, these are the ones we would recommend:

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – Best Overall Pick

One of the leading companies in the industry is Vortex. And they did not achieve such a position for nothing. Their products are usually high-performing and well-built. This unit for ruger gunsite scout can illustrate both of them properly.

The first standout feature of the unit is the V-plex reticle. This reticle is what hunters consider an all-purpose hunting reticle. And there is a reason for that.

It is ideal for most hunting scenarios. Starting from medium to long-range, it makes acquiring the targets an effortless task.

Even the eye relief of the unit is quite generous. It is 9.45 inches, which means the eye-box is going to be ultra-forgiving.

Getting the sight of the target quickly will be the theme of this scope because of the forgiving eye box. The reticle will also focus quickly, and the fast focusing eyepiece will enhance that even further.

In addition to the eyepiece, the lenses are coated with multiple layers. Those will ensure that images are bright and clear.

There is going to be a minimum amount of distortion. Also, the coatings are highly capable of resisting reflections. So, even when you are under direct sunlight, the images will be crisp and clear.

It also utilizes capped turrets. The caps are going to make them easy to adjust. In fact, you can adjust them with your fingers.

And as they use MOA clicks, you would be able to quickly adjust them after sighting your target. Resetting to zero will not take much time.

Additionally, the single tube construction of aircraft-grade aluminum makes it resist shock easily. It should be able to withstand rough terrains without any issues.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts V-plex reticle
  • The eye relief is pretty generous
  • Can focus quickly
  • Has multiple coatings on the lens
  • Utilizes capped turrets

2. Leupold VX-Freedom – Best Shockproof Scope

On the lookout for the best scope for ruger scout 308? Well, you can stop your search right here because Leupold might have the thing that you were looking for all this time!

Let us talk about the overall construction of the unit first. The brand has opted for 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for this.

That material makes the product achieve a higher level of durability while keeping the weight to a bare minimum. So, it would be safe to expect superior performance even under hash recoils.

Additionally, the manufacturer has done a proper job in sealing the whole thing. The sealing is tight and proper, which makes it 100 percent waterproof.

Also, it can resist fog from building inside. For such high-quality sealing, you would be able to tread on high moisture environments without any worries.

The brand has integrated Twilight Light Management System into the unit. This system will add as much as ten extra minutes of shooting even when the sun goes down.

Also, the system enhances the ability to offer clear and crisp images when there is too much harsh light around.

Besides the integrated system, the turrets are ¼ MOA clicks. That type of adjustment mechanism will let you precisely adjust the elevation and windage. And the turrets are high in quality as well. For that reason, these would be able to provide optimal performance for a long time.

Its lenses are coated properly as well. The coating will make the lenses achieve  scratch-resistant ability. So, even if the environment is filled with abrasive materials, or you are thinking about travelling, this product will not give you any issue.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a solid build quality
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Can resist shocks
  • Integrates Twilight Light Management System
  • The lenses can resist scratches

3. Burris Ballistic Plex – Best High-Quality Optics Scope

Another manufacturer that is in the leading position in the market is Burris. But what really makes them get to the position? Well, this product will let you know why!

The first thing that makes it stand out is the optics. It implements high-grade glass to provide an excellent level of brightness and helps forming crisp images.

The level of clarity will be exceptionally high as well. Acquiring distant targets should be easy because of those traits. And, it will be pretty easy to track them accurately as well .

On that note, the lenses are multi-coated. The coating will lower the possibility of glaring and reflection taking place.

And those lenses hold the ability to let you acquire targets quickly. Focusing on the target will be an effortless task as well. You will not have to struggle much in that regard.

Alongside that, this ruger scout scope is filled with nitrogen. The inert gas purging will eliminate the chances of fog getting build up inside.

It has proper sealing on the ends as well. Those make it highly resistant to water. For that reason, it would be totally safe for you to tread on water bodies.

Making fine adjustments is another thing that would be easy for this scope. It has finger-adjustable screws, which will not require any tools.

And the low-profile nature of the turrets will enable the unit to offer a sleek overall outlook. Also, it is reasonably compact in size as well.

It has a forward mounting system. That will allow you to mount this one on the front of the ejection port. So, you would be able to get a good amount of eye relief.

Highlighted Features

  • Packs high-grade optics
  • The body is nitrogen purged
  • Offers crisp and clear image
  • Can quickly focus the reticle
  • Has low-profile turrets

4. UTG 2-7X44 – Best For Offering Long Eye Relief

Want to get a ruger gunsite scout scope that offers much needed eye relief? Well, we might have found the perfect one for you. And, yes, it is being offered by UTG.

As we have mentioned above, the eye relief it can offer is quite generous. The range is from 9.5 inches to 11 inches. With that range, it will be pretty comfortable for you to look through the hole to precisely and accurately track the distant targets.

It does not struggle in offering a good amount of light transmission. The one-piece tube construction makes it capable of letting the light pass through without any obstructions.

Also, the efficient light transmission will let you get a clear and crisp image of the target.

Other than being highly efficient in transmitting the light, the unit has a solid overall build quality. The construction is of high-quality materials, which makes it exceptionally durable. And it is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen. For that reason, it would be capable of resisting shock, water, and fog.

The reticle is also laser-etched into the glass. As it is laser-etched, it will not fade away or get blurry easily. And the reticle is the 6 Mil-dot type, which is known to offer a higher level of performance in terms of accuracy and precision. You should  able to hit the bulls-eye every time!

Besides that, the side wheel is SWAT-styled. It comes with a wheel as well. The wheel is considerably large in size and easy to hold.

Highlighted Features

  • The eye relief is adjustable and wide in range
  • Can efficiently transmit light
  • Properly sealed and filled with nitrogen
  • The reticle is laser-etched
  • Resistant to shocks

5. Sig Sauer SOR52001– Best Compact Red Dot Sight

If you are mostly going to track and shoot targets in the medium range, you should get something that has a lower magnification rate. And this one from Sig Sauer would be an ideal pick in that regard.

To start with, the reticle on this is a red dot. And it is in the MOA style, which has ten different illumination settings.

Among them, eight are for daylight, while the rest two are for the night. The night modes on it work exceptionally well. It can offer a good level of brightness in low-light conditions.

On that note, it comes with MOTAC. It is basically a motion-activated illumination system. The system will power on when there is motion.

It will also turn the whole thing down when it is sitting idle. That means the battery will not get drained without a cause. In fact, it promises to offer up to 40,000+ hours of runtime.

The bottom of this ruger gunsite scout scope integrates the M1913 Picantanny design. This interface is the industry-standard mounting system that will offer a plethora of options to mount the scope to the rifle.

Also, the interface is going to make the installation process easy peasy. There will be no need to go through any intricated processes.

It even has a good build quality. The body is shut tight with IPX7 rated sealing, which is going to ensure that no drop of water gets inside.

This sealing should be able to keep the inside clean from dust and other small particles. It also offers decent performance in terms of keeping it fog proof.

Lastly, the package will include a co-witness 1.41 inches riser and low mount riser. You can use those to get the right height.

Highlighted Features

  • Has ten different illumination settings
  • Integrates MOTAC
  • Can run for a long amount of time
  • Utilizes IPX7 sealing
  • The inside is fog proof

5. Nikon Buckmasters II – Best BDC Reticle Scope

When it comes to offering high-quality and high-performing scopes, one of the brands that remain the go-to option for many is Nikon. Wondering why?

One thing that makes this ruger gunsite scout scope stand out the most is the reticle. Nikon has integrated the BDC reticle into this unit.

The unique thing about this one is that it offers hunters the ability to hold “dead-on” on the ranges. The ballistic circles will offer an incredible amount of advantage over the regular type of reticles.

Apart from the reticle, Nikon has integrated a high-quality lens on this. The lenses have full multiple layers of coating. Those offer the optics to achieve the ability to resist reflection efficiently.

It will also work wonders in providing vivid and clear images. The sharpness of the image will be exceptionally high too.

In addition to that, it has premium turrets. The adjustments are ¼ inches at 100 yards, which will make it easier to track moving targets with extreme precision.

The knobs will let you quickly zero in the reticle too. For that reason, even if the recoil is too high, the settings will not get altered.

It offers a long eye relief as well. As a result, acquiring targets while being in a tricky angle will be an easy task. Also, the inside is purged with nitrogen. This gas will keep the fog away from the inside. And, it has tight O-rings to keep water away.

Lastly, the unit features a construction of high-quality materials. As a result, this one should be capable of resisting shock exceptionally well.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes BDC reticle
  • The lenses have multiple layers of coating
  • Offers a good amount of eye relief
  • Can resist fog and water
  • The turrets are highly precise

6. Aim Sports 2-7×42 – Best Budget Pick

Are you looking for a ruger gunsite scout scope that offers a good amount of eye relief and comes with a mil-dot reticle? Well, what you were looking for is probably this one from Aim Sports.

To begin with, it utilizes a mil-dot reticle. This reticle is the perfect choice for the hunters who do not want too many things on the lens but do not want to lose the distance tracking dots’ advantage.

Also, it is pretty easy to get used to. There is no major learning curve with this item. So, users should be able to start using it after a few trials.

The magnification range that it offers is up to the mark too. It can zoom from anywhere between 2x and 7x. Such a magnification makes it ideal for both medium and long-range targets.

And the eye relief is relatively high as well. It is adjustable and can offer 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches of relief.

In addition to that, the lenses have a proper coating on the surface. Those coatings will enhance the overall clarity of the image.

They will also reduce the amount of glaring and reflection when you are under too much sunlight. In other words, the image is going to be both bright and crisp.

Other than the coating, the brand had factored in the build quality too. They have opted for sturdy materials.

Because of the materials, the unit should be able to resist shock quite easily. Also, it should be able to withstand harsh and rough environment without showing any sort of issues.

Lastly, the inside has nitrogen purging. This purging will keep fog away from the inside.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses mil-dot reticle
  • Offers 2x to 7x magnification
  • The lenses provide clear images
  • Does not show glaring or reflections
  • Made of quality materials

Things to Consider Before Buying Ruger Gunsite Scout Scope

Hold your horses! You might have found an amazing model from the list, but do you know whether it fits your needs? Well, you can easily figure it out using the buying guide below.


The first thing that you need to consider is the lens. Even though most of the brands are going to utilize high-quality lenses, some might use low-quality ones. Low-quality lenses are generally not worth the trouble. The light transmission will be inefficient, and the image will be of low quality.


Other than the quality of the lens, check the coatings on the exterior. Ensure that there are multiple layers of coatings, or else there will be too much glaring and reflection. And glaring and reflection is going to deteriorate your ability to track the targets properly. It also does not help when you want to concentrate.


Another important thing that should be in your consideration is the sealing. Check whether the body is properly sealed or not.

Without proper sealing, water is going to make its way to the inside. And a scope filled with water will not get you anywhere in tracking the targets accurately.

Benefits of using Ruger Gunsite Scout Scope

There are multiple benefits that come with this amazing product. You can know them when you actually use one. However, thanks to this review, you can read  about the benefits below without having to buy one beforehand!

Image Clarity

One thing that will be the most obvious is image clarity. These are going to offer a crisp and clear image. The brightness will be reasonably higher than the average ones as well.

Also, they are going to offer decent overall performance in low-light conditions.

Build Quality

In addition to image quality, these will have a solid overall build quality. The construction will be of durable materials, and the body will be shut with proper sealing. There will also be a gas purging, which will let the inside be free from fogging.

Eye relief

Another thing that will make these stand out is the great level of eye relief. The amount that these can offer will enable you to acquire and track targets even when you are at a tricky angle.


  • Are Ruger scope rings different from regular scope rings?

Rugger will utilize the Picatinny rail, which is going to be different than the weaver style.

  • What kind of optic should I put on my .308 Ruger scout rifle, red dot or conventional scout rifle scope?

If you are planning to shoot medium to long-range targets, opt for the rifle scope. However, if close and medium-range targets are all you are going to shoot at, the red dot sights should be the right pick.

  • What is the scope of a Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle?

Usually, the M77 will ship with Czech Meopro variable scope. However, some of the versions might come with other scopes.

  • What are the major benefits of using a ruger gunsite scout scope?

Image clarity, generous eye relief, durability, and proper ability to track targets accurately would be the major benefits of using a gunsite with a scout scope.


Now that you have obtained a good idea regarding the best scope for ruger gunsite scout that different brands are offering, hopefully, choosing one will not be an issue for you.

However, do make sure that you check all of the important factors before purchasing one.

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